I’m going to do May a little differently than April.

  • May 4th will be something Star Wars or a space game article of some sort.
  • A review of Curse of Er’Mah’Gerd.
  • Work on my homebrew fantasy game system. Trying to get it down to 32 pages. Design blog.
  • Finish my final two entries for RPG Superstar and submit them.
  • My renewal fee for the site comes due May 25. Soliciting donations or making some kind of money to pay for it.
  • Old School Essentials reviews for both Advanced Fantasy books.
  • The Stars are Fire for Cypher System review.
  • Eventually I’ll get back to working on my space game again.
  • Cypher System space/mecha campaign design blog time permitting.
  • Apocalypse Keys review (Community copies of games are the best.)
  • News and commentary on whatever Wizards of the Coast does next.
    -A look back at the Content Creator Summit one month after.
  • Back to Monster of the Week for a few articles.
  • Progress on my Cypher System Fantasy campaign.
  • ICONS. I dunno how I’m gonna work it in yet, but I miss supers gaming so freakin much.
  • Random d12 tables on a couple of topics.
  • That Savage Worlds article I’ve been sitting on since January. 🤪
  • A couple of interviews I’ve been trying to land since February if they happen.
  • I’ve got a neat idea for a series of GI Joe RPG adventures. May or may not happen this month.
  • Transformers RPG material if there’s time. (*See, I can still enjoy a Hasbro licensee.)
  • May 19th is still Freedom Day May 2023 edition.
  • A handful of Frightening February articles that I didn’t finish.
  • Possibly some talk about converting other fantasy worlds to D&D. Earthdawn and Warhammer FRP are high on the list.
  • Work on my YouTube channel continues if I get over my fear of being on camera. 😅
  • We’ll also check in with some mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, toxic positivity, and Sociophobia come to mind.

My purpose for making this list is to have a goal every day instead of writing prompts. The main concern is I don’t want to sit down to write and go blank as to what I want to write about. I’m also going to engage in more research on trending topics in our hobby.

There are times when it seems like all of the Dungeon/Game Master advice in the world is already out there. Given the number of new players and Dungeon Masters entering the hobby right now, I think it’s a good idea to try to put some basic guidance and advice out there. If Wizards of the Coast had thought ahead, they would have pushed the new version of D&D (whatever they’re calling it) up to coincide with the Honor Among Thieves release.

I might run a short series of articles with my advice for new players and new DMs especially. I remember being new and being super excited about the game every day and not having a good idea what I was supposed to be doing yet as a DM. I didn’t have any internet resources or even Dragon Magazine to fall back on yet. The AD&D 1E Dungeon Master’s Guide used to be my best friend. And since then I’ve gone onto read more DM/GM advice books and articles than I can easily remember.