The Manual of Chaotic Charisma. Item Level: 9 Cost: 150 GP

When read by a caster, this book permanently adds +2 to the Charisma Attribute of the reader. However, there is a cost. Namely, the caster’s sanity. Within three days of finishing the book, the character’s mental health will decline. Roll 1d12 on the table below.

  1. Completely Manic. Happy all the time. Super happy about everything, even sad things.
  2. Totally Paranoid. Character becomes absolutely convinced “they” are all out to get them.
  3. Gain a new friend. Who no one else can see or hear because this cartoon friend isn’t real.
  4. Hallucinations. Bubbles everywhere. Lots of bubbles. Bubbles are harmless, right?
  5. Character sometimes randomly speaks in a tongue no one else understands.
  6. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Everything must be done in a certain way, always.
  7. Will eat a bug off the wall to prove that no one should mess with this character ever again.
  8. Character becomes convinced nudism is the best way to go most of the time.
  9. Character becomes convinced they are a squirrel or some other furry forest animal.
  10. Overwhelmed with hedonistic gluttony. Will eat, drink, and frolic as much as possible.
  11. Adrenaline junkie. Constantly seeks to perform newer, crazier stunts and takes on anything.
  12. Gains a new patron. Something about octopi and a guy named, “Cthulhu.” Probably nothing.

The Engineer’s Ever Ticking Pocket Watch. Item Level: 10 Cost: 1,000 GP.

This cursed relic grants +2 to the Intelligence of the Invested (Attuned) owner as well as an additional +2 bonus to Crafting, Lore: Engineering, and Specialty Crafting of the owner’s choice. (Once selected, this may never be reversed.) The watch never needs to be wound.

The terrible price to this newfound skill is the lack of sleep. The character can hear the watch ticking in their head no matter what time it is. Soon, the ticking grows louder and louder. Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick. No matter what time it is Tick, tick, tick. Character must make a basic Fort save DC20 to be able to fall asleep long enough to get rested. Remove curse also removes the Attribute and Skill bonuses.

Bauta. Image from VIVO Masks.

The Bauta of the Mad Emperor
. Item Level: 10 Cost: 973 GP
It is unclear whether or not the Emperor wore this mask to conceal his madness, his facial scars, or both. He was rarely seen without it, even in his bed chamber. It was rumored that one of his servants once saw him remove it and was promptly ordered to be locked in a tower and starved to death. The Mad Emperor was known for cruel and often bizarre punishments for even mild infractions of his personal rules, which fluctuated daily.

This mask grants:

  • +2AC bonus.
  • +2 on all Charisma based checks.
  • +2 on all Fortitude Saves
  • Immunity to Poison, Starvation, and Thirst.

However, the mask is quite cursed, bonds to the wearer’s face, and has been known to cause insanity.