Rapier of the Foppish Dandy Twit. Item Level: 12 Cost: 4,000 GP

This +1 Rapier grants the wielder +2 magic bonus to AC.
Casts Mending as a Level 1 Wizard.
Intelligent Sword: 16 Int, 14 Wis Perception + 15. Lawful Neutral.

Speaks telepathically and seems to perceive through the wielder’s senses. Speaks in a very serious, gruff, manly male voice. Has little tolerance for jokes or silliness. He also talks down to the wielder as if he were a much older, more experienced father. Occasionally begs to be taken to a blacksmith, be melted down, and reforged as a dignified weapon such as a Longsword or Great Axe.

Under dire circumstances, the sword can take control and fight as a Fighter Level 5 with a 16 Dex and adds 2d6 temporary hit points, regardless of the wielder’s actual scores. It is brutally efficient.
When questioned, the sword will deny being the soul of a much more capable fighter. In fact, he can’t recall how he ended up inside such a silly weapon or when he was forged. He hates losing at anything.

*GM secret: The sword is inhabited by the ghost of a former king whose third son accidentally pushed him from the top a 7 story tower. The royal enchanter and royal blacksmith, disgruntled at the treatment they received while the king was alive. In a final act of retributive irony, they placed the king’s disembodied soul into the Prince’s rapier. They knew it was safe because the oldest son was a serious and competent leader.

Princess Alma’s Scimitar of Purity. Item Level 12. Cost: 2,000 GP

This scimitar was once given to a famous princess in a faraway land to protect her innocence from bandits and monsters found on the road while she traveled.
+1 Scimitar of Striking.
+2 magic bonus to Acrobatics Checks.
+2 magic bonus to Perception Checks.
Casts Circle of Protection vs Chaos or Evil 3x/day. (Long Rest)
Casts True Seeing 1x/day (Long Rest.) Counteract modifier +20.
Heals the wielder of 2d8 hp of damage (or full health.)

Despite its many abilities, the scimitar is not intelligent.