Two Way Mirrors. Item Level 10. Cost: 200 GP.

These are two large silver mirrors in elaborate carved walnut frames. The command word is engraved on the bottom of the opposite frame. When the command word is spoken by an Invested (Attuned) user, it opens a scrying portal that allows the view from the companion mirror. The First Mirror is named Bartolomas. The Second Mirror is named Alistiriya. People standing in front of the mirrors may speak and look upon one another as if they were standing in the same room.

The Self Delivering Envelope. Item Level 2 Cost 45 GP.

This curious-looking rune covered parchment envelope was invented by Sir Bruganis Churchill to communicate with his sister, who was permanently consigned to the top of their parents’ tower. A letter is sealed inside the envelope and cast out the window. The letter then floats to whomever has their name written on the front of the envelope. The recipient then opens the letter, reads it, composes a response, and writes the new recipient on the envelope. The process repeats from there. The name of the recipient is magically wiped whenever the envelope is unsealed.

The maximum distance the letter can be cast is approximately 200 yards. Sir Churchill regularly threw the Envelope out his window and his sister would receive it through the arrow slit in her tower. They exchanged countless letters, often more than one per day.

The enchanter who created the envelope for the Churchills also made dozens of other envelopes who have since been scattered all over the world. Some may have ended up in a drawer or chest, waiting to be opened. Others are still in use. One is reputed to still be in use among literate inmates in a prison.

The Wire of Anonymous Talks. Item Level 2. Cost 45.

This spool of wire was designed for a ninja lord to be able to speak with his subordinates. The wire, resembling fine tailor’s thread, is strung out of the lord’s castle through a window or arrow slit. The recipient then places the wire in their mouth and is able to hear and speak to the person on the other end. When the conversation has concluded, one person simply remove the wire from their mouths. The wire disintegrates within a matter of seconds. The spool typically has at least 200 feet of wire and can be clipped and used for more than one conversation as long as there is enough to stretch between the two people in the conversation.