Roll20 has declined my requests for an interview.

I have been trying for while now to get in touch with someone at OneBookShelf about an interview. I want to ask about the WotC D&D marketplace and the future of the DMsGuild. I’ve had some other questions since the OGL crisis that are just burning, too. At least they finally got back to me yesterday. (Friday, May 12.)

While this is not a huge surprise, it’s still a little disappointing. I guess for now my kooky conspiracy theory regarding WotC and OneBookShelf stands unchallenged. Here is a link to my Tinfoil Hat Society article. I have interview requests in with Wizards of the Coast, but no word back yet.

Sometimes I feel like I’m barking in the dark here. I love you, #ttrpgfamily. I’ll let you know if there are any further developments when they happen. Thank you for being here.