The Hind’s Tail.
This adorable item hooks onto the back of the user’s pants or belt. It appears to be a puffy tail such as that found on a deer. When invoked, the tail grants an extra 10 feet of movement or an additional five feet to any type of Leap. The effect lasts 3 rounds. This ability may be used more than once per day, recharging on a 5-6 on a d6

However, there is a catch to wearing the tail for extended periods of time. Every time the user invokes the movement boost after the first on any given day, they start to change. At first the differences aren’t terribly noticeable. The user’s sense of smell improves. After a short time two small nubs appear on the user’s forehead. Then the user’s legs begin to turn around and hooves form where the feet were. A few more uses and fur begins to grow and the user craves vegetation for every meal. Then the user’s ears become deer-like and move to the top of the head. Pretty soon all that’s left is a doe.

The side effects from using this item can be removed via Remove Curse.

Sandals of the Messenger.

This pair of sandals automatically resizes to fit any wearer. They are intended for long distance travel on foot and grant an extra 5 feet per turn while running. They also grant +2 to any Fortitude saves at any time. The sandals also prevent 1 level of Drained (Exhaustion) while running long distances as long as the user drinks a cup of water every hour.

The Rabbit Carriage.

From the manufacturers of the Mouse Cart comes the all new Rabbit Carriage! This miniature carriage is streamlined to fit perfectly behind any bunny. Once the cart has been placed and the command word is given, the cart and the rabbit expand exponentially for 24 hours unless dismissed or dispelled. The carriage is large enough to hold four adventurers and their gear comfortably. The driver sits comfortably on top of the carriage. Carrot on a stick is recommended but not included. Glides over even rough terrain as if it were normal.

The ride can be a little wild at times, but the cart usually compensates for some of the motion. If unimpeded, the rabbit can go approximately 30 miles per hour. The cart can travel a maximum of 240 miles per day, but most adventurers will want to take it at a slower pace. The cart appears as its original small size, about the same as a loaf of bread every morning- ready for a new bunny and a new adventure.