Potion of Alacritous Movement.
When imbibed, this potion grants ONE Additional Action per turn to be used for running, jumping, climbing, swimming, or burrowing. While under the effects of this potion, all movement actions are doubled in distance if the potion’s drinker so desires. This potion does not affect attack actions unless the action is combined with a movement such as Charge, Shield Rush, etc.  The effect lasts 1d6+3 rounds. At the end of the effect, the user automatically gains the Fatigued condition until a full rest can be made.

Amulet of Calamitous Attacks.

Once Invested (Attuned) this Amulet grants ONE Additional Attack Action with no Multiattack penalty. The Amulet is activated as a FREE Action. The effect lasts ONE turn per use, up to 6 times per day.
But, there’s a catch- Each time the Amulet is activated, it drains 2 hp and causes the user to age two years. The age gain is permanent unless magically reversed. Please note that this item is not actually cursed. The Amulet can only be used 3 times per day.

Wings of Rapid Travel. This harness is attached to a large, feathery set of wings and a long cloak. When worn, it allows the user 30 feet of flying movement. If used strictly for travel only, it can be done at will. ANY entry into combat will automatically cancel the effect. The wings will always deliver the wearer safely onto the ground via Feather Fall from any height while worn. However, flight is not possible while combat is occurring within 50’ of the wearer.