The Heart of the Night Nurse. Relic. Item Level 5, Cost: 160 GP
This fist sized golden relic looks like a human heart on a sliver chain. When worn around the neck it bestows two gifts.
2 Minor Gifts:
Word of Faith.
Healing Wave: 5d4 HP healing

Battle Axe of Lost Love. Item Level: 12 Cost: 2,000 GP
+2 Unholy Corrosive Battle Axe.
Curse: the Invested owner of this weapon will lose all romantic partners.

Experimental Love Potion 11.5: Maybe we’ll get it right this time. This is usually given to the person who is desired. When imbibed, roll 1d12.

  1. The fool falls madly and hopelessly in love with the first person they see.
  2. Nausea and vomiting for 1d4 hours.
  3. The imbiber becomes a major focus for loving birds and the small animals of the surrounding area. They follow you around for 1d8 hours before leaving.
  4. Acts as potion of Cure Disease, Poison, and Affliction.
  5. Acts as a Healing Potion restoring 1d10 damage.
  6. The drinker faints and goes unconscious for 1d4 rounds. The first person they see is who they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Lasts 2d8 hours.
  7. The character turns into a goblin for 2d4 DAYS. If already a goblin, they become a halfling.
  8. The character develops an insatiable desire for cheese. They must have more cheese. Cheese is life. There is no greater joy than cheese. Lasts 1d6 hours.
  9. Success! The person falls in love with the intended target. The birds begin to sing. The clouds part. It’s true love. Well, at least for the first 2d8 days at which time the potion completely wears off.
  10. The imbiber is overcome with Barbarian Rage for 2d4 rounds, attacking the nearest target with the closest weapon.
  11. Partial Success! The imbiber falls for the intended target’s best friend. Lasts 1d8 hours unless the new couple is happy together.
  12. Imbiber becomes a platypus for 2d12 hours.

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun with the items. If you think the love potions are bad, wait until you see the volatile potion mixing tables.