The Unerring Javelin.  Item Level 11, Cost: 1,400 GP.
This +2 Javelin of Striking and Wounding is made of a super lightweight glowing blue metal that allows it to fly 60’ and always be retrieved. It never breaks and is always able to be found by its Invested (Attuned) owner.

The Chariot of Fire: Item Level 11, Cost: 1,300 GP
This magical chariot is pulled by two fiery, magical, phantom steeds who move an extra 5 feet per move action beyond those of a normal horse 45’/+15’ Gallop. The chariot itself grants a magic +2 to Drive Checks. The chariot itself appears to be on fire when in motion, but does not harm the driver or passenger. The magical nature of the horses makes it able to be safely driven at night. The chariot does leave a trail of illusory fire everywhere it goes, up to 60’ per turn and lasting 1d6 minutes, making it easier to track.

The Marathon Runner’s Sandals:  Item Level 9, Cost 700 GP
These magical sandals grant an additional 5’ of movement per action out of combat and a +2 to all Athletics Checks while worn. Marked with the trademark Nyheeki Swish on the sides.

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