Aden, Glaive of the Morning Light. Item Level 12 Cost: 2,000 GP
Glaive, +2, Striking. Double Damage vs Undead.
When held aloft and the command word is given, it gives off Heightened Light as per the spell until dispelled or cancelled. This ability has an unlimited number of uses.

When aimed at an opponent and a different command is given, Aden gives off a 60’ Ray of Sunlight. All creatures in the affected line must make a DC 27 basic Reflex Save or take 8d8 fire damage. Undead or any other creature affected by sunlight take an additional 8d8 divine damage.
Critical Success: No damage.
Success: Half fire damage. (Full divine damage.)
Failure: Full Fire (and Divine if applicable) damage.
Critical Failure: Double Fire Damage. Undead are completely disintegrated regardless of hit points remaining. Double Divine damage to non-Undead is doubled as well.