They really listened to us!

Check out Renegade Game Studios upcoming releases for proof. I absolutely love everything they have going right now. August is going to be a tough month on the wallet, but so worth the pain.

Here’s my current and ever-expanding Wishlist.

I’m absolutely blown away with some of the current and upcoming selections from Renegade Game Studios. Some of the things I was critical of last year are coming around this year. (@playrenegade, I’m so sorry I ever doubted you. Please forgive me?)

Here’s a quick rundown of the stuff I’m excited about:

  • GI Joe RPG Operation Cold Iron adventure.
  • Power Rangers Across the Stars Sourcebook
  • Essence 20 Roleplaying System Field Guide to Action and Adventure Crossover Sourcebook.
  • Power Rangers Finster’s Monster-Matic Cookbook
  • GI Joe Cobra Codex Sourcebook.

The Essence 20 Roleplaying System Field Guide to Action and Adventure Crossover Sourcebook really had my attention when I received the email announcement. I’ve literally been dreaming of this book since I was about 12 years old. I finally get my GI Joe/Transformers movie crossover in TTRPG form. Holy crap! Is that ever cool.

But it gets better with that particular sourcebook. We get the Power Rangers GM section that never was along with more GM advice for GI Joe and Transformers. (Again, I’m so sorry I badgered you, Renegade.) On top of cool crossovers and new material for all three games, we get the much needed “How to GM” section and other resources that seemed to be missing previously.

I’m also stoked for Power Rangers Finster’s Monster-Matic Cookbook because we get 100 new monsters, Zedd, Rita, and the long-awaited monster creation rules. Again, I criticized Renegade for this early on, and I’m glad they listened. I’m also truly excited to see what they come up with. We’re also getting Psycho Rangers, monster tactics, and what I’m sure will be some monster expanding bad guys.

The third thing I can’t say enough good things about is The Cobra Codex for GI Joe RPG. Again, I thought this would be an amazeballs idea since I first picked up the GI Joe game. I’m hoping this means we’ll get Decepticon and Autobot books for Transformers eventually. I’m not sure how I feel about running an all Cobra campaign. I mean, they’re terrorists and bad guys. What happens if they “win?” But it will be nice to have extensive villain backgrounds, vehicles and weapons for Cobra, “the Enemy.”

Excerpt from Across the Stars.

If the Power Rangers Across the Stars previews are half as good as they look, I’m in. They’ve already spoiled Venjix, so I’m kinda hoping it’s going to be Time Force and Alternate Earth related as well. I’m excited for rules on the Gold and Silver Ranger archetypes. (Please mention Antonio from Samurai?) We’re getting some Zeo, Turbo and Ninja Storm with this one, but I’m not sure about the other series yet. I was really hoping Rafkon would be one of the planets in this book, but I might be delusional as it has not been mentioned yet.

At any rate, August is going to hurt my wallet a lot, but in such a good way. I’m going to have so much fun designing even more awesomeness for Power Rangers Lightning Force (my campaign,) along with GI Joe and a little Transformers. Honestly, of all three, Transformers is the series I’m having the hardest time picking a timeline setting for because of all the different series. I’m so excited to finally get to write the crossovers, though. GI Joe has already made a low-key Power Rangers appearance in my world.

This is going to be fun in the fall. It’ll be nice to take our minds off of the ongoing WotC drama which I’m certain will flair up again with Gen Con. There are also going to be a savage number of new games at Gen Con this year including Renegade’s Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Unfortunately, competition is going to be stiff with all of the many fantasy games spurred on by the WotC OGL debacle in January.

I personally believe that the great work Renegade Studios is doing actually makes me want to forgive Hasbro a little. Wizards of the Coast hasn’t gained any of my trust back yet. But, I honestly don’t care about Dungeons & Dragons as much as I’m super intrigued by the Essence 20 games. (Okay, minus My Little Pony RPG, but it’s not my wheelhouse.) Gi Joe and Transformers are as much the cartoons I grew up on as much as D&D. These new Essence 20 games are a dream come true.

Thanks for being here. I’m really happy Renegade Studios seems to have taken the fan feedback seriously. Their new products certainly seem to be showing a lot of love and respect for our wishes.