A frightfully cursed mask for d20 based fantasy.

  • The Mask of 1,000 Terrors. Item Level 12. Cost: Determined by the GM as an Artifact. This item is incredibly CURSED.

    This Oni Mask attaches to the wearer’s armor seamlessly.
  • It allows the wearer Greater Dark Vision. However, bright light causes at -2 sight penalty.
  • It surrounds the wearer with an Unholy (Evil) Aura. This aura grants a bonus 1d6 Unholy Damage to any melee attacks made by the wearer, all attacks made by the wearer are considered Unholy. The Aura also grants a magic +2 AC bonus. Wearer is Immune to Fear Effects. However, the wearer also gains Weakness 5 vs Holy (Good) and can be Turned as a Level 12 Undead.
  • The wearer may cause all creatures within 10 feet to make a basic DC 22 Will Save or flee in fear for 1d10 rounds. Those who fail the save may not approach closer than within 15 feet of the mask. All Good aligned (benevolent, or innocent) can sense the presence of malevolent evil within 100 feet of the mask.

The wearer sprouts four black, shadowy tentacles from their back. They gain 2 extra attacks per round with weapon or striking for 2d8+3 Unholy (Evil) damage per attack. This also grants 2 extra actions for attacks of opportunity, but only 1 attack per triggering action. The tentacles last 1d8 rounds. Roll each turn recharges 6 on 1d6.

Once worn (Invested, Attuned) the mask begins whispering in dozens of voices in the mind of the wearer. The voices whisper all kinds of deceptive, foul, and malevolent things day and night even while the wearer is dreaming. The wearer also has horrible nightmares, visions from the terrors in the mask, making a Long Rest very difficult to get. Wearer must make a basic Will Save DC 22 or have any attempt at rest interrupted by nightmares.

The wearer also slowly transforms into an Oni. This transformation and final statistics to be determined by the GM as appropriate to the game system. The transformation happens faster the more the powers of the mask are invoked. Evil acts performed while wearing the mask also speed up the transformation.