Scepter of Kings. Item Level 17.  Cost: 15,000 GP.

+3 Morningstar.
+2 to all Diplomacy and Intimidation checks while the scepter is held.  
When held aloft and the command word is spoken, the scepter glows brightly and casts Rallying Cry. (** All allies within 130’ feet who can see or hear the scepter gain Temporary Hit Points equal to the wielder’s level and their morale is improved by two steps. These allies become quickened for 1 minute but can only use the extra action to Step, Stride, or Strike.

The Scepter’s abilities are unusable by anyone other than a leader (or future leader) of Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral alignment. The Scepter becomes inert for 1d8 days if the owner knowingly or willingly violates his oath, betrays a friend, acts unnecessarily selfishly, treats a subordinate badly, or performs a cowardly and/or exceedingly malicious act on the field of battle.

His Majesty’s Royal Armor. Item Level: 17. Cost:  GP 15,430

This suit of +2 Adamantine Full Plate weighs twice as much unless it is worn (Invested/attuned) by a leader. This armor glows faintly and grants +2 Str and +2 Con when worn. The wearer must be of Lawful AND/OR Good alignment. The armor is weightless to the wearer and grants full access to Dex modifiers of the wearer. The wearer gains Weakness 5 vs Unholy (Evil) while the armor is worn.

IF the wearer drops to 0 or fewer Hit Points, The armor automatically negates the Dying and Wounded conditions and begins regenerating 1d8 hp per round until the wearer is completely healed or 1d6 rounds whichever comes first. This effect can only take place ONCE per battle.

Tower Shield Royal Defender. Item Level 14. Cost: 4,500 GP.

+2 Tower Shield. Indestructible.
When commanded it can expand to triple its size, providing enough full cover for two medium sized individuals. This effect lasts until dispelled or cancelled. It can’t be expanded again for 1d6 rounds.

Once per day, the shield can be commanded to provide the wielder with a bubble of divine protection. This bubble is enough to contain the wielder, provide fresh, clean, breathable air for 8 hours, protection from the elements, and is indestructible unless dismissed or dispelled.