Sigh. 200 entries. I mean, I guess I had to expect this. Kind of a bummer, but I’ll survive.

Evil Genius Games put out a call for submissions for the new Urban Arcana. Evil Genius makes a TTRPG called Everyday Heroes. It’s a neat game that reboots good old D20 Modern. The new Urban Arcana is a reboot of (you guessed it) the old D20 Modern setting from Wizards of the Coast. The original was a lot of fun.

I submitted two entries in the contest. I really had some intention of being chosen. The old Law of Attraction living in the dream fulfilled and all was in play. It could happen, right?

I purposely omitted the names of the semi-finalists as not to appear to be harassing or doxing them. I wish them all the best of luck. It’s a cool project. Here’s the Semi-Finalist link. Alas, I’m not among them.

I’ve looked at the entries that were selected. A couple of them, honestly look a lot like what I sent in, but the judges must’ve passed right over mine and grabbed this other one. My bad for turning in my entry early, I guess. There were 200 submissions each 200 words long. The judges had their work cut out for them.

I still think Everyday Heroes is a good game. Evil Genius is a great company. I’ll be curious to see what finally gets chosen for Urban Arcana. Here’s the submissions that were chosen. I won’t say which ones looked like mine, because I might still use them somewhere.

I have plenty of my own projects. No lie, I’m a little backed up on reviews and things right now. I also have my own campaign and various world building projects. I really want to get back to my Cypher System fantasy world sometime soon. I’m also working on my own TTRPG system and settings.

My own game has begun to progress slowly.

It might sound easy, but it’s really not. Coming up with functional mechanics that aren’t just window dressing on one edition or another of D&D is not easy. I’m still borrowing bits and pieces of the 5.1 SRD, but I’ve abandoned lots of the old notions about D&D.

I’ve finally hit my frustration point with 5E. I’ve become more determined than ever to ditch the d20 mechanics and the old, tired S, I, W, D, Con, Cha, Hp, and AC stats. I’m changing up the old classes, leveling, feats, skills, weapons, and breaking from many traditions. More on that to come.  

RPG Superstar still seems hopeful. I also think I might get some decent feedback if I’m rejected there. Some serious industry vets are involved with RPG Superstar, and I’m sure they’ll at least answer some questions if I have them. I’m praying at least one of my entries passes muster. All three would be amazeballs.

All of these contests remind me of Eberron.

Back in 2002, Wizards of the Coast ran a contest that garnered 11,000+ submissions to try to build a brand new Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. Heck yeah I sent in a submission. Keith Baker got $100,000 plus writing even more books, writing credits, fame, fortune, convention appearances, and everything that goes with being a real life game designer.

Of course, the other 10,999+ of us were more or less crushed. Thank God the Open Game License made it possible for all of us made it possible to do our own thing without the direct support of the world’s largest TTRPG company. 4E came and went. When 5E reintroduced the OGL, many more settings appeared for it.

No one has ever really done a contest like it since. WotC wouldn’t dare do that in this day and age. Can you imagine how crazy that would end up being? Not to mention the ensuing scandals over who was chosen and why. If you thought the Content Creator’s Summit was nuts, imagine what 11K fans asking, “why not me?” sounds like.

All of these various contests and calls for submission reminds me of the “big” setting design contest. I find myself looking for more things to enter, as gonzo as that sounds. Maybe it’s the dopamine rush? I dunno. I like the challenge of the attempt and the small chance of validation. There’s always that little chance of some positive feedback, and we all like that.

Some good news.

Due to some recent good fortune, I’ve been able to back a couple of Kickstarter projects. I’ve also been able to finally purchase a couple of books I’ve been dreaming of getting for a while now. My dream is to eventually use my writing to fund my TTRPG purchasing habit. My wife would really appreciate it. (Lol! 😅)

The Curse of Er’Mah’Gerd mini campaign and Apocalypse Keys reviews are coming soon. I’ve been deep diving into both. There will be many other reviews coming in June and July. I’m not taking on new review projects until I’m caught up. I love writing reviews, but I want to do some dungeons and other stuff, too. I might even get some solo gaming in one of these nights.

I love TTRPGs. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate you.