New Daily Intention

I hereby affirm and intend to post at least one article to my blog every day. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

One of the absolutely best pieces of advice I have every received was from Prof Kathleen Richardson at Drake University. It was very simple. Write for 20 minutes every day. No matter how basic or insignificant it might seem,

That can mean journaling, an actual report, paper or document, or just journaling. But the limit is 20 minutes, no interruptions. No distractions. Even if it’s just a brain dump. I’m going to apply that to this blog.

Which is not to say I’m planning to spout gibberish or put out articles that make less sense than normal. It’s about developing a habit of presence. (Thank you @LauraDiBenedetto ) And truly, honestly I believe it is necessary if I wish to grow as a person and possibly build a professional practice.

Those who know me know I’m big on Law of Attraction. You see a lot of LoA stuff elsewhere on my page. New habit, new vibration, and a new pattern is needed. Which is far better than eat, sleep, work, kids, repeat ad nauseum.

Someone very wise once asked me what I want from LoA. It’s simple, really. I gave the exact wrong answer. I said, “money.” And then I was, uh, we’ll say redirected? Money isn’t a value. Try again.

Hmm… Why do I want money? (Which I still do, but that’s another conversation.) Well, it’s easy. I want a feeling of fiscal safety and security. Are you sure? Well…

Yes. Safety.

Okay, then what. You’ve got safety. Now what?

Fun. I mean, thinking back on it, I should have said that in the first place.

Okay, so why not just focus on the JOY and let the other stuff fill in its own blanks behind it?

That was like the “Aha” moment some people describe in spiritual circles. Of course she was right. And that’s sort of where I am now.

Truth be told, I’m probably still overthinking it. Still in old beliefs. Still trying too hard. Still struggling. But, the first step is recognizing it. Heh heh. Maybe I’m onto something.

Have a beautiful now moment. More later.

They’re Here and They’re Watching

In my prior article, I mentioned beings from “out there” watching all of us beings here on Earth. I should clarify. In the case of extradimensional beings, they’re already here in many cases. We can’t see them or touch them, but their reality overlaps with our own. If we’re talking about extraterrestrial beings, they have to reach Earth. Our best minds have hypothesized they are crossing to Earth through dimensional barriers.

What’s an “alien?” We don’t use that term for a reason. The Earth is actually a crowded place if you could see it. Remember, humans only see a small fraction of the visible spectrum. Beings probably look into our dimension and see us as clueless aliens because we’re in the middle of their living room and we don’t know it.

So, if God/Source/Universe is watching, presumably through the eyes of these other beings (ETs/Angels/ghosts, etc.) What do they see? Realizing that they are likely far, far more advanced in intelligence, consciousness, and socially, they’re probably shaking their heads for the most part.

Earth 2020 has to be the highest rated reality show in the history of existence. Well, as far as we know, but we can get into Earth history and time travel elsewhere. On one hand it’s high comedy and on the other, it’s deplorable tragedy.

Somewhere in all of this, the US government is hinting around about UFO/ET Disclosure. They’ve thrown out a few breadcrumbs in the form of the Nimitz Encounter and the Gimble video. Oh, maybe we have recovered “alien” craft. Maybe we have a few ETs stashed somewhere. President Trump has alluded to possibly giving up the goods.

I could go all day on this topic and why it’s so ridiculous. We already KNOW these beings are here. We have so much crash retrieval evidence and archaeological or historical evidence. The United States is behind the rest of the world in acknowledging these beings.

Back in my day, you were a nerd if you played Dungeons & Dragons and read comic books. The same can be said of UFOlogy. Now? It’s like you’re an outcast if you’re not into these things. Maybe I’m over-generalizing a little. But, it’s rapidly becoming mainstream again.

I’ll get into theirs versus ours in terms of unidentified craft at another time. but there are plenty of non-terrestrial vehicles spinning around the Earth. And those are just the ones we can occasionally catch a glimpse of. Think about the hundreds of orbs, craft, beings, and drones that are hovering around, observing humans right now as we speak. It’s staggering!

Next time we’ll get into the why of it as well. We’re actually not that boring as a civilization. Until then, stay safe and keep an eye on the skies! (And everywhere else.)

Dark Stuff

I took a break from social media recently. I didn’t look at Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Why? Well, part of being Awakened, (or “woke” as the kids say,} is dealing with your shadow and at the same time you become aware of some really dark stuff.

I believe in Kindness and Goodness. I’m aware that others are part of a greater consciousness, a greater whole. I don’t consider myself an empath, but I’m also not totally oblivious to the feelings of others. And some of what I see in the world, we NEED LOVE and PEACE. The question is always, “How?”

I know about the Illuminati. In my old Blogspot posts, I dissed them a lot. Since, I have learned about things that go way beyond just control of finance and media. I’ve learned about Satanic Cannibal Pedophile cults. And as a parent and a fairly sensitive person, I absolutely revile this notion.

I can only forgive and forget so much. And I’m telling you, family of light, this is the cutting edge of horrible. And when I pop onto social media and a lot of my very enlightened friends are all talking about Wayfair and Epstein? Yeah. Time to take a break.

I like videos of fluffy kittens and huskies. I love bunny rabbit videos. Heck, I will scroll though pics of gardens and trail hike videos. Yay nature/

So how the actual f*ck do some of these really unspeakable awful things happen? Crimes against humanity can not and should not be allowed to stand. Now, I won’t advocate violence against these “people.” (And believe me when I say I’d love to hunt these individuals down with enough firepower to commit a war crime.)

But, family, here’s the truth: God put this in our path, too. There will be a reckoning very soon. It’s a triggering event, to be certain. The evil will be exposed. The innocent will be saved and protected. There will be justice. The days of these political figures, musicians, Hollywood and news media are coming. It might be scary and shocking, but we’re going to get through this storm as well.

I won’t spiritually bypass this or ignore it. But I absolutely refuse to let it drag my energy down. I refuse to dwell on the nasty stuff out there. Sure, I could worry incessantly, freak out, demand justice, load up the gun, or talk about it at every opportunity. But what good does it do?

Knowledge of the darkness is there. I am returning to the I AM. And I have my own shadow, nothing overly serious compared to eating people, but it still needs to be taken care-of. Meanwhile, I have compassion and love in my heart for those who have passed and their innocent families. Hug my own kids a lot tighter. Yeah.

Go forth in love and light. Forgiveness is there for those who need it. We’ve got other things on our global plate than just Pizzagate. We have a plague and race riots to consider. There is so much healing we need to do and peace to make.

And next on our collective plate is the ET connection to literally ALL of this. Beings not even of the Earth are watching all the time… more next time.

Time to Kick Butt and Take Names!

I’ve been watching a certain YouTuber that I have had some issues with in the past. We don’t always agree. But lately, I’ve felt like I need to shake things up. It’s easy, so very easy to get complacent in this topsy turvy lockdown riot whackadoo world.

I’m somewhat guilty of sitting back. Maybe for too long. So, I’m going to offload my brain and see what happens for a few minutes. Some of this will have a positive, happy ending, some might not…

Spiritual Awakening was hard. And that was a couple of years ago. That’s not by accident. I think I was meant to awaken just before the greater whole. It’s easier for me to relate. We can all learn together, right?

No lie, I’m STILL struggling with the whole life purpose thing. I love what I’ve learned from Laura DiBenedetto. She’s amazing. The Six Habits really did change my life for the better. But I still wonder every day. Why am I here?

I’m not really afraid of death or much of anything else. I’ll stare down a Draco Reptilian and laugh. I mean, what’s he really going to do to me? The only thing that concerns me, and I don’t say “fear,” but what kind of legacy am I leaving?

Ya know? I want to be remembered for something, heck, anything. (I have a new rpg blog, as a side note.) But more importantly, I want someone to notice I did more than take up space. And I’m 48.

Now, the negative. I really, really hate my job. On so many levels, I don’t belong in a mc-corporate cubicle, putting money in everyone’s pockets but my own. I should be my own boss. I so strongly desire to be my own boss. Yeah, it’s egoic, but when you can feel it in your essence, it’s tough to deny.

But the hard part is when I have a family to feed, bills to pay, cats to obey unquestioningly (or so they think.) So, I can’t just drop everything and quit my job. Responsibility, right?

Let’s talk Law of Attraction for a minute. Oh noes, I had negative thoughts. Are my dreams coming crashing down around me or just moving slower toward me now? Hmm. Not sure about that. My vibe will bounce back. Sometimes just getting junk off my chest helps.

So does meditation. So do things I really enjoy. Sleep helps, when possible.

So, back to my title. I’m going to start publishing very regularly. possibly daily. I want to seriously get the word out there.

You’re not alone. You’re a being of love and light. Yes, there’s some disturbing stuff out there, but never fear. Never despair. We are all just hear to walk one another home.

Game On!

I’m trying this out. I’ve been a GM/Guide/DM/Judge for over 35 years. That long? Yikes! But I’ve been collecting, loving, writing, running, playing, eating, sleeping, drinking, and dreaming tabletop rpgs for many, many years.

So, I think I’m overdue to write about my gaming thoughts and gaming ideas. And by no means am I an absolute authority on all things gaming. Plenty of people might disagree. I’m not well-published yet, but I’ve been published. It will happen.

I took some serious time out. I have kids, wife, and three cats. There are some serious time issues there. Little League, swim meets, oh, and work… Who has time to play an rpg for 6 hours per night once per week?

So, old gamer guy moment. RPG’s are/were/ALWAYS will be my life! Never, ever give up on your dreams. I might not be Gary Gygax, but I’m going to be known. Keep watching.

We’re going to roll some dice and blow stuff up. Keep watching! Huzzah!

Where Attention Goes, ENERGY Flows.

Where your focus is, energy builds.

Where attention goes, ENERGY flows. I’m not sure who said it first, but it is so very correct.

Family, friends, fellow lightworkers, starseeds, others… You are probably aware of this nasty virus going around. The mainstream mass media is trying its best to whip everyone up into a frenzy of fear. “They,” the Illuminati, the reptilians and other negative entities want you to be afraid.

Please do yourself a huge favor- If the news, social media or any other media is bothering you, just turn it off. Walk away. Don’t tune to that channel. Turn off that feed. Put your phone down for a day. 

I’m not saying ignore the virus. Be sensible. Take care of yourself like you would any other day. Eat well, exercise, sleep, hydrate, eat your vitamins and say your prayers. Whatever you would do normally.

But imagine, instead of all of this focused attention went toward Kindness, Goodness, Presence, Awareness? What if instead of being afraid, we focus on love, understanding, mindfulness, and joy? Check out

We’re all going to get through this together, family. We’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna be great. Stand together in spirit. Stay in touch with one another. And please, lift one another up whenever possible. And please, please, be safe.

What lights me up?

I recently told a friend, “I don’t know if the lightbulb had come on yet.” And truthfully, I’m still not 100% certain. I’ve had a hand in so many things over the years. Some of them aren’t necessarily profitable or viable careers, but fun? Heck yeah!

Let me provide examples. All through high school and some of college, I did theatre. The stage was my life. I was building sets, designing lights, and memorizing lines. But, all of the older, wiser folks in my life convinced me “there’s no money in that.”

While I was in high school, I helped with various sports as an assistant coach/manager. I also did video work and photography. At one point I was even the guy in the mascot costume. And I carried the camera work all the way through college. I still love taking pics and making videos.

I’ll admit, I’m not much of an athlete. Yes, old , broken paradigm, I know. But I used to ride a 10 speed bike everywhere. I didn’t get a driver’s license until my 21st birthday. I grew up in Iowa, a state where towns are pretty spaced apart, but most small towns can be traversed by pedal power in 20 minutes or less. I know bicycling a little bit.

I was around for the early, early days of the Internet. I’ve always been fascinated with the world wide web. That’s something I still dabble in now.

I shadowed a reporter in 7th grade. (I don’t remember what grade exactly.) I thought newspaper work was cool. I learned newspaper work before we had computer aided layout. Line tape, straight edge, Exacto knives, and lots of glue. It seems primitive now. But master the old, hard basics and the new stuff is easy. Same with theatre lighting.

I loved art in school. I mixed a hobby- role playing games- with art in the form of miniatures wargaming. I love painting minis. I love sculpture period, regardless of size. I love paintings, too. Abstract is mutt favorite, but I can appreciate just about anything.

I mentioned role playing games. That’s how I became a sociology major, actually. I love small group interactions. I love talking to people one-on-one. Everyone has a story. As a side note, I always admired that about my dad, too. I love a good story.

I love crafting stories either with my fellow game “nerds” or by myself. Although gaming with friends gives me a better excuse to eat mad snax and roll lots of dice. There’s also mandatory hours of joking around after.

So, what is all this? I’m going through a period of deep self exploration. I’m learning to understand, accept, and love myself. My love of all things paranormal, especially UFO’s and ETs led to my spiritual awakening and revived my love of meditation and universal peace. Ultimately, it led to Laura Dibenedetto’s 90 Day Habit Mastery Program.

This isn’t another shameless plug, but rather where I’m at right now. Things are coming up for clearing that I had imagined were long gone. With all the painful past memories, I’ve also remembered old passions. I used to be kind of a renaissance man.

So, I’ve been doing a great deal of introspection and soul searching as part of the 90 Day Habit Mastery Program. Was I born to tell gasoline truck drivers where to go all night? Abso-friggin-lutely not! Do you think there’s joy in that? Again, abso-smurfly not!

Here’s the dilemma. I have a family to provide for. Now I’m thinking, “hmm. Maybe my dear ol’ Dad was right.” Maybe I should leave all the childish things behind and get a grindy, boring, monotonous job that just wears my soul down hour by hour, day by day, month after trudgerous month, year after unfulfilling year until I retire or die. Sounds great, right? My entire worth is in my paycheck.

Oh no. Lack mentality kicks in. What do I do without that check? What do I do if I get canned? Why can’t I up and quit without something else lined up? What would become of me?

Okay, I’m not totally daft. They’re called “loved ones” for a reason. It’s not lack, fellow lightworkers. It’s safe. Maybe too safe, keeping the old, monotonous grind job. But, if LoA is as awesome as all the gurus say, I can stay put AND still attract better. Right? Well, we’ll see. Money *does* light me up, technically.

I mean, think about it. Turn me loose with a large budget. See what happens. Bills get paid. Sounds rudimentary, but think about it- some of those bills have living people with families on the other end. Sweet! Helped then out today.

Money is a good thing! Damn right I’m excited! Theatre- productions need backing. And facilities, lights, set, and props aren’t free. Bicycles cost money. Minis? Paint? No budget concerns? Woohoo! Books. Omg books and books… Yeah. Money is cool.

So what lights me up most? Ya know. I’m still not sure. I’m looking around right now. I’m digging deep. (Thanks @lauraldibenedetto.) And I’ll let you know. If anyone has any suggestions, please send me a message. I have a long list of “no’s,” but you might be surprised what gets a “yes.”

Self Improvement

It’s not about “shadow” work. It’s about doing meaningful inner work on myself.

90 Days. Six Habits. One big goal. Laura DiBenedetto has become a friend, a mentor and someone I really look up to. If you follow me on social media, or listen to me in general, you may have heard me mention the program a time or two. As you may have also heard, I take this program very seriously.

I have kind of a colorful past. It might not look that way on paper, but I have been around the block a time or two. We all have in one way or another. I’ve made my share of stupid mistakes. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of. I’ve made some pretty awful choices in life. I could still turn to the dark side with some of the things I know (*But I won’t!) I’ve focused on some things in the past that I regret. I’m not going to dwell on my pile of screw-ups here.

On the other hand, I’ve done some things I can be pretty proud of. If you go by strictly matrix terms, I have a decent job. I’m college educated. I have a wife and four boys. Like the song says, “Life’s been good to me so far.” Right?

Like most American families, we fell right into the grand plan. We’re mortgaged to the proverbial hilt. We’ve got credit card debt, loan debt, student loan debt, and a messy heap of bills to pay. I know. Money isn’t a value. But it sure would be helpful sometimes.

Enter spiritual awakening in the midst of all this. I mentioned a matrix earlier. Whether you believe it’s like the movie The Matrix, or it’s just a staggering set of values and principles we are indoctrinated into from day one there is a matrix. But there’s a much bigger, much brighter world out there. There’s a world of love and light, friendship and fun out there.

Why am I slaving away at a job I don’t like? Why am I living in a city I’ve never been fond of? How did I get here? Who the heck am I again?

Let’s get deep. How do I define “me?” Am I the sum of my job title, my college degree, my earnings and my family? Is that the same thing as love and light? Is that the experience I signed up for in this lifetime? I’m not sure any more. Who am “I?”

I see a lot of beautiful women in the spiritual community talking about “shadow work” and all this just awful, dark, deep, emotional stuff. And a vast majority of them only seem to want to work with women. I’ve lost a couple of friends over that last part, but I’ll get into that later.

I did a lot of looking into the Law of Attraction. Heck, Aaron Doughty, Victor Oddo, and Jake Ducey could be the long lost little brothers I never had. Esther Hicks could be my long lost grandmother. I’ve had my back and forth with LoA. But the question was always, “why?”

Laura got to ask me the why. She was surprisingly approachable despite being Fortune 500 quality and something I read about her working mostly with women. It was something I asked her about early on. Glad she didn’t hold that against me.

Now, for some reason, I got it into my head, that maybe there was just a formula to LoA that I wasn’t seeing. Maybe there was some super secret technique, that followed precisely in the right order, might make me totally rich. Maybe I just needed the right network? The right advice? I just want to get rich and pay everyone back, plant trees, make my family happy, and never worry about money again.

Laura totally deserves a medal because I used to bug her a lot with LoA questions. I’m pretty persistent when I want to be. Okay, all the time. Little did I know, I was asking the wrong questions. LoA still works, I think. Maybe just not the way I originally believed it did.

I still get big eyes when I see dollar signs. I think I inherited it from my Dad. He was always angling on some fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme. I’d like to think LoA goes well beyond money, and isn’t just a way to get rich quick. Which isn’t to say I don’t want to be rich, but I’m not blindly running at every dollar sign now. Especially not right now.

I titled this piece, “Self Improvement.” I learned, maybe the hard way, as I tend to do. What really matters in terms of spiritual awakening and really anything, is that doing that deep inner work is what is most important. Feeling my best is more important than anything else I’m ever going to do. If I can make me the best I can be, I can accomplish anything else. Suddenly it’s not “shadow” work. It’s the most important thing I’ll ever do for myself.

While I don’t want to reveal any proprietary information, I’m going to work Laura’s 90 Day Habit Mastery program. Six Habits. If I can master the Six Habits, the possibilities that follow are endless. I’m going to check back into this blog periodically to let you know how it’s going.

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