The Beer Stein of Healing. Item Level: 2 Cost: 39 GP

First, this enchanted beer stein fills with pleasant tasting ale on command. Unlimited uses.
Second, Once per day, the beer heals 1d8 +1 hp or until the imbiber is fully healed.

The formula to craft this item is held by a cabal of elite beer wizards and a cleric to the gawd of ale. Their secret keg fortress on beer island is a closely guarded secret known by a secret order of innkeepers called the Stein Society. Hundreds of Halflings have gone thirsty just to reveal this information.

The Rose Quartz Kitten Figurine of Marvelous Power. Item Level:5 Cost: 131 GP

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This adorable figurine of a house cat comes to life when its name (engraved on the base of the figurine,) is spoken aloud by its Invested (Attuned) owner. The figurine transforms into a lovable fluffy white kitten with a pink nose and pink paw pads. It will purr and curl up on the owner and is extremely affectionate. When activated, the kitten will touch the owner, or someone indicated by the owner and heal them for 2d8 +2 hp damage or until fully healed. The secondary effect of being exposed to the kitten is the removal of 1 level of the negative conditions such as drained or fatigued. On command or after 4 hours, the kitten turns back into the rose quartz statue for another day.

Staff (Mvwala) by Ngala is licensed under CC-BY 3.0

The Healing Staff of Rosemary Siena. Item Level: 15.  Cost: 6,433 GP
This +1 Staff does an additional 2d6 Holy damage to Undead. It is always found with 33 charges.
The Invested (Attuned) owner of the staff may do any of the following:

  • Cast Light on the top of the staff. Lasts until cancelled or dispelled. 1 Charge.
  • Heal up to 4d8 hp of damage to a willing creature. 1d8 = 1 Charge.
  • Cast Circle of Protection. Lasts 1 hour.  2 Charges.
  • Cast Remove Curse on a willing creature. 3 Charges. Only Usable once per day.
  • Cast Remove Disease on a willing creature. 3 Charges.

As a last resort, the staff may be broken by the owner unleashing a retributive strike. For every charge remaining, 1 point of damage is healed for every creature within 60 feet. (Except Evil, Unholy, or Undead.) Every Unholy, Evil, or Undead creature within 60 feet takes 1d8 Divine damage per charge remaining on the staff. If used in this faction, it takes an act of gods/demigods to repair it.

The staff recharges itself at the rate of 1d4+1 Charges per day. If depleted, the staff still functions as a weapon including the extra damage to undead.