Ring of Summoning The Golden Guardian. Item Level 7. Cost: 360 GP
This ring provides a +1 Magic Bonus to AC in addition to summoning the guardian.
Once per day (Long Rest, etc) this ring can summon an Aurumvorax. (Stats dependent on game system, or a Giant Lion if your game doesn’t contain Aurumvoraxes.) It will always appear with Max Hit Points. The creature can only be commanded by the person wearing the ring. The Guardian will always fight to protect the ring wearer. Lasts until dismissed, destroyed, or 6 minutes.

Earrings of the Belly Dancer (Relic.)

These earrings when worn grant the wearer +2 magic bonus to AC.
They also confer +2 to Acrobatics, Athletics, and Perform (Dance.)
Once per day (Long Rest, etc) the wearer may cast Charm (Person) on one or more members of the audience, selected by the wearer. Treat the Spell DC as if the wearer were casting the spell.

Brass Torc of The Djinni
This relic, when worn around the neck, provides +2 on all Diplomacy checks and +2 magic bonus AC.
It also allows the wearer to summon a Djinni from the Elemental Plane of Air. He will serve the wearer within reason. He is also a pleasant dinner guest and can stay for up to one hour before disappearing. This power can only be used once per day. *Note: This Djinni is not a noble and can’t grant any wishes.