April Fool’s Day. It had to be done.

Giddy Potion of Healing: Heals 2d4 hit points, but makes the imbiber giddy for One Hour. Everything seems funny, even if it’s not terribly funny. Tee hee hee-hee. Only Costs 8GP. Level 2.

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Marotte of the Necro Jester aka “Mort”:
This rather grim item is little more than a small humanoid skull on a short stick. The skull has a jester’s cap permanently affixed and two black gems of indeterminate origin and value in the eye sockets. The inscription in the handle simply says “Mort.” To make things creepier, the jaw opens whenever an ability is used revealing a third, larger dark green gem.
Major Abilities:
Cast Animate Dead Once per day. Conjures a Grave Knight wearing a jester’s hat and vanish when destroyed/dispelled.
Ray of Death is emitted from the eyes and mouth Once per day.  Reflex Save DC 27.

Strange Minor Abilities:
At will, the owner can see through the eyes of Mort and vice versa. (Don’t ask what Mort sees.) This ability seems to not have any range.
At will, the owner can use Ventriloquism with Mort as the “dummy”
At will, the owner can use the gem in Mort’s mouth like a torch or a bullseye lantern.
(Left to the GM’s discretion as to whether or not this item
Item Level 12, Cost 2,000 (but Mort might disagree…)

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Jester’s Hat of Laughs:
+1 Magic Bonus to AC.
Adds a +1 Magic Bonus to Charisma based checks.
Adds a +1 Magic Bonus to Dexterity based checks.
Adds +2 Magic Bonus to All Reflex Saves.
Allows the wearer to cast Ventriloquism 3x/Day.
Allows the wearer to cast Prestidigitation 3x/Day.
Allows the wearer to cast Mage Hand 3x/Day.
Allows the wearer to cast Ghost Sound 3x/Day.

CURSED! The Jester’s Hat of Laughs can’t be removed once invested. The wearer’s skull eventually grows up into the shape of the hat and will stay that way until the curse is removed.
The wearer also begins to become prone to fits of uncontrollable laughing and giggling at random times. After a week of being cursed, assuming the hat is still attached, the wearer will sometimes tell a bad joke instead of whatever it was they intended to say.

Jester’s Shoes
A pair of colorful cloth pointed shoes with bells on the toes. They make a slight jingle when walking while worn. The wearer suffers a -2 penalty to Stealth unless the bells are somehow silenced.
Benefit: Once invested, the wearer receives a +2 Bonus to Perform Comedy or Dance Checks.