The Night Watchman’s Torch. Item Level 12, Approximately 2,000 GP.+1 Disrupting Mace + On a successful hit to an Undead Creature, it inflicts 1d6 additional Fire damage PLUS the creature must make a Fort Save DC 27 or continue burning for 1d6 rounds.

With a simple command, the end of this mace glows like a torch.
With a different command, the end of the mace gives off light as if it were a Bullseye Lantern.

Once per night (24 hours) the Torch can be commanded to Over Glow. It will give off light in a 60 foot diameter centered on the torch with dim visibility another 30 feet out. It will also hold undead at bay at the edge of the sphere and force any undead within the 60 foot diameter to make a Fort Save DC27 or flee to the edge of the 60 foot circle. Any undead remaining in the circle take 1d6 persistent positive damage. Also, ALL living creatures within the 60 foot sphere are healed for 1d6 damage per round until fully healed, they step out of the light, or the effect expires. Healing only applies ONCE per creature per night. (In other words, you can’t heal, step out to take damage, and step back in to heal again.)
Over Glow can be seen for miles around from the air in clear conditions or about two miles on the ground in clear conditions, depending on terrain.

Potion of Glib Healing.
This potion heals the imbiber for 2d8 damage and causes that person to feel no pain of any kind for 8 hours. However, the recipient will also take an overly positive attitude toward everything.