Content Warning: Depression, Gore.

The Curse of Self Doubt.  Spell 3.


Traditions: arcane, occult
Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal
Area 30-foot cone
Saving Throw Will;
Duration 1 or more rounds
You inflict self-doubt on creatures in the area. The effects for each creature are determined by its Will save. Creatures affected just don’t think they have what it takes to be where they are.

Critical Success: The creature is unaffected.
Success: For 1 round, creature is – 2 AC and -2 To Hit.
Failure: As success, and -4 on all Skill Checks for 1 hour.
Critical Failure: As above, lasts 8 hours. Not a good day to start any new projects.

Heightened 1: Expands to 60’ Cone.

Staff of Earth Moving: Item Level: 15 Cost: 6,000 GP

This +1 Staff of Striking is always found with 11 charges. When held, the wielder can understand and speak Terran. Wielder gains Burrow 20 feet as if it were natural movement.

Cast Rock to Mud as per the spell: 1 Charge.
Cast Wall of Stone as per the spell. 1 Charge.
Disintegrate a 10’x10’x10’ Cube of Earth: 1 Charge.Call Earth Elemental (Living Landslide): 2 Charges.

CURSE: After the first charge is used, wielder experiences a mild headache. The headache worsens steadily. On the third charge used, the wielder develops a migraine headache on each use that confers a cumulative -1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom, and -1 Charisma and -1 to all skills. The wielder also begins to hear noises similar to those made when an earthworm is moving under a tent. The noise gets louder and louder. On the 10th charge, worms begin to crawl in and out of the wielders ears, nose, and eye sockets. Their mouth begins to fill with earthworms when they close their mouth for too long. On the 11th charge/final use, the wielder’s head explodes instantly, killing the character. Worms pour from the body.

Ring of Skeletal Servant. Item Level: 8. Cost: 500 GP

When worn, this ring summons a skeleton under the command of the wearer. The skeleton’s statistics are the same as a regular, unmodified humanoid skeleton and lasts until dismissed, destroyed, or dispelled. It can perform most simple household or menial tasks as commanded. “Make the bed.” “Gather more sticks for firewood.” “Carry this torch.” It can be ordered to sacrifice itself for the wearer but will not engage in combat of any kind. The servant will not take initiative or do anything it is not directly commanded to do. However, simple commands such as “Follow me,” or “Carry this until we reach the next town,” do work.  It cannot speak but understands the wearer’s languages perfectly.

If dismissed, destroyed, or dispelled, the servant can be summoned again in 8 hours.