This topic is a little lighter.  Mostly ghostly.

Ghost Pirate Cutlass. Item Level: 13 Cost: 3,000
This +2 Ethereal, Disrupting Cutlass* Gripping this weapon allows the wielder to see in the Ethereal Plane and the Material Plane at the same time.

*Cutlass Cost:2 gp Damage: 1d6 S. Bulk: 1 Hands: 1 Properties:  Sword Deadly d8, disarm, finess

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Ghost Ninja Sash. Item Level: 14 Cost: 4,500 GP.
+2AC, +2 Fortitude Saves, +2 Reflex Saves. Cloth Sash, Ethereal. +2 to Stealth Rolls while wearing the sash. Ethereal Jaunt usable once per day (Long Rest.)
Also good for holding shuriken, daggers, etc. As a side note, anyone hiding potion vials and Nageteppo (Egg Shell Grenades, smoke bombs.) never has to worry about them breaking while being stored.

The Ghost Bolt. Item Level: 13 Cost: 2,300 GP

+1 Ghost Touch Ballista Bolt fired from a Light Ballista or Sniper’s Crossbow. (Supplement in the works. Use Heavy Crossbow for now.)

This bolt is aimed and fired normally but makes no sound when fired or traveling through the air. This bolt flies unerringly, ignoring all cover and concealment to the point of aim. It moves through the ethereal plane until it reaches the intended target and materializes around three feet away. It strikes for 4d12+1 damage, Basic Reflex Save applies. Three rounds after striking the target, the bolt automatically teleports back to the weapon it was fired from. This is the penultimate weapon for any assassin.