Cursed Wand of Lightning Bolts. Item Level 9, Cost: 700 GP.

This wand once Invested (Attuned,) throws a bolt of lightning in a straight line within 100 feet that does 4d12 damage Basic Reflex Save DC 23. Each casting costs 1 Charge. This item is always found with 1d10+7 charges. Each time the owner is struck by lightning, the wand gains 1d10 charges back up to a maximum of 17 Charges.

The Curse: The owner of this wand is a lightning rod. Until removed, Once per encounter- rainclouds, thunderstorms and lightning storms have a 30% chance to strike the wand’s owner dealing 8d12 damage Basic Reflex DC 23 applies. At least it recharges the wand. Any creature within 30 feet of the owner must also save or be stricken for 4d12 electricity damage as well.
The owner has -2 on all saves vs electricity (Except being struck by lightning.) Owner also has Weakness 5 vs electricity.