The Brass Dice.

Characters may only benefit from ONE roll per day. Once used the dice become inert and appear to be made of bone until ready to use again. Whenever a character rolls this pair of dice, roll on the table below:

2: Snake Eyes! Character is polymorphed into a Serpent Folk. (GM may adjust stats accordingly.)Gain Venomous Bite, Dark Vision, +5’ movement, and a serpent’s tail. Lasts 2d6 hours.
3. 2d6 regular Skeletons rise under the command of the person who rolled the dice. They last for 2d6 minutes before crumbling into dust.
4. Character grows two feet taller, and skin turns to a stone-like substance. +4 STR, -4 DEX, +4 CON +2d6 (temporary) Hp, +4 (natural) AC. Lasts 2d6 hours.
5. Character’s head is surrounded by 5 tiny floating balls of light (like fireflies.) The balls act as a Light spell until used. The balls can be consumed by ONE casting of Prismatic Spray toward the target of the caster’s choosing.
6. A trio of magic shields float around the caster. They add 2d6 temporary Hp and +3 (magical) AC
7. +2 to ONE ability score of the caster’s choosing (or Primary) for 2d6 hours.
8. Character is healed (or gains) 2d6 Hp, is cured of all disease and poison effects, recovers as if resting for 8 hours, and removes all effects of adverse conditions caused by the environment.
9. A high pitched female voice can be heard everywhere the character goes for the next 2d6 hours. It grants +2 to Will Saves, +2 to any charm spells cast by the user, and +2 morale bonus to skill checks as determined appropriate by the GM.
10. The character’s feet are surrounded by a faint yellow aura. It grants +2 on Acrobatics, Athletics, and Stealth. The character also gains an extra 5’ of movement per turn. Effect lasts 2d6 hours.
11. The character may ask one question of the gods which they must answer. Truth possibly notwithstanding. The answer might not be what the character wants to hear, either.
12. Two boxes appear in front of the character. Whichever one is not opened by the caster disappears. Both contain a copy of the same minor magic item as determined by the GM.  One is cursed. Roll 2d6- Odd it’s cursed. Even it’s not cursed.