Welcome to the trickiest form of magic in any fantasy TTRPG.

DM/GM Warning! These items can have major implications on your campaign setting. Use at your own risk.

The Time Torc. Item Level 12 Cost: 2,000 GP

When placed upon the neck/shoulders of the Invested (Attuned) user, it allows that person and all of their worn clothing/items to travel 1d12 months back (only back) in time to the location they are currently standing on. To return home, the user simply removes the torc, turns it over and puts it back on along with the command words etched into the bronze. This power may only be used once per 24 hours The ends of the torc glow when ready to be used again.

The Time Catcher. Relic. Item Level 10 Cost: 1,000 GP
This oval mirror on a chain never shows the reflection of those peering into it. The device pulls time into it throughout the course of the day. It gives off a faint glow when it has absorbed as much time as it can hold. On command, it gives the Invested (Attuned) owner the condition of Quickened allowing 2 extra actions per turn for either Stride or Strike. This effect lasts 12 rounds or until cancelled. The mirror shows a faint glowing rune when it is ready to activate again.

However, this power is not without its cost. In addition to needing its daily recharge, the relic takes 2 years of the user’s lifespan for every action used. I.E. Grinz the goblin uses the time catcher to perform an extra move and an extra strike on his turn. Grinz ages 4 additional years as a result.

The Rod of Time Theft. Item Level 10, Cost: 1,000 GP.

There are three runed buttons on this black metallic rod.
The first button allows the Invested (Attuned) user to Stop Time for 1d4 rounds during which they are the only ones within a 5’ sphere able to act. Other creatures nearby will see the user as a blur. Useable only once per 24 hours.
The second button Casts Slow one target. A single target within 30 feet must make a basic Ref save DC 27 or be slowed as per the spell. Recharges on a 5-6 on 1d6.
The third button throws the user forward in time 1d12 rounds in the same space with absolutely no idea what occurred before they landed. They may act as normal on any initiative turn of the user’s choice when they land. This ability may only be used once every 24 hours.