Roll 1d12 and consult the table below:

  1. An abandoned rusty car on the side of the road. The trunk hasn’t been opened since it was abandoned, probably in the 1930’s judging by the make and model of the car.
  2. A woodshed in a grassy field with no other significant landmarks or buildings around. The shed contains a muddy shovel, a half full gas can, a pickaxe that has been heavily used, a woodcutting axe that has recently been sharpened to razor perfection, and a strange black puddle on the floor.
  3. Two old graves complete with marble headstones from the 1910’s in the backyard of a recently built duplex.
  4. A rundown cemetery off of a dirt road that hasn’t been visited in a very long time. The nearest town has a population under 300 people and most of them don’t even know it’s there.
  5. A town name that appears on Go-oggle Maps and Earth as a tiny town of just under 1,000 people. When you arrive, half the buildings were devastated by a tornado, and the other half appear to have burned to the ground.
  6. A single seat civilian plane that crashed probably in the 1980s. It contains the deceased pilot, several pounds of illegal drugs, a couple of automatic weapons losing the battle with corrosion, and a large duffle bag full of cash.
  7. An old ambulance that seems to have been abandoned by the side of the road out in the country after it drove into a ditch. Why has it been left alone for decades? What mysteries are inside?
  8. An abandoned farmhouse with little more than a dirt path for a driveway. Probably best to investigate during the day.
  9. An abandoned semi-truck/trailer parked in front of a very old gas station. Both are abandoned and run down. The back of the trailer is still locked and sealed from 1978. There is no sign of the driver, a logbook, or a cargo manifest. The gas pumps still work. There is still a full cash register inside the unlocked gas station, and everything looks as it did in the 1970s only a bit dustier.
  10. A large gothic style church in the middle of the woods. Solid stone construction, but no roads leading in or out. Surrounded by creepy wrought iron decorations and creepy gargoyles. The inside is clean and well maintained.
  11. A small house containing a jail cell. The electricity still works. No sign of owners or anyone living there, but several torture implements lying around and the smell of disinfectant hangs heavy in the air.
  12. A large radio tower up on a hill with a small shack nearby. It’s still sending and receiving signals from somewhere, but there’s no one around.

12 Urban Legends.
Roll 1d12 and see who’s coming after the group this time.

  1. A gray housecat made of pure smoke and shadow. If you see it, bad things will soon follow.
  2. A restaurant mascot clown that hunts after dark and turns people into tomorrow’s Royale with Cheese if ya catch my drift.
  3. The Moth Man. Just like it sounds. It’s a bad omen.
  4. Gargoyles that come to life when no one is looking.
  5. The man at the end of the block who was confined in the attic until the age of 24. Now all he wants to do is chop people up with various garden implements and power tools.
  6. Billy Dean, the kid who died in a street racing accident in the 70s. Now he hunts people down with his turbo charged, tricked-out Mustang on the street where he died.
  7. The Hat Man. A tall, shadowy apparition who appears to be wearing a wide-brimmed hat.
  8. The Static Man. A being that looks like the static of an old television set. An electric ghost.
  9. The Ghoul Cheerleader. Becky Emily Deirdre, the most popular girl in school with a wicked mean streak until she died under mysterious circumstances comes back to seek revenge.
  10. Ned, the guy down the street who was sealed up in his own furnace and burned alive by townsfolk for brutal crimes he committed. Now his demonic ghost is back and taking out the descendants of the townsfolk one at a time in spectacularly gruesome ways.
  11. The black tar creature that lives in drains and sewer pipes who occasionally pulls someone down with him.
  12. The Viral Demon of Vine Street. A large, horned, shadowy figure has been seen on ring cams and security cameras all up and down the street. It appears at the same time every night, usually in a different location on Vine street, and it appears to be looking for someone.