The Portal: A mini adventure for any fantasy setting.

This may lead to a handful of adventures and sidetrack the characters permanently. GM’s be aware, there could be some serious repercussions from this portal. Ye were warned. <wink>

While traveling in a remote area, the group stumbles upon a cave. The entrance to the cave is lined with ancient runic symbols that faintly glow with a bluish light when anything living passes over them. The floor and walls of the cave illuminate a path deeper into the cave.

Further down the path into the cave is a perfectly carved stone archway leading into a larger chamber. The archway is lined with a different set of runes that glow with a faint white and red light, almost like a warning. The large chamber is fairly well lit upon entering.

At one end stands a very large stone gateway and at the other is a stone pedestal with a slate stone tablet upon it. The tablet is covered in glowing yellow runes that seemingly correspond with those on the archway.

IF the group touches the runes, (any of them) roll 1d12 and consult the table below:

  1. A bright flash appears from the portal. Probably nothing got through as far as anyone can tell.
  2. The tentacled face of a nightmarish, powerful being peers through the portal from absolute darkness. The cave lighting grows dim. Hopefully the characters can manage to close the portal before it steps through.
  3. An Adult Red Dragon approaches the portal from the other side.
  4. Dark unending void appears on the other side. The only light coming from what appears to be distant stars all around. Watch out for that first step.
  5. The portal appears to be a mirror of the room the characters are in, only there is no one in the cavern on the other side. Which reality is which? Does the group dare go through?
  6. The portal opens to a scorched planet in the apocalyptic throes of some future catastrophe. Burned out modern looking buildings and vehicles line the streets.
  7. A pair of red eyes stares back from the darkness on the other side of the portal. An ominous voice says, “I’ve been awaiting my liberation for a long time. Thank you for freeing me.” Further investigation reveals that the creature is an imprisoned Balor. Its left arm is missing. The portal has opened inside its sell.
  8. The portal opens up to a sunny meadow. Chirping birds can be heard in the distance. Small flowers bloom amongst the tall grass. A light breeze fills the air.
  9. The air in the cave smells different. The portal opens to a slightly grayer world. A pack of larger velociraptors can be seen chasing what appears to be a triceratops through waist-high grass.
  10. A similar cave to the one the characters are in appears. A brain in a jar with metallic tentacles for arms appears at the control tablet. 4 metallic men with strange weapons stand facing the portal.
  11. A legion of skeletons stands in an open field in the distance. Generals on nightmare mounts pace in front of them. Shocked voices can be heard nearby. “The portal worked! We’re saved!” someone cries.
  12. A hallway lined with gigantic statues stretches out ahead of the portal. At the end is a large stone doorway at least 20’ tall and 10’ wide. Daylight permeates the hallway and a light coating of sand and dust is on the floor. As the characters approach, the first statue with the head of a jackal turns and looks through the portal.

Thank you for being here. More gaming fun tomorrow. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend wherever you are.