Her Majesty’s Royal Armor.  Item Level: 16, Cost: 9,000 GP.

This +2 Greater Resilient Breast Plate form fits to any wearer once donned. Additionally, it provides the wearer perfect comfort in any natural environment including extreme heat and cold. This armor can be worn while sleeping and grants the wearer a full 8 hours of sleep in only four hours. The armor can also heal its own damage so long as 1 of its 36 Hp remains. It will always appear pristine no matter how much damage the wearer or the armor takes.

“Her Royal Majesty always looks well rested and never perspires nor shivers.”  

The Masque of the Cursed Queen. Cursed. Item 12.
When worn, this curious porcelain mask grants the wearer Dark Vision (if not already possessed.) The wearer also gains +2 Insight Bonus on all Initiative Rolls, +2 on all Fortitude Saves, and +2 Intimidation.

However, the creator of this item was once scorned by Her Majesty and gave it three bitter curses. It can’t be removed by normal means. -2 Charisma Score, an additional -4 on all Diplomacy Checks, -2 to all Will Saves, and a wicked sounding voice until removed. The unfortunate wearer also weeps one tear of blood every day, causing 1 permanent hit point loss per day until the curse is removed. (All lost hit points may be recovered normally once the curse is removed.

Queen of Thorns Dagger. Item Level: 12. Cost:

This +1 Throwing/Returning Poison Dagger appears to be a long black spine that inflicts 1d6 Persistent Poison damage.