Petrified Wooden Shield
This +1 Wooden shield weighs as much as a regular Wood Shield but has 120 HP and 90 BT. It also heals overnight. Item Level 8. Cost: 1,000 GP.

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Wooden Goblet
This relic cup is said to be a gift from the gods. It looks like an ordinary wooden cup. Depending on what it is filled with, it acts as a container for different potions. Sample contents below. The effect is only usable once per day by the invested character.
Gift of Beverage Transmutation: Major.
Water: Sustains the character for 24 hours as if they had eaten 3 square meals.
Wine: Heals the imbiber for 2d8 hp.
Fruit Juice or Nectar: Removes all poison and disease from the imbiber.
Coffee: Does not need to take effect immediately. One round of haste is useable within 6 hours of drinking it.
Tea: +1 Wisdom for the rest of the day.
Ale: +1d10 Temporary Hit Points for the rest of the day.
The effects of other beverages as determined by the GM.
This Relic is Item Level 14. Price is 3,500 GP.