A couple of things occurred to me when finishing the King article for #ArcaneApril. I know how I prefer to run these things, but I’m not sure if everyone does it the same way. I’m not the expert on all things fantasy TTRPG, so please if you have a different way you’re doing it for your group- do it that way. I’m not suggesting anyone change to the way I’m doing it.

Gender Fluid Armor.

Similar to the size issue below, in my worlds armor automatically forms itself around the (Attuned) wearer. If the armor was originally created for a voluptuous female human, the magic armor will re-shape itself around the chest of a Dwarven male without any extra room for cleavage. Some will probably scoff at this notion but I want any character to be comfortable in any magic armor they find as if it were a second skin.

I use gender specific terms when designing certain items as an indicator of their power and prestige. By no means are they restricted by any heteronormative roles or suggestions to that effect. I.E. If Grunhilde finds His Majesty’s Royal Armor, there is no reason she can’t wear it after cleaning out the previous occupant if you catch my drift.

Free Tailoring for all magic armor.  

Pretend your character is a gnome Champion (Paladin) and you find a sweet set of armor. The problem is it was made for a Goliath or some other large, ogre-ish beings. Fear not, diminutive friend, it will not involve a trip to the blacksmith, just try it on as part of the getting acquainted process and it will be form-fitted to your body almost instantaneously.

Why? Wait for it… Because it’s MAGICAL! It’s a sight to behold.

It works the same way in the other direction, as well. From Gnome sized all the way up to Ogre sized in a mere matter of seconds. It might not seem realistic, but it’s better than the hours upon hours it would take to have bulky plate mail resized. The same properties apply to any type of armor and magical clothing items.

That’s just how I do things to speed up game play and make for quick transitions in game without a ton of denouement when it comes to magic items. Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate it.