Mandy’s Marvelous Money Minting Machine. Item Level 9, Cost 700 GP (Real gold not what it makes.)
This alchemical machine mints lead ingots into gold coins at the rate of about 100 coins per day. In reality, it is casting an elaborate illusion onto the lead that wears off after 48 hours.

The machine takes up a 10’ x 10’ area and makes considerable noise while operating. It takes approximately 24 hours to assemble/disassemble and would require at least three large wagons to haul.  It costs about 25 GP worth of materials along with the lead ingots to make 100 GP of illusory coins.

“Somewhere, some banker is going to be in for a rude surprise when they realize they’ve been collecting lead and passing out fake money this whole time. (Tee hee.) Just don’t mention where you got your gold, okay?”

The Inconspicuous Gold Coin Spider. Item Level: 6. Cost: 226 GP

This miniature magical automaton is activated by a command word and placed in a sack of coins. It appears to be a gold coin with a slight magical aura when inspected closely. It travels in the sack until it reaches its final destination or after three days pass. (72 hours.) When it reaches its destination or after three days, it teleports back to its owner and draws a map leading to its last location. Once the map is done, the spider transforms back into a coin and becomes inert until needed again.

The Golden Chalice. Item Level: Cost:

This relic has magical healing properties when filled with any potable liquid.

  • Heal 2d8 hp damage (or up to max value.)  Recharges with an 8 on 1d8.
  • Drinking ordinary water or wine from the chalice acts as a Goodberry spell. 1x/day (Long Rest.)
  • Remove Disease 1x/day (Long Rest.)
  • Remove Poison automatically. User can’t become intoxicated while drinking from this cup. Removes poison already on the drinker as well.
  • The owner ceases to age normally by 1 year for each day the chalice is used.

The Curse: The user’s skin begins to turn to gold. The user gains Weakness to Bludgeoning 5, Electricity (Lightning) 5, and Fire 5. After 6 uses, the user begins to become stiff and metallic, suffering a -2 to their Dexterity attribute until the curse is removed. Soon the stiffness increases, imposing -2 penalty on all Acrobatics, Athletics, and Stealth checks. After that, the character begins to suffer from bouts of suspended animation lasting 1d6 hours at a time after drinking from the cup.

Thieves and/or bandits may take an interest in the character, believing them to be made of gold..