Perception +12; Darkvision.

Languages Common, Orc.

Str +5, Dex +2, Con +4, Int -5, Wis -5, Cha +0

Lightning Instability When struck by lightning or an electrical based attack, Mortog’s Mighty Copper Warrior has a 1 in 6 chance (1 on a d6) to go berserk, at which time it will attack the nearest target, friend or foe with all of its attacks on its next turn. It may not perform any other actions until its target is down, at which time it will move and attack the next closest creature. This effect wears off if all creatures within 60 feet are down or Mortog’s Mighty Copper Warrior is destroyed. •Note, Mortog’s Mighty Copper Warrior can’t tell the difference between a creature being down because of injury, playing, or just sleeping.

Items Battle Axe, Shield.

AC 16; Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +6

HP 78; Immunities Mind Affecting.; Weaknesses Fire (5) Lightning(5); Resistances Cold (5), Piercing (5)

Speed 25″

Melee:  Axe Strike +13, Damage 2d8+7 slashing

The not-so-famous Mortog the Orc Artificer (in training) wanted to built an Orc made of Copper. Copper is a nice, softer metal so Mortog could mold the thing in his own image. At least the first would look like him, anyway. He planned to make an army of them.

The frame of the creature is actually a wooden tun with an iron frame built around it. A suit of old, worn chain mail was draped over the skeleton. The head and arm assemblies were made of copper, along with the face and a metal bucket to act as a helm to protect the head. The legs were crudely carved wood and bound in copper to act as muscles of sorts. The feet were little more than wooden planks nailed onto the bottom of the legs.