All that metal armor? All those shiny metal weapons? Oooh.

Shortsword of Metal Attraction.
This +1 Sword is Item Level 8, Cost 450 GP.
Invented by the Great Elementalist Tink Clank, this sword was made to find veins of metallic ore underground. It has a special turntable set in the hilt. When held aloft by the turntable it unerringly points to the thickest source of metal within 15 feet of the holder.

It also has the chance to stick to the nearest metal weapon, armor, shield, or ore deposit with 10 feet. Should this happen, a DC 24 Strength (Athletics) check is needed to free the sword.

Magnetic Plate of Certain Doom.

+1 (Cursed) Breast Plate. Item Level 8, Cost 500 GP.

This breast plate, once invested, has a 33% chance to attract ANY metal object within 15 feet. Within 10 feet, the chance goes up to 66%, and within 5 feet, the chance is automatic for any metal object not being held.

Freeing an item requires a DC 24 Strength (Athletics) check. This is also the check needed to prevent handheld metal items such as weapons from sticking to the armor during combat.

Small object swarms force the wearer to make a DC 18 Reflex Save or take 1d4 damage whenever a cluster of small objects such as nails, coins, or metallic ore pebbles flies toward the armor. If arrows, crossbow bolts, daggers or other small, pointy objects fly toward the armor, the wearer must make a DC 19 Reflex save or take 1d6 damage. Finally, whenever struck by any melee weapon or shield made of metal, the wearer must make a DC 20 Reflex Save or take 1d8 damage when the item slams into the armor.

One freakish advantage to the effects listed above. If a small cluster of objects sticks to the armor, increase AC +1. This also can reduce movement by 5’ and Reflex Saves by -1 unless a Strength DC 18 test is passed once per round. Medium Objects increase armor by +2 and reduce movement by 5’ and Reflex Saves by -2 unless a Strength (Athletics) OR Dexterity (Acrobatics) DC 18 test is passed once per round. If Three small clusters, Two Medium, or one or two larger weapons or shields stick to the armor, add +3 AC, but reduce movement by 10’ and Reflex Saves by -3.

Last, if the armor passes within 15 feet of a metallic item larger than itself, the wearer can be dragged into the metallic object. DC 24 Strength (Athletics) Check to resist or free the item. The wearer takes 1d6 damage per 5 feet dragged up to 15 feet (3d6.)