Update to end all updates Part 5

Five? Really? My 20 minutes per day writing exercise has turned into multiple articles in one session over three hours. Ack! What the heck?

I considered, briefly, trying to break into life coaching. But can I coach someone else when I freakin need one myself? No lie, I’d hire a coach for 11K dollars in a heartbeat if I had it. But if I had $11K to spare, would I really need a coach? I mean, that’s a pretty big chunk of change to throw around. I’m sure the services are worth it, but if someone wanted to help people “break into the market,” would you really charge so much? I have doubts.

If it’s any consolation, I doubt the person I referred to above will ever read this. And no, it’s not Laura. Believe me, I’d give Laura a million dollars if I could for what she’s already done for me. The Six Habits has transformed my attitude, my outlook, and really my whole life.

Through no fault of The Six Habits, I’m still wrestling with my purpose. I know, in my heart of hearts, I was not meant to sit in a cubicle all night for 4 x 12 hour shifts. I know many, many people agree. Office life, just isn’t living. We are meant to do more than just survive.

If Cov-icky-boo-boo virus has taught me anything, it’s that I LOVE working from home. I want to work for myself. I AM my own best boss and my own employee of the year. That much I figured out.

I’m tired of putting money into the pockets of a big, heartless, mindless corporate entity that rarely gives anything back if that. I’m more than a job both financially and domestically. I AM a being of love and light. I deserve more. Way more than where and what I am now.

And it’s not to say I wouldn’t love to collaborate with someone or even work for the right person. I mean truthfully, if I was bringing joy to the world in some form and still covering the bills, I’d be there tomorrow. But I can’t up and quit my job.

Most LoA gurus don’t acknowledge or seem to grasp r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y. Yeah, it’s old beliefs. I believe that since I brought the family into being, I believe I should take care of it. Again, it’s an old program. I didn’t know at the time that other options might have been more optimal for me. Heck, I hadn’t even heard of LoA 20 years ago.

Am I a first rate choice for NASA? No. Not unless they need someone to paint miniature figurines or make first contact with ETs. I have my talents, but what purpose does any of this serve?

So, the pesky question remains. Where do I belong? Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do? I have huge dreams. But not anywhere in the current paradigm. Definitely not the current program. (Don’t tell my wife…)

Supposedly, LoA would put me into the desired situation if/when my vibration matches the dream. I try not to dwell on the negatives. I keep putting the intention forward, and I pray that the Universe listens. When it truly conspires on our behalf, I’ll let you know. Maybe it will inspire someone.

Updates Part 4 aka- HIRE ME!?!

I am NOT a rich American. Like most, my family and I are getting by. That’s cool. But donations, I do not have anything to spare. The question is: Is this 51% service to others? I have doubts.

Here’s why: I sit in my cubicle at work and “manage” a group of a dozen drivers. I tell gas truck drivers where to go. Really it’s not complicated. In fact, odds are I’m about to be replaced by a computer algorithm. Think anyone will care? Doubtful.

That’s what spiritual awakening teaches us. The daily grind, whatever that looks like, just wears on us. There’s more to life than sitting in a cubicle for 12 hours 4 days on, 4 days off. There’s more to life than chopping wood and hauling water. Yes, we still need to physically survive in a 3D environment.

Survival takes different forms. In the current paradigm I’m stuck in, and I do mean stuck, is eat, sleep, work, go home, repeat, drag on for 50 years. Die. So many people are in the paradigm of eat, sleep, work, entertainment, repeat, repeat, grim reaper. Yay. Right?

Here’s what I’m going to say. Screw the old paradigm! Here’s another program- Get married, have kids, get a house drag on until the nest empties out, retire, die. Screw that noise, too! Had I learned twenty plus years ago, would I be here now? Aw hell naw! But live and learn. Right?

And I still love my offspring and my wife. That’s normal, right? But it’s an old program. If I could provide for them and chase the dream elsewhere? I’ve already got my bags packed! Count me in!

And that’s where I’ll leave this particular update. I really do mean if you’ve got a legit business and you want me to help, we should chat. I’m open to new ventures. More in Part 5.

More Updates Pt 3

So, as we covered in Parts 1 & 2, I’m digging for my purpose. What IS my life purpose? I’m 48, which is young on a cosmic, linear scale, but in terms of the Earth plane, I ain’t gettin any younger.

Okay, so one last postulate before I really come to my point of this article. (And thank you for bearing with me this far.)

Since coming to Instagram about a year and a half ago, I’ve really, truly enjoyed helping and promoting dear friends and folks who I admire greatly. See my posts about Laura DiBenedetto, Daniel Scranton, Natasha Hynes, Natasha Sol, A.L. Garris, and a dozen more. I love all of you. You give so much. So, is uplifting others part of my purpose? Is that who I am?

Are we defined by our jobs? My understanding from the Law of One is that we are supposed to be at least 51% service to others. So, wtaf does that mean? How do I pull that off? What IS service to others?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a deadbeat waiting to happen. I work hard for my meager family of six plus three or four fur kids. I go to work, contribute my check to the family. I cook breakfast, lunch, etc on my days off. I do some housework and mow the lawn when I feel up to it. I know. First world problems. Right?

But that’s all survival. A hundred years ago or in another country, it’s the equivalent of chopping wood and hauling water or baking bread and laboring in the field. Regardless, are all our labors a service to others? Is that purpose? I mean, why are WE here?

Round 4 coming right up…

More Updates on Updates!

So, back to my internal questioning out loud. I know we all do this. I think for the longest time this article has been brewing. I’ve been meaning to publish prolifically. I think this is the start of that.

But, onto more questioning. Back in the day, 20 plus years back, I was big into theatre. I feel I’m a powerful force backstage and with lighting and other techie type stuff, but still. AND I feel I’ve always been a really good voice actor. I do love cartoons and all things anime. Is that where I belong? Is that who I am?

I’ve been running/playing tabletop rpg’s (Dungeons & Dragons for example) for 37 years. I know. I’m an old basement dweller. On any given day, I’m a walking bundle of ideas for entire series and worlds of superheroes, science fiction, manga/anime, fantasy, martial arts… and oh so much more. Is that who I am? Is that my purpose?

Before I became a world class Dispatch Specialist, I was scrubbing floors, emptying trash, and scrubbing toilets for a living. (No desire to go back to that last one.) Here’s where I disagree with most 3D rooted folk and my wife in particular. I’m way, way more than I do for a living. This is a paycheck. This puts money in someone else’s pocket. Not fulfilling. Not energizing. Not my purpose.

In an effort to keep this article short and sweet, I’m going to leave off here and continue in Part 3. (Have I mentioned I love working on series? Yeah.)

More updates!

I apologize for my lack of anything up until today. It’s been a crazy few months for all of us. I’ve been holding my light. Or just barely hanging onto my sanity at times. (Insert nervous giggle here.)

For over two years, and it seems like a really long time in some ways, I have intended and planned for a website and a YouTube channel. All of that structure is there.  My issue has always been purpose.

I am a being of unlimited potential. I have so much to offer someone professionally. But, as a “professional” what??? I mean, I have these college degrees in Journalism and Sociology. Sure, I enjoy writing. I was doing all that before my spiritual awakening. But is that who I am? Is writing my life purpose?

I have this deep interest in spirituality and consciousness. By default that comes from an interest in Law of Attraction (from now on abbreviated LoA) And also be default comes from or with an interest in self development and actualization. Is that who I am?

I love talking about UFOs, ETs, contact experiences with otherworldly beings, paranormal investigations, cryptids, and all things unusual. I’m even a fan of history and archaeology to a certain extent. Is that my life purpose?

Sure, I like talking to people. At one time I seriously considered becoming a therapist or a counselor. I feel like I’m open-minded and knowledgeable, a good listener when I’m focused. I tend to give good advice most of the time or at least I’m smart enough to know when to look for answers. Is that who I am?

Wow. This update got deep in a hurry. Part 2 to come.

Where Attention Goes, ENERGY Flows.

Where your focus is, energy builds.

Where attention goes, ENERGY flows. I’m not sure who said it first, but it is so very correct.

Family, friends, fellow lightworkers, starseeds, others… You are probably aware of this nasty virus going around. The mainstream mass media is trying its best to whip everyone up into a frenzy of fear. “They,” the Illuminati, the reptilians and other negative entities want you to be afraid.

Please do yourself a huge favor- If the news, social media or any other media is bothering you, just turn it off. Walk away. Don’t tune to that channel. Turn off that feed. Put your phone down for a day. 

I’m not saying ignore the virus. Be sensible. Take care of yourself like you would any other day. Eat well, exercise, sleep, hydrate, eat your vitamins and say your prayers. Whatever you would do normally.

But imagine, instead of all of this focused attention went toward Kindness, Goodness, Presence, Awareness? What if instead of being afraid, we focus on love, understanding, mindfulness, and joy? Check out https://www.thesixhabits.com/

We’re all going to get through this together, family. We’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna be great. Stand together in spirit. Stay in touch with one another. And please, lift one another up whenever possible. And please, please, be safe.

Don’t use the “A word.”

I was just listening to a lecture Dr Steven Greer had where he said, “Don’t use the A word” in front of him. He meant aliens, of course. I love this topic because it’s just as sociological as it is UFOlogical. 

What really is “alien?” This is not a Geiger or Lovecraftian reference! By a more common 3D definition, an alien is someone or something that seems strange and out of place compared to our norm. So, if I run away to North Korea, socio-politically, I’m an alien. (And I stick out like a sore thumb.)

So, if someone from Zeta Reticuli (commonly known as Grays,) drops down to Earth from outer space, we call him an “alien.” Right? He’s got a big head, almond shaped black eyes, gray skin, skinny body, and a one-piece uniform.  Technically, sure. He doesn’t quite fit in. And innocent bystanders are freaking out big time.

Okay. Imagine for a moment that you’re living in a dimension that overlaps with Earth. The difference is, you’re not a squishy, physical being. You’re in a dimension so high, you might not even see planets so much as planes of existence. Suddenly, this kinda goofy looking thing with “arms” and “legs” and a “bald head” and “much beardiness” shows up in the middle of whatever you were doing. Luckily, in higher planes of existence, panic, fear, time and hate allegedly don’t exist. Time being the wild card. Regardless, the beardy weirdo is, by all definitions, is an alien.

Meanwhile, back inside the human, the holy-crap-what-did-I-just-do reaction kicks in. The human looks around, possibly a little dumbfounded, in awe of these beings of love and light and sees- a bunch of “aliens!” Most regular humans freak out immediately and (POOF!) back to 3D land. 1 out of 144,000 (guessing…) look around and start asking questions. Woot! This particular beardy guy looks like he just walked through the front gate of Disney Land for the first time. Eyes wide, jaw on the ground, greeting everyone.

Aliens. Most often associated with UFO’s. Discern the term Unidentified Flying Object. It can be literally anything in the air (or USO’s Unidentified Submerged Object) or underwater that we, silly 3D humans, don’t recognize. Could be one of yours. Could be one of ours. Could be one from the depths of outer space. We don’t know, hence “unidentified.” The same goes with beings. You’re from somewhere that’s “not here,” and we don’t recognize you.

But let’s think more multi-dimensionally. We’re multidimensional, but we’re down here on Earth. (Realize down is a misnomer. We coexist, but we are a lower, heavier density, hence down.) There could be dozens of beings around us right now and we wouldn’t know it. Everything from ghosts to angels and everything in between could be near us all the time, every day. Sure, most of them hear us. Time doesn’t work the same way. Heck, thought as we know it doesn’t necessarily work the same way. Your higher self is your antenna into their world. The cool part is, it’s also a periscope. But we’ll get into that elsewhere.

Here’s the mind-bending part, as if we weren’t already- Do we know what the Pleiadians look like? Do we know 100% for sure what an Arcturian looks like? Nope. Not 100% for sure. We don’t even know, for sure, if they are going to be human sized. Imagine how different an encounter is going to be if one race is originally incarnated and appears as a 50′ tall cockroach. Imagine how different life would be if we are getting spiritual messages from a ball of light the size of a quarter. There’s your whole UFO- a ball of light the size of a super bouncy ball. 9th Dimensional beings- powerful beyond imagination in terms of spirit and abilities in an itty bitty teensy weensy package. Yikes. I mean, cool. But… wow. So, given they could look like anything already, they might be nice enough appear to us as the Grays, since we’re used to them, or something similar to us, and probably bipedal to reduce the OMG factor.

Now, we live in duality and separation. And did I mention free will? And due to the natural, fairly low vibration of many humans on the planet, we are prone to panic and violence. So, CNN reports multiple UFO’s landing everywhere, including near the UN building and on the White House lawn. This is a recipe for missiles and bombs flying everywhere if I’ve ever heard it. Why? Fear of the unknown. And the lower dimensional beings get a grand buffet with so many freakin fear platters everywhere.

So, lightworkers all over the planet come in and prepare Earth. That’s what we’re doing here right now, btw. DO NOT BE AFRAID!!! Raise your vibration. Smile, laugh and be curious about the unknown. Fear is a massive waste of time and energy. LOVE is the way of the future. We’re all one, anyway.

My original thought for this article was, “Why do a lot of the pictures of Arcturians and some other races look like Grays, only a different color (usually blue) or different size (White Zetas, etc.)” Or do the Grays look like other races? I have another article entirely brewing in my head about the Grays. I don’t feel like they’re entirely alien, though. I feel like they, and many, many other beings or races are my Star Family. Many of the higher dimensional beings are lovingly trying to help us, so that one day we can join them in love and light.

The Perils of Sleep Deprivation

I somewhat jokingly refer to myself as a nocturnal American. I’ve always been more comfortable roaming around at night. Ever since I was a little kid, sneaking out of my bed to watch movies on tv, I’ve been a night owl.

As an adult, I’ve experimented with practically every schedule you can name. I’ve literally been up or going to bed at any time of the day or night you can name. RIght now, I work 6:00pm-6:00am. I get up around 4:30pm and go to bed around 1:00pm on weekdays. A little more sleep on the weekends. But it’s more complicated by the rotation of four days on, 4 days off. Needless to say, I’m not thrilled with my employers

In a perfect world, I would probably get up between Noon and 2:00pm. I actually like breakfast. It’s the first meal of my day, whenever that falls. You’d be surprised how many people don’t comprehend this simple idea. Your meals aren’t tied to a specific time of day. They’re tied to a specific time of YOUR day.

When would I go to bed? What kind of crazy mixed-up schedule is this? Mine. All mine. In a perfect world, I’d go to bed around about whenever. If I had to get specific, I’d say around 5:00-6:00am. I’d still get my fresh air and sunshine, just not when most people do.

Notice I don’t say, “normal.” I don’t do normal. Call me weird. Just don’t try to cram me into a “normal” mold. By “normal” we’ll go out on a limb and say a cage created by old, boring, worn-out social matrices. Old norms of rise with the sun and sleep with the moon. Do what you like. I’m going to fly my freak flag high.

Then we throw kids into the mix. And that’s where my trouble starts. Kids function well on structure and routine. They also have needs. They have lots and lots of needs. And, of course that means parents have to put all the whims and fancies of younger, child-free days aside.

So, I have to work a regular job. By regular, I mean 40+ hours every week for a meaningful wage. I’m subject to my employer’s needs in terms of hours because I can’t just up and quit. Four days on, and four days off was not my first choice. The salary is bullsh*t and I have told them as much.

My wife works days. I work nights. Childcare is mostly covered. Or it was… The overlap in schedules is broken four days of the week now because I have to sleep after I drop our youngest off at preschool at 12:30pm.

When I was younger, even ten years ago, I could drag myself out of bed on 3.5 hours of sleep, work for 12 hours like a beast, and keep that ball rolling for six days at a time. But, nature has taken its toll on my body. I’m 47 now. Needless to say, it’s getting harder and harder to pull this maneuver off. My neon sign telling me I should slow down is pain. Loads and loads of pain.

So, let’s do some math. Our oldest son is 13. When he was born, I figured I had about 18 years before I could change jobs and maybe go back to doing my own thing. Then we added another and another. Finally, our youngest came into being four years ago. By that notion, I have another 14 years to go.

Maybe it’s my poor, tired addled brain, but that means I’ll be nearing retirement age before I can go back to doing my own thing full time. 

And the best part is, thanks to this latest global event, none of it may matter in a day, a week, a month, three months, six months or even a year. I could be unemployed and loving life tomorrow. What are jobs going to look like when the world finally emerges from shelter-in-place, quarantine living? Might be pretty interesting, actually. More on that in another post.

Better than money, better than a job, I love life now. Sure, money is nice. The stuff I can buy with it, anyway. But I LOVE the way I feel most days. I am so becoming a joy junkie. Not drugs or booze- just the pure joy I find in everyday life. I can be happy pretty much anywhere. Never bored. Never bummed out for long. Neutrality, curiosity and spiritual awareness go so far. They really do. 

Yeah, sleep is cool. But I’m not sure I’ll ever trade in being a night owl even if it does come available. It’s so quiet at night. Not much traffic, Not many people to bother you. And the phone almost never rings. I love the sounds and sights at night, too. At least, the ones in nature. 

I think it’s a phenomenon among all nocturnal folk, really. Sleep is kind of overrated, but nice if/when possible. Insomnia isn’t a disorder, it’s a way of life for some of us. You’re never too tired to be happy at any hour.

What lights me up?

I recently told a friend, “I don’t know if the lightbulb had come on yet.” And truthfully, I’m still not 100% certain. I’ve had a hand in so many things over the years. Some of them aren’t necessarily profitable or viable careers, but fun? Heck yeah!

Let me provide examples. All through high school and some of college, I did theatre. The stage was my life. I was building sets, designing lights, and memorizing lines. But, all of the older, wiser folks in my life convinced me “there’s no money in that.”

While I was in high school, I helped with various sports as an assistant coach/manager. I also did video work and photography. At one point I was even the guy in the mascot costume. And I carried the camera work all the way through college. I still love taking pics and making videos.

I’ll admit, I’m not much of an athlete. Yes, old , broken paradigm, I know. But I used to ride a 10 speed bike everywhere. I didn’t get a driver’s license until my 21st birthday. I grew up in Iowa, a state where towns are pretty spaced apart, but most small towns can be traversed by pedal power in 20 minutes or less. I know bicycling a little bit.

I was around for the early, early days of the Internet. I’ve always been fascinated with the world wide web. That’s something I still dabble in now.

I shadowed a reporter in 7th grade. (I don’t remember what grade exactly.) I thought newspaper work was cool. I learned newspaper work before we had computer aided layout. Line tape, straight edge, Exacto knives, and lots of glue. It seems primitive now. But master the old, hard basics and the new stuff is easy. Same with theatre lighting.

I loved art in school. I mixed a hobby- role playing games- with art in the form of miniatures wargaming. I love painting minis. I love sculpture period, regardless of size. I love paintings, too. Abstract is mutt favorite, but I can appreciate just about anything.

I mentioned role playing games. That’s how I became a sociology major, actually. I love small group interactions. I love talking to people one-on-one. Everyone has a story. As a side note, I always admired that about my dad, too. I love a good story.

I love crafting stories either with my fellow game “nerds” or by myself. Although gaming with friends gives me a better excuse to eat mad snax and roll lots of dice. There’s also mandatory hours of joking around after.

So, what is all this? I’m going through a period of deep self exploration. I’m learning to understand, accept, and love myself. My love of all things paranormal, especially UFO’s and ETs led to my spiritual awakening and revived my love of meditation and universal peace. Ultimately, it led to Laura Dibenedetto’s 90 Day Habit Mastery Program.

This isn’t another shameless plug, but rather where I’m at right now. Things are coming up for clearing that I had imagined were long gone. With all the painful past memories, I’ve also remembered old passions. I used to be kind of a renaissance man.

So, I’ve been doing a great deal of introspection and soul searching as part of the 90 Day Habit Mastery Program. Was I born to tell gasoline truck drivers where to go all night? Abso-friggin-lutely not! Do you think there’s joy in that? Again, abso-smurfly not!

Here’s the dilemma. I have a family to provide for. Now I’m thinking, “hmm. Maybe my dear ol’ Dad was right.” Maybe I should leave all the childish things behind and get a grindy, boring, monotonous job that just wears my soul down hour by hour, day by day, month after trudgerous month, year after unfulfilling year until I retire or die. Sounds great, right? My entire worth is in my paycheck.

Oh no. Lack mentality kicks in. What do I do without that check? What do I do if I get canned? Why can’t I up and quit without something else lined up? What would become of me?

Okay, I’m not totally daft. They’re called “loved ones” for a reason. It’s not lack, fellow lightworkers. It’s safe. Maybe too safe, keeping the old, monotonous grind job. But, if LoA is as awesome as all the gurus say, I can stay put AND still attract better. Right? Well, we’ll see. Money *does* light me up, technically.

I mean, think about it. Turn me loose with a large budget. See what happens. Bills get paid. Sounds rudimentary, but think about it- some of those bills have living people with families on the other end. Sweet! Helped then out today.

Money is a good thing! Damn right I’m excited! Theatre- productions need backing. And facilities, lights, set, and props aren’t free. Bicycles cost money. Minis? Paint? No budget concerns? Woohoo! Books. Omg books and books… Yeah. Money is cool.

So what lights me up most? Ya know. I’m still not sure. I’m looking around right now. I’m digging deep. (Thanks @lauraldibenedetto.) And I’ll let you know. If anyone has any suggestions, please send me a message. I have a long list of “no’s,” but you might be surprised what gets a “yes.”

Self Improvement

It’s not about “shadow” work. It’s about doing meaningful inner work on myself.

90 Days. Six Habits. One big goal. Laura DiBenedetto has become a friend, a mentor and someone I really look up to. If you follow me on social media, or listen to me in general, you may have heard me mention the program a time or two. As you may have also heard, I take this program very seriously.

I have kind of a colorful past. It might not look that way on paper, but I have been around the block a time or two. We all have in one way or another. I’ve made my share of stupid mistakes. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of. I’ve made some pretty awful choices in life. I could still turn to the dark side with some of the things I know (*But I won’t!) I’ve focused on some things in the past that I regret. I’m not going to dwell on my pile of screw-ups here.

On the other hand, I’ve done some things I can be pretty proud of. If you go by strictly matrix terms, I have a decent job. I’m college educated. I have a wife and four boys. Like the song says, “Life’s been good to me so far.” Right?

Like most American families, we fell right into the grand plan. We’re mortgaged to the proverbial hilt. We’ve got credit card debt, loan debt, student loan debt, and a messy heap of bills to pay. I know. Money isn’t a value. But it sure would be helpful sometimes.

Enter spiritual awakening in the midst of all this. I mentioned a matrix earlier. Whether you believe it’s like the movie The Matrix, or it’s just a staggering set of values and principles we are indoctrinated into from day one there is a matrix. But there’s a much bigger, much brighter world out there. There’s a world of love and light, friendship and fun out there.

Why am I slaving away at a job I don’t like? Why am I living in a city I’ve never been fond of? How did I get here? Who the heck am I again?

Let’s get deep. How do I define “me?” Am I the sum of my job title, my college degree, my earnings and my family? Is that the same thing as love and light? Is that the experience I signed up for in this lifetime? I’m not sure any more. Who am “I?”

I see a lot of beautiful women in the spiritual community talking about “shadow work” and all this just awful, dark, deep, emotional stuff. And a vast majority of them only seem to want to work with women. I’ve lost a couple of friends over that last part, but I’ll get into that later.

I did a lot of looking into the Law of Attraction. Heck, Aaron Doughty, Victor Oddo, and Jake Ducey could be the long lost little brothers I never had. Esther Hicks could be my long lost grandmother. I’ve had my back and forth with LoA. But the question was always, “why?”

Laura got to ask me the why. She was surprisingly approachable despite being Fortune 500 quality and something I read about her working mostly with women. It was something I asked her about early on. Glad she didn’t hold that against me.

Now, for some reason, I got it into my head, that maybe there was just a formula to LoA that I wasn’t seeing. Maybe there was some super secret technique, that followed precisely in the right order, might make me totally rich. Maybe I just needed the right network? The right advice? I just want to get rich and pay everyone back, plant trees, make my family happy, and never worry about money again.

Laura totally deserves a medal because I used to bug her a lot with LoA questions. I’m pretty persistent when I want to be. Okay, all the time. Little did I know, I was asking the wrong questions. LoA still works, I think. Maybe just not the way I originally believed it did.

I still get big eyes when I see dollar signs. I think I inherited it from my Dad. He was always angling on some fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme. I’d like to think LoA goes well beyond money, and isn’t just a way to get rich quick. Which isn’t to say I don’t want to be rich, but I’m not blindly running at every dollar sign now. Especially not right now.

I titled this piece, “Self Improvement.” I learned, maybe the hard way, as I tend to do. What really matters in terms of spiritual awakening and really anything, is that doing that deep inner work is what is most important. Feeling my best is more important than anything else I’m ever going to do. If I can make me the best I can be, I can accomplish anything else. Suddenly it’s not “shadow” work. It’s the most important thing I’ll ever do for myself.

While I don’t want to reveal any proprietary information, I’m going to work Laura’s 90 Day Habit Mastery program. Six Habits. If I can master the Six Habits, the possibilities that follow are endless. I’m going to check back into this blog periodically to let you know how it’s going.

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