Jeff's Game Box

Table Top Role Playing Game Blog


by Jeff Craigmile

Hi! I’m Jeff Craigmile.

Welcome to my blog. I’m a writer/blogger. I have a LOT of very diverse interests. The Game Box came from a sign a comic shop put on my hold file because it was unique in a wall full of comics. I’ve been a tabletop roleplaying Game Master, writer, and designer for over 40 years. I’m also an avid polyhedral dice collector.

Aside from lighthearted writing interests, I’m very spiritual. I’m also interested in Ufology, the Law of Attraction, self growth/self development, the paranormal, meditation, extraterrestrials, extradimensional beings, and a lot of other exciting stuff.

I’m also the father of four boys and three cats. They keep me very busy when I’m not behind my computer. I also occasionally dabble in Fortnite with the boys and Diablo or Heroes of the Storm when time permits.

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