Life Update + more ETs

Can we all just please get along?

I feel like a I blinked and we jumped from the end of May all the way to the middle of June. My wife and kids went on vacation and came back. No kidding, my four days of bachelorhood were amazing minus the whole going-to-work thing. I live for the days of being my own boss. I won’t get off onto that rant, but I know what freedom feels like and fresh air smells like. I’m ready.

What does it look like from above, peering down onto these humans? The ETs, our spirit guides. angels, and the rest of our family of light must look down on this planet in shock and wonderment at all the extremes humans are capable of doing to one another. I’ve been somewhat hung up on it lately, myself.

Let me give you an example of the rabbit hole I fell into. Last time I posted about how my friends in Israel and here in the states are being subjected to some serious hate right now for what’s been happening in the world. But there’s a catch. I have friends in Iran, Nigeria, and Pakistan, too. Some of my friends are Jewish. Some of my friends are Muslim. I have friends who are devout Christians. I’m even down with some Pagans. (Not to be confused with Satan worshippers.) As I’ve said before, as long as no one is hurting someone, we’re okay. That having been said: Do you know how hard it is to sit down at a table with ALL of these factions at the same time?

Then flip to Twitter. And yes, I realized that particular platform has no end of venom spewing forth from it. I’m a big fan of #UFOTwitter. One of my favorite people on there is @PostDisclosureWorld, aka Ryan Reynolds, aka UFO Jesus because he has a very good take on Disclosure and his YouTube channel is fabulous. We don’t always agree on everything, but I listen to him very intently. He’s big on Lue Elizondo. I’m a huge Dr Steven Greer fan. Most of the time, we can meet in the middle.

But both of the examples I have provided demonstrate why we’re maybe not ready for full-on ET contact and/or government Disclosure. Humans are embroiled in 3D conflict daily. It’s not even physical conflict. We literally just seem to have trouble coming to a consensus about a lot of things.

I can almost guarantee if I went on any given internet forum right now and said something simple like, “I like chocolate.” Somebody else will pipe up with, “How dare you! Vanilla ice cream is far superior!” Followed by, “Strawberry is the only way to go. You’re racist and your mom’s a… ” Umm. I didn’t say “ice cream.” Although that does sound good right now. Honestly, sometimes I like Cinnamon Fried Ice Cream. Chocolate or Vanilla. I’m not really picky.

So if an ET is looking in and sees us acting all crazy, can you really blame that being for wanting to use extreme caution around humans? Yes, our higher selves might connect and agree on just about everything. But down here? Oof. People make me cringe sometimes at the absolute depths they’re willing to go to hurt one another. We won’t even get into war, protests, or going to jail.

Lots more to come. Please spread peace, love and light wherever you may roam.

UFO/UAP Discussion Part 2.


First, a brief glossary:
Unidentified Flying Object (UFO): Pretty much what it sounds like. There’s a thing in the air and we don’t know what it is, exactly.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: There’s something going on in the air, and we have no idea what it is. Could also include certain types of weather effects. Really it’s just a re-skinned name for UFO created by military and intelligence agencies to reduce the stigma.

Unidentified Submerged Object (USO): There’s something in the water and we don’t know what it is exactly.

AATIP- Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program: The United States Pentagon’s program to classify and identify UAP.

Transmedium vehicle: A vehicle capable of traversing water and air.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss a little.

In our modern global culture we have developed kind of a stigma around the term, “UFO.” First, it is most often associated with “them aliens.” Second, it usually indicates the person who saw said is of questionable mental health (to the public.) Last, if there is a prosaic explanation, which there almost always is, it’s swamp gas trapped in a weather balloon, a spot on the lens, or a bug flying by the camera. I’ve heard other hyperbole as mundane explanations, but the list goes long and pointless.

Let’s talk about the most basic assumption one can make. “It’s them aliens.” To which I almost always say, “Not necessarily.” Unidentified means we don’t know what it is. A lot of UAP are simply misidentified aircraft, drones, satellites or the planet Venus. Which is not to say it’s not some sort of extraterrestrial or interdimensional presence, but the likelihood decreases or increases depending on the location, time of day and some other phenomena present.

My best advice if you see something odd in the air at night is to watch it closely. Does it move in a straight line or change course. Most modern aircraft, even military aircraft, are incapable of high speed turns at sharp angles without injuring the pilot or wrecking the craft. Balloons float at a constant speed. Satellites move in a straight line or arc. Wildlife tends to stay aloft for shorter periods of time. Meteors and flares move in a fairly straight line and burn out. Aircraft and drones usually make noise. However, if you see a ball of light and it just hovers before moving away at high speeds? You might want to contact MUFON or some similar agency.

Another thing you can attempt, if you see an object in the sky, at your own risk, is to try to make contact either through mundane means or telepathically. You can try signalling it with a flashlight, laser pointer or the light on most phones. (Okay, DO NOT point the laser directly at the object. Just sayin…) Try signalling in 3, 6, 9, or rhythmically. Then wait to see if you get any sort of response.

Telepathically? Yes, I’m very serious. It’s been done be researchers and regular folk alike. First, calm your mind a little bit. Then, in your head, state peaceful intent to make contact. Last, ask the craft to glow more brightly or move in a pattern if it can hear you. I know it sounds a bit crazy to some, but it has been known to work.

Researcher Grant Cameron calls this, “The Wow Factor.” Basically, the ETs piloting these craft want to be seen so we know they’re still around. They want us to believe in them so they put on a little show.

There is a good chance it is an ET craft if you experience any or all of the following phenomena: Electronics suddenly going completely dead or having their battery drained. This happens around ET experiences, crop circles, and hauntings quite often. Or sometimes electronics will act strange or random- phones start dialing random people, computers display bizarre lines of code, TVs and radios suddenly tune to random stations, possibly static. Also, if you experience what is called missing time, there is a good chance the unidentified object was otherworldly. I’ll discuss this more in depth in the next post in this series.

You can also sometimes tell if the craft was otherworldly by talking to neighbors or others who saw the same thing. You can check for aircraft and satellite activity on the internet. Sometimes other aircraft suddenly showing up out of the blue can indicate that maybe whatever it is has another explanation outside of the mundane.

In another article, we’ll dive deep into the subject of whether the ETs are here for benevolent reasons or more sinister purposes. It truly varies enough to warrant a discussion unto itself. Are the UAP’s themselves a threat? Most often they are not. It’s just something in the air and we don’t know what it is. Sometimes we get answers and sometimes we don’t.

It’s not just some crazy conspiracy theory to see something in the sky and not know what one is looking at. Nor is it something to run and be afraid of. My opinion and advice are that we should approach these unknown visitors, regardless of what they may be, with curiosity and kindness.

Keep looking up. Stay safe. Have a lovely weekend.

UFO/UAP Discussion

This is my own (intentionally bad) fake UFO photo

The above photo took me about 15 minutes to make in 3D Paint. It was done to look intentionally fake and should not be mistaken for the real thing- ever. But I wanted to get the ball rolling. If I really put some time and effort into it, could I have created something that looked like a real UFO? Yeah. Shockingly, It’s not as hard to do as one might imagine.

I will say those of us who have been following the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) or UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) field for enough years are able to spot a fake, even if it’s not real. There are plenty of them out there. Many use 3D CGI effects and rendering to look ultra realistic. If someone wanted to, they could even put the photo or video against an night backdrop to make it even harder to distinguish. Now, there are plenty of Hollywood professional and amateur photo analysts who can still pick out a fake.

Many may be asking, “But Jeff, why would I fake a UFO picture?” There are a few main reasons for doing this. Let’s outline some below:

Some folks do it for the attention. “Hokey Smokes! I’m on the Nightly News!”

Some do it to make the legitimate UFOlogists look stupid, “Ha ha… You guys are all suckers! UFOs aren’t real.”

Others still do it, crazy though it might sound, to further increase the believability in the phenomenon. It’s kind of the boy who cried wolf in the hopes a real wolf, coyote or fox would show up.

Still others might do it to intentionally fuel the debunkers. This is similar to the ones who want to make Ufologists look stupid, only they’re working for someone who has an agenda- government or corporate.

It might be done to take attention away from a legitimate phenomenon. I work for Corporation X. We’re testing a brand new experimental high-speed drone. I want everyone looking in the sky over a particular region. I leak fake photos to the local and possibly even the Associated Press to get everyone to go look at the skies over Phoenix, AZ while we fly the real drone over Grumm Lake, NV. Now even the skeptics are scratching their heads as to which ones are real.

To royally mess with the UFO/UAP community on social media. This is sort of a new one, but sadly, I’ve been seeing it more all the time. It gets all of the “Crankypants Twitfologists” as George Knapp famously called them, freaking out on #UFOTwitter over said photos, fake or real, for days on end. We keep hearing, “There’s big news coming!” in Ufology, and then… yeah. Sometimes disappointment. Then we all groan and go back to waiting in vain for the ETs to land on the White House Lawn.

Conversely, some might do it to try to increase their credibility within the exact same crowd on #UFOTwitter. I know of a few individuals who have been known to do this. >cringe!< Then we urge everyone to use their discernment. Tis sad, but it happens.

There are a lot of other, (some legitimately kooky,) reasons for faking a UFO sighting, but I covered most of them. “But what if I just wanted an A+ in my special effects class?” Well, great. I hope that works for ya.

Photo by willbot studios on

In Part 2, we’re going to discuss the word, “Unidentified,” and what it means to this discussion because it’s super important. Too often we hear UFO or UAP and some of us automatically jump to, “It must be ‘them aliens!'” When that is actually the furthest thing from the truth.

Let’s Talk About ETs

I’m a being, you’re a being. It defines existence without getting too specific.

Illustration by Jeff Craigmile.
Appears to be the stereotypical Grey “alien.”

This is a BIG issue right now, and getting bigger every day. Are we being visited by intelligences from somewhere from not-Earth? Let me put it this way: THEY NEVER LEFT!!! Earth is literally a cosmic melting pot of different races, species, and beings from all over the Universe.

The Earth is a 4D physical plane of existence, true. Bear in mind, she is also layered in dimensions, somewhat similar to an onion of unseen dimensional realities and planes of being. Then we travel into outer space, which spans an infinite number of light years in every direction. There are billions upon billions of stars with their own systems of planets, and each planet can have any number of moons and habitable satellites. Are we humans really so arrogant as to believe we are the only life in the Universe?

Now, this whole issue is one of my main foci in life and I have a LOT to say about it. Far more can be said than I can get into in one article. I’ll try to confine myself to some of the basics to define context that I work with.

Let’s discuss nomenclature first. I don’t say, “aliens.” It’s not accurate or nice, really. I prefer the term extraterrestrial or interdimensional being or just beings. I’m a being, you’re a being. It defines existence without getting too specific. Not every being necessarily has a name for itself that we would understand in English or any other Earth language. Some just identify as “I am” and that’s probably even a stretch to say for the higher dimensions that could contain an amalgam or collective in one form.

The second term I work with often, and it’s far more delicate is “abduction.” I prefer to say, “experience,” “interaction,” or “contact.” Likewise, I don’t see people as “abductees” so much as experiencers or contactees. There are a lot of differing opinions in both the Ufology and spirituality communities over the nature of extraterrestrial life and how to best address those who have had experiences with otherworldly beings.

That brings me to the next delicate subject. Are the beings we interact with demons? There are some who fervently insist that because religious doctrine and centuries old dogma say any sentient being that isn’t identifiable as a human must be some sort of angel, demon, or djinn. Possibly some other monster, but it usually boils down to, “demon.” I call utter b.s. on the whole demon theory. Are there demons? Possibly. Are all ETs “demons?” Absolutely NOT!

Are all otherworldly beings benevolent? Here’s how I see it- We are all ONE. Eventually we all return to the same Source. We all answer to the same God. We are ALL part of the same Universe. If there are negative entities, they eventually answer to the same Creator as all of us. I firmly believe at a higher level of existence, conflict simply ceases to be an issue. Fourth dimensional and lower consciousnesses do still argue, fight, feud and even go to war with one another. With the trillions of potential races of beings, duality and separation is common. Various ETs probably have varying attitudes and beliefs the same way humans do.

As to how these beings arrive on Earth is another story. I’ll talk more about that in another article very soon. UFOs or UAP as they are now referred-to officially are a hot topic currently. Good grief, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Take care. Stay safe. I’ll be back soon.

Keeping it Simple

Just Be with the moment you find yourself in, with the people near you, in the place where you are. Feel the love.

Hi All,

I’m still around. We celebrated our third son’s birthday today. He’s 10 now. I’m feeling somewhat astonished.

I would love for the galactics, angels or somebeing to explain exactly how linear time is supposed to work. I feel like I blink and 20 years are just gone. Ten years are just gone. I know we spend a lot of it in survival mode, but then some of those survival moments seem like an eternity. Yet some of the truly beautiful ones are gone in a flash. Aren’t we here for the experience? Can’t we just enjoy the good experiences?

So, today, I just chose Presence in the form of spending time with my family. My wife has requested that I avoid sharing family photos on social media and that’s cool. Sorry, internet fam. But the point remained the same. I didn’t even have my phone on me for most of the day.

Now, why did I capitalize Presence? Two reasons, actually. One is I still make an effort to be mindful of The Six Habits. Presence being one of the more challenging ones to master.

The other is more of the Eckhart Tolle sense of the word. I know it’s a big concept, and yet so simple to grasp. But the Creator/God/Source can be found in the simple, quiet moments in life. It’s amazing what you can pick up when you spend more time listening than scrolling on your phone, talking about something like work, or watching some other screen go by. (Nintendo is the most popular choice here, currently.) But seriously, there is a unified consciousness field that can really be felt when our family (physical or otherwise) is all present in one moment together. I think it’s proof that the Greater Presence exists in all of us.

Love you all. Stay safe. See you again soon.

Laura DiBenedetto’s The Six Habits.

Back to the Blog

Nothing too serious. Just checking in after a hiatus.

Just a quick update. I’m off my regular job tonight. Were it not for this migraine, pain, and brain foggy fun I would be in the office. I have a lot on my mind. Not fear or worry, just lots to think about as always. One thing I’m trying to figure out is the right length and number of graphics for this blog. I want to keep it engaging but still get all the thoughts to the page.

Contrary to what I posted in earlier articles, I’m giving some degree of consideration to going on Patreon. With my job situation still looking ever so tenuous, I’m looking at new or even old exciting ways to keep my family fed. My wife’s number crunching on what it would take for us to make me a stay-at-home dad continually reminds me unemployment might not be a good plan. I recently heard a podcast that said we shouldn’t dwell on survival/fear/lack mentality, though. Which is really easy to say when you obviously make more than enough to get by on and don’t have four kids to feed. (Not that I’m bitter…)

Otherwise, I’m still healthy. My doctor hasn’t managed to chase me down and vaccinate me for the Icky Cough-Coughs yet. Although I suspect she is colluding with my wife into doing just that. Everything is going reasonably well, I guess. Baseball season is starting for the kids. That will be nice this year.

Hope you’re doing well if you’re reading this. I sincerely plan to be posting more. I have a handful of articles I’m going to be putting out in the next few weeks and a push toward my YouTube Channel. See you soon.

Reality Whole or a Hole in Reality? (The Time-Space Question)

The last few days have really had me questioning reality as we understand it. Nothing political, mind you, as for many it has been focused that way. I didn’t vote for the guy, either way. (Yes, I voted…) Here, you want something to bend your noodle? What if all the confusion over this election is because we split reality timelines as it happened? One one Earth, they elected President SCPN. (You can use your imagination as to what that is short for.) On this Earth, we re-elected the same guy.

On New Year’s Day, everything goes wobbly in the time stream. People soon after stormed the capitol on this Earth. Strangely, I heard nothing about it until the next day, almost as if it never happened. Admittedly, I don’t watch mainstream media any more, so I might have missed a beat. BUT, I do poke on Google a couple times per day to look stuff up. When 9/11 happened, it was everywhere. When a war breaks out? It’s everywhere. Oil prices drop suddenly, somehow I hear about it the same day a lot of times even on my days off. We have a riot that nearly starts an armed rebellion in this country? Dead silent almost the whole day until my wife mentions it in passing.

But is everything the way we’ve always been led to understand it? I’ve had my share of Mandela Effect experiences. It’s comparable to taking a shower fully clothed and suddenly stepping out fully dry and ready to hop into the shower and nary a minute has passed. Or another analogy is it’s like lucid dreaming, while you’re awake and then it never ends. Folks, if you think me talking about this stuff is nuts, wait til you hear the extradimensional/extraterrestrial stuff. People have been locked up for less and I still have a lot to say.

There’s a channel on YouTube called Reality Check. I started watching it mostly because of the drama revolving around Corey Good and David Wilcock which we won’t get into here. My friend who I bumped into doing some research into Mr Goode’s veracity said, “Go check out Jay Weidner. He’s got a lot of good information on this stuff.”

Not only can Jay prove that a couple people in UFOlogy are talking out of their butts, but he also has a lot of fascinating information about ETs, alternate dimensions, NASA, some non-ET related stuff and the very nature of reality itself. I’m confident Jay’s done a lot of research. Here’s the link for his channel: Reality Check with Jay Weidner. I know I follow a lot of credible researchers on YouTube and I’m getting ready to talk about a few more of them when I dive deep into the ET topic, but family, I kid you not, it’s all part of the bigger picture.

I was watching one of Jay’s more recent videos called “The Destruction of Memory.” Of course, I’m thinking, “Yeah, he’s right.” In fact, they even mentioned our Iowa Capitol Building, and I’m right there. Like, I literally live 10 minutes away. And the architecture on some of these buildings is massive! In fact Iowa is riddled with buildings with this massive almost gothic quality architecture that would take years just to lay the foundation and put together by modern standards. That’s where things stopped adding up for all of us. Jay, his guest, and I’m guessing most of the audience.

How do you put up a huge stone building dead center of the midwestern USA on dirt roads, using mostly horse-drawn carriages, during the 1800’s with a project requiring hundreds if not thousands of man hours by today’s standards with no artificial lighting, modern equipment in a few short years??? You can look up the photos from the Des Moines Register and Google the Iowa Historical Record and find all these photos. I’m not making this stuff up. Our modern Army Corps of Engineers would be pressed to do something of that quality that fast and get it right.

But it gets better! No one can really remember how they did it. Kansas City World’s Fair, the same thing happened. Massive stone buildings drop in the middle of the USA in a couple of years, only to be torn down just as fast when the fair ended. And no one remembers anything. Freakier yet, if you look at all these photos that were taken pre-automobile, there isn’t a single hitching post or horse to be seen anywhere.

Go further South in the USA. Where did all the huge stone and steel buildings used for asylums and hospitals come from? There are Gothic style buildings that simply look anachronistic and impossible to come up with at the time they were supposedly built with the materiale that would have been readily available at the time. To put it bluntly, some of these buildings just don’t make any sense as to how they got there or why.

I’ve lived in Iowa all my life. I’ve been in some pretty old buildings in rural Iowa. Some of them have really withstood the test of time remarkably well. In fact, some of them are just plain architectural marvels. But how did they get there, and who built them? I’m not sayin, “It was them aliens,” but there’s a lot more going on with our history than we have been led to believe. I’ll come back to this in the future, assuming it exists as such.

My brain hurts now. Time for a break. lol…

This Article is…

A lot of things, but maybe not the one I wanted to be writing at the present moment.

I came away from a meditation just now where I asked the angels, my spirit guides, the Ascended Masters, and even the Source of all Creation to go help those in need tonight. There are so many hurt, desperate, frightened people in this county (The U.S.) who need help right now, in this now moment. Not to diminish my own sovereignty, but my problems don’t amount to a hill of sh*t by comparison right now.

I think there are some folks in this country that have plum lost they damn minds, and that’s putting it mildly. If we thought 2020 had issues with race riots, look out, here comes election controversy round two? three? What round are we on again? This is ridiculous, family, seriously. PEACEFUL changes in leadership is why this country holds elections.

I’m not disclosing my voting record here, but I will say, I’ve voted for my share of winners, losers and guys who had no hope or prayer whatsoever of winning in this country. I’ve gone from raging social liberal to hardened conservative and now I’m extremely concerned for what is best for people well beyond any stereotype or label. I look back on the stuff I wrote many, many years ago when I thought social welfare was all that and capitalism was bad and I’m just thinking, “Dude, we need to talk.” I can’t really go back in time and slap myself unfortunately.

In a different example, my wife went to Urgent Care with a staph infection from this little blemish on her leg that blew up huge over the weekend. She’s got some pretty hardcore antibiotics and we’re keeping an eye on it, but… just damn. Ya know? Like, who’d have seen that coming? She’s gonna be okay, but in terms of perspective, it really is pause for me to think.

Now, I will say, I’m sitting on more than one article about UFOlogy and extraterrestrials that I am going to put out soon, maybe. I will ask who’d want to land on this planet or even this country with all the dumb stuff going on? Think about it. We’ve got half of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse already running amok and well on our way to the other two. (You get to figure out which are which. One could make a strong case with locusts and murder hornets for that third one.) Government Disclosure is one thing. Our Star Family coming to visit this planet right now? Heck, I’m not sure I want to live on this rock and this body was born on it. Yeesh.

I’m also sitting on an article revolving around my work situation right now. Long story short, it’s not looking too hot. I’m three drafts in on my two weeks notice and probably going to make it an open letter before it’s all said and done. I find myself working for the kind of people that my younger, very anti-McCorporate self would have been losing his damn mind over. I don’t want to embrace an old paradigm, but for once, old Jeff is right. Then again, that version of me didn’t have a family to look out for. There’s another issue we should stop and look at in all this.

All my life and especially now, I’ve had this war going between ideals and practicality. Ever notice what you should do and what you need to do maybe don’t always match up? Now that I’m more in tune with my spiritual self having a physical experience, it seems like a never-ending war of duality and separation. It’s maddening, sheer bedlam, the things humans do and say to each other. The “Matrix” that we have constructed for ourselves around money, job, and family for so long no one can remember anything else is just so confining.

How many times have I heard the following:
Don’t do something you want to do because you need to be responsible and feed your family.
Don’t quit that job you hate because you’ll starve in the street.
Don’t pursue theatre, art, writing, or role playing games because there’s no money in it.
Just keep suffering through this job until you go find another one (that will suck just as bad if not worse…)
Don’t follow your dream of working for yourself. That’s bound to fail.
If you were going to be a millionaire, you’d have done it by now.
Get a good education so you can get a good job, even though there are plenty of folks who have done better with less. Oh, and continue struggling with that student debt after you find out your degrees are absolutely useless…

Too close to home on a few of those? Yeah, probably. I’m grateful I have a car, a home, and a job so my family can eat. That’s true. This lifetime, at least I’ve had some good circumstances. And I don’t begrudge anyone for doing better. That’s not the point. The point is, there are multiple sides to every issue. It’s not just A or B or even Z.

What really gets me right now is that after thousands of years of alleged evolution and supposed enlightenment, the human race is still a cosmic trainwreck. Peace, prosperity and joy really should be our top priority. We don’t need to stomp all over someone else to get that done. Thousands of years of learning what ideals look like and we’re still literally hitting one another over the head to solve differences in opinion, screwing each other over for profit, and living in miserable squalor because one person refuses to help another out.

As a final side note, I don’t know if something astrological happened, but everything and it’s karmic dog has been coming up for me to clear these last two weeks. Ever feel like the Universe has just taken to smacking you around for funsies? Every aspect of my life has literally come into focus at some point. It’s almost depressing how many things I thought I had overcome and still need to work out again. Again? I don’t know about you all, but I really want to see a light at the end of this particular tunnel. Even saying, “I don’t know,” is considered to be giving away one’s own sovereignty. But what happens if you really don’t know?

Onward and upward, I suppose.

Brief Life Update

I’m still here in reasonably good health and good spirits. Maybe a little tired.

The ET article is still in the process of being written. I just wanted to jump on and say hi and say I’m doing okay. It’s been kind of a bumpy year. Heck, it’s been kind of a bumpy four days. I had a list of about 10 things to do on my day off. Got maybe two or three of them done. Yeesh.

It’s kind of sad to say I’ve been holding down the couch for three days, but it’s true. Usually I hold down the couch for the first night of my four nights off. Mostly due to fatigue, some due to pain. The problem is, I’ve just spent four nights fatigued and a little in pain.

Last year’s photo, but other than my beard being a little longer, not much has changed.

My beloved friends that are hardcore into fitness are probably shaking their heads. I love ya. Some days, I can’t even go for a walk. It’s not easy when everything hurts all the time and I feel like I’m dragging a brick behind me strapped on with heavy logging chains with a five year old sitting on it. I will have kids in tow for about another 13 or 14 years? Yeesh.

No lie, family. I’m tired. Chasing these kids takes a lot out of me.

I know others have done it. Keeping the bill collectors at bay and feeding four kids plus two adults isn’t easy, but it’s doable. I get that we chose this on multiple levels. But, honestly, would I have chosen differently had I known?

Anyway, happy holidays! I hope your stocking is full of goodies. May your figgy pudding be as delicious as it sounds. Enjoy the fruitcake and eggnog while you can.

Stay safe. See you again soon.

I Am Among You

I’m not really talking about this adorable little video game that my kids are all playing these days, but I wanted to get the reference in there. Is there even a gray dude in this game? (asking for a friend.) Image c/o Among Us Wiki.

I’m not an imposter. Yes, really! Please don’t vote me off the, uh… ship? Or wherever.

Despite my cartoonish antics at times, I am the real deal. Although lately, I have to say, I wonder if I am an imposter of sorts. Do you know there’s actually a syndrome for that? No real surprise. I mean, there’s a syndrome or a disorder for almost everything, right? But yes, there is this thing called, “Imposter Syndrome.” Also not related to the video game, sadly.

I sort of knew what it was before the other day. In LoA and spiritual circles, there is a degree of overlap with plain old psychology. That’s something I took plenty-of in college, and sociology, along with journalism. It’s not all that new of a term, but it comes up a lot when one starts experiencing an awakening or a lot of success manifesting one’s desires. It’s enough to leave one scratching their head.

As always and with anything, I highly encourage you to do your own research. I am not claiming to be a psychologist. Part of being genuine is knowing when to admit you don’t know everything. There are tons of experts out there. I’m happy to point you toward them.

How did I get here? Do I belong? Am I really doing this thing or did I imagine it? Is any of this real? Should I be doing this at all? These are the types of questions associated with being in the imposter mindset.

Hey! Guess what? I’m a writer and I’m writing. Other than my occasional grammatical and sentence structure flubs, I’m for real trained to do this thing that I’m doing right now. Of course, so is a college or even high school drop-out. (And lots of love and respect for you if you did. You caught onto their little game long before I did. Bravo!) If you can put readable sentences into an editor, you can blog. It’s not super hard.

Next week’s lesson- artwork. Good ol WordPress tried to sell me a course on blogging this last week. I thought the idea was cute. For $50 I can go and invalidate everything I learned about journalism, web design and layout or brush up on it, maybe. Yay for continuing to learn, I suppose.

Guess who almost voted himself off the ship this week?
(Thanks for the image, Bitmoji.)

Funny thing about diplomas. Elon Musk was quoted as saying, “All college is good for is proving you know how to do your chores.” Jake Ducey echoed that statement. Jake did drop out of college. He’s a millionaire now, and doing things that inspire me to do what I do.

So, all that time I put in getting a diploma means what?

I know how to jump through hoops well enough to get a AA in Liberal Arts and a BA in Journalism and Sociology. (Double major.) But does that make me not-an-imposter?

For the first time since I started this blog, I feel like I got some serious recognition. Which, all I wanted to do from the beginning was get my opinions out there. I never thought my own fear of success would trip me up. And it did. I had a major case of imposter syndrome rolling earlier this week, even tonight before I sat down to write.

Holy sh*t! Am I really supposed to be here? Are my opinions valid? Should I be talking about spirituality, Law of Attraction, UFOs, extraterrestrials and extradimensionals? Am I qualified?

Heck YES!!!

Now, honestly, I have not spent years in the field doing research like my heroes, Richard Dolan or Linda Moulton Howe. My spiritual awakening came more recently, so I’m not as experienced with being a lightworker as Anna Brown or Shane Hawk. (Links to their YouTube channels below.) I’m not a LoA expert like Jake Ducey or Aaron Doughty, although at this point, they feel like long lost brothers. (Links down below.) In terms of inspirational leaders, I’m not Laura DiBenedetto or Sharyn Leanna (Links below, too.) BUT, they’re not Jeff Craigmile. I’ve learned from all of them. And we’re here on this plane to uplift one another. Now it’s time for me to start giving back. Let’s do it!

I’m not here to regurgitate all of their info and they’re not here to quote me. But I am going to start dropping even more of my opinions and these folks along with so many others have helped shape those opinions. (Permission already granted if they do want to quote me…) Lots of love. Please go check all of them out. That said, I AM SO HAPPY TO KNOW AND SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR THEM AND ALL OF MY EARTHLY TEACHERS!!! Thank you!

And last, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! I appreciate and have so much love for all of my readers, whether we agree or not. Thank you!

Ufology Superstars:
Richard Dolan: Start here: Richard Dolan on Wikipedia
Linda Moulton Howe: So many possible references… Linda’s website is

Two beautiful souls I have learned so much from:
Anna Brown on YouTube:
Anna can also be found on Instagram @annaebrown7

Shane Hawk, the Spirit of the Cosmos, who has taught me so much, can be found on YouTube at: The Spirit of the Cosmos. Or on Instagram: @thespiritofthecosmos

Two of my absolute favorite Law of Attraction gurus:
Jake Ducey: or on YouTube: Jake Ducey
Aaron Doughty on YouTube: Aaron Doughty or on Instagram: @aaron_doughty44

Last but not least by any means, two amazing ladies that I look up to all the time:
Laura DiBenedetto: The Six Habits or look for The Six Habits on Amazon.
Sharyn Leanna on YouTube: Sharyn Leanna

My next article is going to be a deeper dive into the world of extraterrestrial contact, a subject I have been super long getting back to. Til then, stay safe. Love ya.

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