1d12 Pocket Dimensions.

A demiplane filled with gravitational anomalies and (sometimes) floating rocks. The flora is globs of unintelligent algae or lichens floating about or stuck to things. The fauna are confusing amorphous blobs of semi-intelligent life. The place is as dangerous as it is confusing.

Maybe your Transwarp Drive malfunctioned, or a Portal spell went awry.

Roll 1d12 to see where you end up:

  1. Minor Hell. Lots of little demons. (They hate short jokes, btw.) Red skies and dark clouds. Fear is amplified.
  2. Red Desert. The sky is red, the sand is orange and it goes on in barren, windy desert for miles in every direction. Could there be something under the sand?
  3. Junk Rift: There are random heaps of trash everywhere from multiple different societies and tech levels. Everything from soup cans to wingnuts strewn about everywhere. Where did it come from?
  4. Paraelemental Pocket of Lightning: Dimly lit, very cloudy smells of ozone, the surface is like glass. At any given moment electrical bolts could strike. The creatures here must be very tough if there are any.
  5. Fey Forest: Everything here is vibrant and alive! There are birds and blooming flowers. Faeries and fuzzy animals abound. Forests and grasslands stretch endlessly. The sky is always sunny. Everyone seems very happy here.
  6. Upside Down World: A demiplane filled with gravitational anomalies and (sometimes) floating rocks. The flora is globs of unintelligent algae or lichens floating about or stuck to things. The fauna are confusing amorphous blobs of semi-intelligent life. The place is as dangerous as it is confusing.
  7. Psych-a-la-del-ica-la: A colorful place where things are very surreal, almost nonsensical. Has been known to cause mental and emotional instability in those who stay too long. Some never want to leave.
  8. Ethereal Cloud Layer: Upon entering, the traveller immediately begins falling. There are clouds, but nothing solid to grab onto. Luckily, an effect of this pocket dimension is the fall is slowed after a few minutes and does not increase beyond 30’/round.
  9. Brutal Barbaria: This place is full of carnivorous apex predators 10x larger and more powerful than regular lions, tigers, bears, velociraptors, etc. It is only slightly safer to travel on land during the day. Nights are far scarier and last about 16 out of 30 hour cycles. Most of the plants are poisonous or covered in thick spines. There are no signs of civilizations or intelligent life.
  10. Hexagon Lands: The sky is perpetually cloudy and there is no night time cycle. The “land” consists of gray, clear, yellow, green and blue plasticine hexes of the same size. some are linked in a straight line or formed into islands. All of the land masses are floating randomly at varying heights and seem to go on in every direction forever. There is no sign of naturally occurring flora. What could the fauna be?
  11. Greco-Romania: This plane is a giant cloud city that goes for miles in every direction. The goblins that rule this dimension seem to form a pantheon similar to those of Greece and Rome on Earth. Other goblins have wings similar to doves or eagles. It is very peaceful as long as the rules are followed.
  12. Iowa: Vast fields of grass, corn, or beans stretch in every direction as far as the eye can see. The only things sticking up in the distance are a few trees situated around a creek or pond. With a little luck, adventurers might find a small town. The most exciting feature is when UFOs come down at night to abduct the local livestock which are always returned the next morning. This pocket dimension is also a time loop wherein nothing ever really changes from one day to the next.

You discover an abandoned ship floating in space.

Roll 1d12 to see which version you’ve discovered.

  1. U.S.S. Cloudbreaker. The crew abandoned ship following an encounter with a time/space/dimensional anomaly. The engineers were forced to eject the warp core after the anomaly caused a matter/antimatter instability.
  2. Smurf Cloudbreaker: The crew are all 2 apples high and eager to explore space. The ship itself is made out of wood, mushrooms, cloth, and held together with magic. Captain and Papa Smurf ordered an abandon ship when Gargamel and Azreal cornered it in a pitched space battle.
  3. I.K.C Cloudbreaker: A fight broke out amongst the crew. The captain was honorably killed by one of the engineers and things devolved from there. It turns out a sentient ball of energy projected its emotions onto the crew, causing them to seek honor or death. It might be long gone.
  4. Space Hulk Cloudbreaker: A Tyranid outbreak on board forced the crew to defend themselves. Unfortunately, an accident with a Shokk Attack Gun projected Snotlings into the life support system. The end result was pretty messy.
  5. I.S.S. Cloudbreaker: This Imperial Star Destroyer was taking a group of Neimoidian prisoners and several experimental battle droids to a black site on a remote world when the prisoners broke free and activated the droids. The droids were the only survivors.
  6. The Correlon Cloudbreaker: Survived the initial Cylon assault on the colonies long enough to make the first jump with the fleet. Unfortunately, human-appearing Cylons vented the atmosphere, killing most of the occupants in the outer compartments. Fierce onboard fighting ensued until the last remaining cylons boarded the escape pods and ejected.
  7. Mining Colony Ship Cloud Breaker: Was doing okay until they found a strange egg while mining in an asteroid field. The captain was attacked by a creature that attached itself to his face. Later, the creature fell off on its own. At dinner, the captain had some sort of xenomorph burst from his chest. The beast then killed the rest of the crew and is still on board, along with a lot of eggs.
  8. TFTC Cloudbreaker: The unfortunate victim of an experimental Arachnid space mine. Infested with Arachnids. The bug presence will be pretty obvious upon scanning the ship.
  9. Bioship Cloudbreaker: This very strange craft is actually a living being. Currently no crew aboard save one being permanently fused with engineering. The engineer will be able to explain that the crew went down to the planet to observe a religious ritual and came back with a virus that killed all of them.
  10. Union Ship Cloudbreaker: This vessel is reminiscent of Earth vessels seen in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. Internal surveillance systems indicate the crew was grabbed by a freaky wormlike race for use in nefarious experiments.
  11. Spelljamming Ship Cloudbreaker: An astrogation error led to the crew running out of air and supplies. It’s messy and smells terrible on board. Otherwise salvageable. It’s got a very strange power source and jump drive compared to those used by technological societies.
  12. Space Freighter One! He’s not abandoned. He’s not even adrift. He was just observing one of his maintenance cycles when you bumbled into him. He’s a loveable intelligent starship and will gladly stay and chat about humon culture and society.

Enjoy. I hope you found these tables useful or even slightly amusing. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you all so much.

Sentient Beings in Hexcrawl 1d12 tables for Dungeon Crawl Classics

So, you’ve entered a new hex and civilization has been detected. Roll 1d12:

So, you’ve entered a new hex and civilization has been detected. Roll 1d12:

  1. Terrible News!
  2. Chaotic Inclined (Tyrannical Ruler.)
  3. Chaotic Inclined (From Another Realm.)
  4. Neutral
  5. Neutral (From Another Realm.)
  6. Neutral (Xenophobic.)
  7. Neutral (Welcoming.)
  8. Neutral (From Another Realm.)
  9. Neutral
  10. Lawful Inclined (Strict Ruler.)
  11. Lawful Inclined (From Another Realm.)
  12. Great News!

Explanation of Terms:

  • Tyrannical Ruler: Settlement is overseen by a devil, demon, dragon, lich, vampire or some other powerful monster. They will attempt to detain or even destroy outsiders
  • From Another Realm: Wherever these beings are from, they are not native to the current lands. Much like the village the group came from, strange pillars appeared all around the settlement and they woke up “here.”
  • Xenophobic: These beings might be willing to trade/negotiate/lend aid, but they are extremely wary of outsiders and might be considered hostile.
  • Welcoming: As the name suggests, these beings are happy to trade/negotiate/lend aid to outsiders with no second thought.
  • Strict Ruler: This settlement is lawful to a fault. It is ruled by a powerful (not necessarily kind) being who metes out strict punishment for breaking their laws. Could be any number of beings. (Judge’s choice.) Angels, dragons, sentient monsters of immense power, powerful wizards, possibly even a demon. Entry or negotiation with this settlement will likely involve adherence to all of their rules and regulations.
Terrible News!

The group has accidentally stumbled upon a settlement most creatures would tend to avoid. Extra time and care should be taken in passing through a hex with this result. The group will have to be very stealthy in order to avoid detection/destruction/capture.

  1. Demons! Obviously they are not native to the area, but they maintain a stronghold here and there are a lot of them.
  2. Dragon! This settlement is made up of like-minded dragons, dragonkin and their humanoid followers.
  3. Vampires: Safe during the day, minus the humanoids who are used as cattle. At night, it is not safe to go to sleep in this area. Many of the humanoids are sympathetic to the local vampire lords.
  4. Automatons: These beings look and act like regular humanoids. However, the ultimate goal of their creator is to extract information and conquer other settlements.
  5. Bandits: This settlement will take all of the visitors’ possessions and leave them to walk naked back to the next hex.
  6. Nuclear devastation! Whatever happened in this hex was not pleasant. Aside from mutants and irradiated flora/fauna, there is nothing stirring in this area. Whatever actual organized civilization was here is now extinct. Their buildings and irradiated “pets” remain.
  7. Dagon Worshippers: A cult dedicated to a member of the Great Old Ones has taken control of this settlement and formed a twisted theocracy. Join them, flee, or umm…
  8. You Hear Banjos: This matriarchal society is comprised mostly of cannibals. They consider men to be servants, breeding stock, or food.
  9. Necropolis: This settlement is very clean and very old. All of the beings within are ancient and presumably wise. They are, however, quite un-dead. They would love to add to the population.
  10. Dimensional Conquerors: These beings came from somewhere across the vastness of space and dimensions to raise an army and take over the rest of the region.
  11. Giants! This one will be obvious the closer the group gets to the outside of the settlement. There are giants afoot.
  12. Complete anarchy! Whatever happened prior to the group’s arrival has left panic and disorder in the streets. Lootings, chaos and violence are everywhere. It’s every living thing for itself. Just when it looks like things are quieting down, the temporal loop resets and it starts all over again.
Chaotic Inclined:

(We know complete chaos wouldn’t form an actual settlement, but these beings have aligned under a banner of similar goals and philosophies.)

  1. A single, powerful dragon has kept order and ruled for a couple of centuries. Failure to serve the crown may find one eaten or well roasted.
  2. Fel Gnomes: These primarily subterranean beings aren’t exactly known for their hospitality. They are more likely to loot interlopers and tie them out to bleach in the sun.
  3. Servants of the god of wine and song: This primarily human settlement travels regularly. They normally wish no ill will on anyone, but do have to pay for their wild lifestyle somehow. Those who encounter this settlement may be fleeced of their wealth, rations, and trade goods through more subtle means.
  4. Fanatical zealots! Roll 1d12 on the Gods of Chaos Table. This theocratic society is ruled by a high priest insisting on strict rules and constant sacrifices or taxes paid to the church. Failure to follow the deity in question may lead to dire consequences.
  5. Aelves: These are not the elves from the home realm the group came from. They are taller, muscular and far more warlike. They will negotiate safe passage and possibly trade IF they think there is advantage in doing so.
  6. Orcs: These will be run of the mill orcs per the rulebook. They may or may not tolerate the party of explorers who encounters their settlement. Consider the settlement to be a large band including a boss and a witch doctor.
  7. Reptile Men: Similar to Serpent Man entry in the rulebook. Humanoid body with the head of a Gila monster or similar lizard. Not from the group’s home plane. Mostly hostile toward interlopers, but may be willing to trade or negotiate if they have a distinct advantage. Or, they might just try to kill and eat the group.
  8. Humans: They may or may not be from the group’s plane of origin. They don’t seem friendly at all. Judge will determine disposition, outlook, and attitudes of the settlement. The settlement appears to be in a state of decline.
  9. Goat Men (See Subhumans Entry in the DCC book): Not from the group’s home plane. They are mean, nasty, and one might wonder how this “society” functions at all beyond brute force and iron rule. They should be considered hostile from the get-go.
  10. Deadites: This is an eerie settlement of the dead. It may have once been a town or village from another dimension. Now there are Ghosts, Skeletons, and Zombies instead of people. The settlement will usually be headed by one of the Hollow Ones.
  11. Troglodytes: These trogs are not from the group’s home dimension. Their attitudes and outlooks are more civilized as well as their clothes, weapons, armor and ability to walk unhindered in broad daylight. They inherently distrust outsiders.
  12. Servants of an Elemental Lord: These beings of mixed races may be very welcoming to outsiders. They serve an elemental lord. They come from all over and only to their ruler’s bidding beyond their day-to-day chores.
  1. Circle of Druids: A near-perfect natural society consisting of humanoids, centaurs, faeries, and other nature-oriented creatures. Usually led by a druid or council of druids.
  2. Humans: They may or may not be from the group’s plane of origin. They seem friendly enough. Judge will determine disposition, outlook, and attitudes of the settlement. The settlement appears to be a normal town or village.
  3. Elves: They may not be from the group’s plane of origin. They seem friendly enough. Judge will determine disposition, outlook, and attitudes of the settlement. The settlement appears to be a normal town or village of elves that have adapted to the environment they are encountered in.
  4. Ogres/Minotaurs: (See Ogrenomicon for more details.) This unusual pairing of two groups of creatures has thrived as a society for years. They are usually wary of outsiders, however.
  5. Dwarves: They may not be from the group’s plane of origin. They seem friendly enough. Judge will determine disposition, outlook, and attitudes of the settlement. The settlement appears to be a normal town or village of dwarves that have carved a settlement into whatever terrain they’re on.
  6. Sentient Insects. Judge’s discretion:half humanoid/half ants, beetles, centipedes, spiders, etc. They have different social views and settlement construction depending on the type of insect. They may view the group as friends or food depending.
  7. Barbaric Gnolls. These 7 1/2’+ tall shaggy hyena men value tribal loyalty, respect, strength and ferocity above all else. Fairly easy to get along with.
  8. Time Travelers. These beings may or may not be from the group’s plane of origin. They have come from some time in the far future. Their concern for paradox is the only thing tempering their generosity and kindness.
  9. Halflings/Gnomes/Pixies. This settlement of wee folk are happy to receive visitors. Kindness, respect, mindfulness, and gentleness are expected in return for their hospitality.
  10. Ape men. Perhaps born in a different age or even dimension, these ape men have adapted to the local surroundings and are quite adept at fending for themselves. They are explorers, too. They may have valuable information on the surrounding areas.
  11. Merchant caravan. Long ago, this caravan of interdimensional beings who are also merchants broke down here and decided to settle. Gold speaks with these beings more than anything else.
  12. Mercenaries. This settlement is actually a large mercenary militia camp. Money and trade will win favors, as will shows of strength and martial prowess.
  1. Humans, but they’re a little too stodgy. It’s almost as if they’re being controlled by something or someone.
  2. Utopian social democracy of halflings. A settlement where everyone has a say.
  3. Mechanical Beings. This settlement is entirely made up of automatons.
  4. Advanced elves. Their technology and magic have surpassed that of most other beings. May or may not be native to this realm.
  5. Rabbit people. (Or some other Anthropomorphic animal of the Judge’s choosing.) Docile, calm, peaceful and easy to get along with.
  6. Mixed settlement where all are welcome as long as they obey the basic laws of the settlement.
  7. Broken Dwarves under an oppressive regime of an overly lawful tyrant.
  8. Orcs. Peaceful, democratic, highly advanced culture.
  9. Lizardfolk. Fiercely loyal to their leader. Very militant culture. Often refer to another home amongst the stars.
  10. Magocracy. All of the inhabitants of this settlement are magically inclined. Made up of various mages, witches, warlocks, and other spellcasting traditions.
  11. Theocratic society of humans. Worship the deity of the Judge’s choosing.
  12. Mixed agrarian medieval settlement. Farmers, hunters, fishermen, and/or associated trades under one ruler (baron, king, chieftain, etc.) Seems pretty harmless.
Great News!
  1. Settlement of powerful divine beings. Could be demigods or angels.
  2. Technologically advanced society. All kinds of wild new ideas to be discovered!
  3. A completely illusory city designed to test the group’s reactions to various situations. The being who created it is not from this realm.
  4. Very old mixed settlement. It’s been around the current realm for hundreds of years and has mapped the next two concentric rings worth of hexes. Trade is also very lucrative.
  5. A settlement built amid a gorgeous tropical oasis. Almost paradise. Every accommodation the party could ever want.
  6. High Aelves. A rare group of aelves from an age long past. Very old, very wise.
  7. Multidimensional Beings. These humanoids exist in multiple realities as well as the Astral and Ethereal planes at the same time. Freakishly wise and intelligent.
  8. A kind, Lawfully aligned dragon and her entourage. Wealthy, kind, civil settlement where all of the residents are provided-for.
  9. Arcane City. This settlement has attracted beings from all over. Everyone’s basic needs are provided by magical means. Some structures float in the air. There is magical healing for almost any condition. The council in charge is pleasant and somewhat forgiving.
  10. Extradimensional analogue version of the group’s own village. It’s from a timeline where the village has already been in the current realm for 6d12 years. they have adapted to different surroundings very well and have grown strong as a result.
  11. Necropolis Redux. This city of the dead is less fraught with death traps and evil un-dead. There is a great buried treasure below, and the Elven Lich may even allow the group to part with some of it in exchange for a favor.
  12. The Builders! These are the ones who brought the group’s village to the realm. They have the answers if the group asks the right questions. Settlement is similar to the characters’ village.

1d12 Tables innn SPAAAaaace!

Roll 1d12. Please have other dice on standby.

Captain, sensors indicate a breathable atmosphere on the planet, but…

Roll 1d12. Please have other dice on standby.

  1. Super heavy gravity. Roll 1d10+1 times normal Earth gravity.
  2. Massive wind storms dot the planet.
  3. Innately hostile flora and fauna have adapted to other toxins on the planet’s surface.
  4. A serious lack of water on the planet contributes to massive dust storms.
  5. It’s breathable, but… The humidity is 200% that of Earth. Most of the planet is water covered in dense fog. It’s pleasant minus the almost constant rain.
  6. It’s basically a hollow moon with lots of deep craters that somehow conspired to maintain an atmosphere. The plant life all growns deep underground.
  7. The inhabitants don’t exist in a visible spectrum available to human eyes.
  8. Pollution in the air, water, and soil is almost toxic to most beings. The previous residents really made a mess of things before they died or abandoned the planet.
  9. Geomagnetic and electrical storms pound the planet day and night. The planet is bathed in constant darkness, with sunshine being only about 4 Earth hours long on a given day. The planet sits in orbit behind a jovian planet’s shadow.
  10. Low gravity. Roll d00% for the fraction of 1G. Bouncy!
  11. Mountainous planet with most of the breathable air being at low altitudes. There are also some big creatures down there at those altitudes.
  12. The planet is currently experiencing an ice age. It’s a lot cold down there.
Photo by Philippe Donn on Pexels.com

1d12 Things found floating in or around asteroid fields.

  1. Clank! The ship finds an abandoned electrogravitic mine! It might even still go boom. Or maybe it won’t? Sure hope we can figure out how to detach it,.
  2. Bleep. A forgotten? alien probe is floating around out here. Who and what it reports-to is anyone’s guess.
  3. Halp? A distress beacon from a ship stranded deep within the field. It may or may not still be there. Someone got stranded. Seems harmless enough.
  4. Grawr. Giant space worms with massive teeth lurk within nearby asteroids.
  5. What the?!? A giant space tardigrade floats by. It’s alive.
  6. Tong-tong-tong. A space train of full ore cars seems to be looking for a ship to dock with.
  7. Ping. A long deserted ship floats by. It’s on minimal battery reserve and almost no life support. It’s an old mining ship from some long dead world. It’s as if the crew fell prey to some kind of vicious xenomorph. There might even be eggs still on board.
  8. Tink tink. A rogue mining operation has taken up residence in a large nearby asteroid. They aren’t hurting anyone, but they’re officially not supposed to be there.
  9. Swish. A stellar cloud of ice, iridium space dust, and radiation create a deadly combo that knocks sensors offline and interferes heavily with communication.
  10. Hmm. A seemingly innocuous vessel detaches from one of the asteroids and leaves the field in a hurry. If questioned, they seem to be regular cargo haulers. If searched, it eventually becomes apparent they are smugglers.
  11. Alert! Space pirate vessel detected. Shields up. Red alert. They apparently have a stash in one of the asteroids.
  12. Vreeep Pew Pew Pew! A series of especially aggressive Kill Satellites have opened fire on your vessel. An unknown species built them, possibly as a doomsday weapon. They seem to be coming from an automated facility in one of the asteroids. Good luck, commander.

1d12 Fantasy Beverages

Characters who go pub crawling beware! Some specials on the menu are a lot of fun, or completely lethal.

The group walks into a bar. Roll 1d12 to see what the special is today:

  1. Dragon’s Milk: Don’t ask how they acquired it. It’s been watered down with strong ale as not to kill the imbiber instantly. Repeated consumption may cause scales to grow and a +1 to save vs that dragon’s breath weapon.
  2. Lightning Water: Drawn from a rain barrel struck by (magical) lightning. Retains a mild electrical charge. This drink will rattle the patron’s teeth but not do any permanent damage. Staticky.
  3. Void Ale: This thick, viscous goop is a mixture of Nightshade, dark beer, anise, and hard whiskey. Intoxication rules apply. Effects doubled. Survivors retain a +1 Save vs Poison for one week. And cool stories to tell!
  4. Apple Toadstool Grog: Intoxication rules apply. After 10 minutes anyone who consumes this beverage will experience mild, harmless hallucinations. After four cups, the hallucinations are indistinguishable from reality. After six cups, the character falls into a deep sleep and dreams of a completely different universe much more bizarre than their own. +1 Save vs Illusion magic for one week once they awaken. Or did they?
  5. Hair of the Dog: This breakfast beverage is perfect for any character with a hangover. It reverses any negative intoxication effects at a price. Anyone who consumes this drink experiences five times the amount of hair growth. Within eight hours, characters (including characters who normally don’t grow beards) will have a fully grown head of hair, a long beard, and fur in, umm, other places. Can be cut/shaven normally after 9 hours.
  6. Fizzy Glug: A non-alcoholic carbonated beverage that comes in a variety of flavors- Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Lime, and Grape. It’s fun to drink.
  7. Monster Claw Venom: Intoxication rules apply. Also grants a +1 Inebriation Bonus to physical actions (non cumulative) for five hours after consumption. Drinking more than three of these in eight hours can be fatal. Drinker must make a Poison Save after the fourth cup and each subsequent cup or suffer a heart attack (and possibly die.)
  8. Sweet Honey Mead: This mild non-alcoholic beverage is common in some lands. It has a pleasant taste and can be easily stored in a wine or waterskin.
  9. Sea Monster Brine: This oddly salty alcoholic beverage (Intoxication rules apply) is oddly pleasant to drink. After three cups, the imbiber may breathe underwater for 1 hour.
  10. Bedeviled Concoction: This reasonably pleasant tasting alcoholic beverage (Intoxication Rules apply) does very little on the first cup. On the second cup and every subsequent cup, the character becomes more and more enamoured with anyone and everyone around them. Each being they interact with is more and more attractive to them. (Be careful with this one. The Judge may wish to bypass the effect if players become uncomfortable.)
  11. Monkey Ale: This alcoholic beverage is stronger than most. (Intoxication effects doubled.) Anyone drinking more than two cups may find a sudden craving for bananas or other tropical fruits. Thorough inebriation will cause the imbiber to hang upside down from the rafters and fling random objects. Everything becomes super silly!
  12. Nectar of the Gods: (Intoxication Rules apply.) Despite the name, immortality will not be granted. However, this brew does allow any character enjoying it to forego eating and drinking for 1 day. This drink is only served one shot glass at a time and only one drink per customer per day, ever. Innkeepers and bartenders caught breaking the rules risk divine wrath. Rarely ever served.

Compatible with most fantasy RPGs.

Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

1d12 Mundane Things Accidentally Captured By Trail Cams.

Sometimes they get an awesome pic of a completely normal phenomenon. Roll 1d12 and consult the table below. (Yes I know MotW doesn’t use d12s. BUT I DO!)
Rural Outdoor Night-time phenomena:

Many paranormal investigators use trail cameras and other sensor data when tracking the supernatural.

Sometimes they get an awesome pic of a completely normal phenomenon. Roll 1d12 and consult the table below. (Yes I know MotW doesn’t use d12s. BUT I DO!)
Rural Outdoor Night-time phenomena:

  1. Owl.
  2. Plastic bag blowing in the wind.
  3. Deer.
  4. Cat- House cat.
  5. Raccoons.
  6. Dog.
  7. Cat- Large (Mountain lion, Lynx, etc)
  8. Ducks/geese.
  9. Human(s.)
  10. Party balloon.
  11. Bats.
  12. Insects in front of the camera/sensor
Photo by OVAN on Pexels.com

Mundane Plus +

Sometimes night time trail cameras and other motion sensitive devices pick up things that shouldn’t necessarily be there. In other words, something paranormal or otherworldly. Roll on the above table for the Mundane and then Roll 1d12:

  1. Apparition: Partial. Humanoid figure.
  2. Dark haired human woman in a white dress, beckoning the camera.
  3. Orb: Ball of light floating above the mundane. About the size of a basketball.
  4. Black eyed child. Looks right at the camera.
  5. Tall, dark, gaunt, shadowy outline of a humanoid.
  6. Extraterrestrial being: Gray. Seems curious.
  7. Apparition: Full. Humanoid figure in period garb. Can see through it.
  8. Hunched, dark silhouette of a humanoid. Possibly devil or demon.
  9. Extraterrestrial being: Other. Reptilian, Mantid, or other. Keeper’s choice.
  10. UFO. Obvious craft overhead.
  11. 12′ tall being similar to Sirenhead. Only no one heard anything.
  12. One of the Men in Black. Investigators can expect a visit soon.
Photo by Emir Anu0131k on Pexels.com

Thank you for stopping by. Hope these tables come in handy when things get quiet at the table. I appreciate you!

d12 Tables: Freaky Things Along the River Bank

Roll 1d12 when characters stop along a river or large stream.

Roll 1d12 when characters stop along a river or large stream.

  1. Dragon Turtle! It may leave you alone, or not.
  2. 2d4 Giant Crayfish. (Use lobster stats)
  3. Mud Hen? What at first appears to be a normal chicken turns out to be a cockatrice.
  4. Mud Elementals. 1d4 of them slide up to the group. Why aren’t they covered in mud yet? The elementals will soon see that they are.
  5. A small boat containing 3 small hamster-esque humanoids sails by. Disturb them at your own risk. They seem harmless enough.
  6. Dinosaur (Gm’s Choice.) How it got here is anyone’s guess. It’s thirsty.
  7. Is that a Catoblepas? A large cow-like creature larger than a giraffe with a grumpy disposition rolls in the mud and sand on the bank. If left alone, it may not take interest in the party.
  8. Nereid/Nixie. Playful water sprites or aquatic fey appear in the water.
  9. Several Beaver-esque humanoids are working hard to dam up the river nearby. Could get messy for the people downriver.
  10. Humanoids. 1. Troglodytes. 2 Lizardmen. 3. Orcs. 4. Sahuagin. 5. Hag. 6. Merfolk. 7. Trolls. 8. Hobgoblins. 9. Kobolds. 10. Elf: Aquatic. 11. Doppelganger 12. Gnolls.
  11. Green slime infestation. Several yards of the acidic green stuff along the bank.
  12. A kindly old man fishing. Could be a dragon in disguise? Could be an old wizard? Could be an angelic being of some sort? Maybe a demon? Only one way to find out. Might literally just be an elderly human who lives nearby.
Photo by Ian Turnell on Pexels.com

1d12 Hex Crawl Land Terrain Interactions

Dragon! Very large, very powerful, and hungry.
Apex Predator. (T Rex, Dire Ape, Giant Feral Carnivorous Chinchilla, etc.)
Snake! Either one giant snake or a pod of several venomous snakes.
Un-dead: Intangible. (Wraiths, ghosts, will-o-wisps, etc.)

Designed for DCC. Suitable for any Fantasy RPG.

Roll 1d12 and consult the tables below each time the group enters a new hex:


  1. Bad News!
  2. Negative Encounter.
  3. No Encounter,
  4. No Encounter.
  5. Negative Encounter.
  6. Neutral Encounter.
  7. Positive Encounter.
  8. Neutral Encounter
  9. No Encounter.
  10. No Encounter.
  11. Positive Encounter.
  12. Great News!
Bad News!

Roll 1d12 and consult the table below.

  1. Dragon! Very large, very powerful, and hungry.
  2. Apex Predator. (T Rex, Dire Ape, Giant Feral Carnivorous Chinchilla, etc.)
  3. Snake! Either one giant snake or a pod of several venomous snakes.
  4. Un-dead: Intangible. (Wraiths, ghosts, will-o-wisps, etc.)
  5. Monstrous Wildlife. Regular wildlife magnified up to 100x.
  6. Pack of demons. A pack of wild demons/daemons roams the area.
  7. Little monsters. Small, rabid, vicious creatures. (Stirges, rabid squirrels, etc.)
  8. Un-dead: Powerful. Lich, Vampire, Zombie Lord, Wights, etc.
  9. Giants. At least 2d4 of any type.
  10. Another adventuring party. Opposite alignment/intentions of the group.
  11. Frightening, Vile Predator: Displacing Beasts, Chimaera, Wyverns, Manticores…
  12. Huge Demon/Devil/Big Scary Evil Thing. Plus multiple summons/adds.
Photo by nordsu00f8en on Pexels.com

Negative Encounters:

  1. Hydra (Keeper’s Choice as to type.)
  2. Giant Arachnids: Monstrous spiders, scorpions, etc.
  3. Carnivorous Plant Life: Strangleweed, Man Eating Plants, Venus Mantraps.
  4. Lycanthropes. Will attempt to accompany group during the day.
  5. Snakes! As few as 1 or 2 venomous, slithering locals. Could be more.
  6. Larger Humanoids. Ogres, Cyclops, Minotaurs, etc.
  7. Vicious Medium Humanoids. Hobgoblins, Gnolls, Lizardfolk, etc.
  8. Lesser Un-dead. Skeletons Shamblers, or Zombies. (Relatively unintelligent.)
  9. Trolls. Vicious, feral, highly regenerative, aggressive.
  10. Mutants! Two headed, fire-breathing mutant prairie dogs or something.
  11. Forgotten Constructs. Someone left golems just wandering around.
  12. Predatory Pack Hunters. Lions, Wolves, Velociraptors, etc.
Photo by patrice schoefolt on Pexels.com

Neutral Encounters:

These encounters have the option to go either way or not be a serious encounter at all if the group chooses not to make anything of it. You leave them alone, they leave you alone.

  1. Medium Humanoids. Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Humans or ???
  2. Herd Animals. Antelope, Deer, Bison, Llamas, etc.
  3. Giant Flightless Birds. Ostriches, Emus, Penguins or other wild flightless fowl.
  4. Small Humanoids: Goblins, Kobolds, Halflings, Gnomes, Pechs, etc.
  5. Pixies/Faeries. Small, potentially annoying, magical creatures.
  6. Lumbering Herbivores: Plant eating dinosaurs, giraffes, other large creatures.
  7. Centaurs. They might be harmless or very hostile toward intruders passing by.
  8. Giant Beetles or Ants. As long as they don’t perceive the group as food.
  9. Rodent Swarms: Massive packs of rats, gophers, weasels or lemmings.
  10. Skunk! Possibly a giant skunk. Be nice or be smelly for days.
  11. Elementals: Creatures from the elemental planes of earth or air playing around.
  12. Strange Caravan. Why are they here? Are they who they claim to be?
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Positive Encounters:

If the group plays their cards right, makes nice, or shows kindness, something good might come their way.

  1. Wandering Merchant. Has only what he can carry and pull in a small cart.
  2. Monks. A small group of monks has been making their way across the land.
  3. Small Barbarian Band: 2d6+ Leader + Shaman. Kind and respectful.
  4. Horses. The group runs across 1d6 wild horses. No idea how they got there.
  5. Good Omen: A hawk circles overhead or some other sign of good fortune. +1 luck bonus on any one roll following seeing whatever it is.
  6. A discarded or abandoned chest containing random non-magical loot.
  7. An abandoned rickshaw or pull cart.
  8. Lost Troubadour. Will trade wine and song for company and safety.
  9. Benevolent Fae. Fairies and/or Brownies, Pixies or other easy going Fae.
  10. Retired Orc Warrior. Has a small homestead and a farm. Friendly.
  11. Someone’s dog. It’s very friendly. Follows the group. Begs for food/water.
  12. Abandoned Satchel. 3d12 Gold, scrolls with correspondence and a treasure map.
Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

Great News!

However, sometimes this could come with some other news…

  1. Benevolent Dragon! A Dragon with good intent lives nearby.
  2. Humanoid Caravan. 5 wagons looking for more. Looking for civilization.
  3. Magical Shelter. An abandoned magical tent that creates food and water.
  4. Abandoned magical carriage. May need parts or magic to power it.
  5. Shutdown Automaton. Will follow whomever reactivates it.
  6. Civilization! A small village of fewer than 100 beings welcomes the group!
  7. Wizard’s Tower. May or may not still be occupied. There may be loot?
  8. Big, Gentle, Sphinx greets you. He may be of assistance to the intelligent.
  9. A Large Oasis Appears. Edible fruit trees, fresh water, nearby camping space.
  10. Filthy Lucre Mountain! An overturned wagon with loot, possibly magical.
  11. A Ki-Rin descends from the clouds above to check out the party.
  12. An angelic being appears before the group. How can you help one another?

That’s it for this round of d12 tables. Scenarios to be added at a later date. Aquatic and Wasteland tables are also in the works. Oh, and the ever so popular (or dreaded) Dungeon encounters are coming.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you. Game on!

1d12 Random Potion of Appearance Effects for any Fantasy RPG.

Roll 1d12 and consult the following table. Potion effects wear off after 1d12 hours when applicable. AND

Roll 1d12 at least once per travel session.

Roll 1d12 and consult the following table. Potion effects wear off after 1d12 hours when applicable.

  1. Slow Shrinking: Character loses approximately one inch of height per minute for 1d12 minutes.
  2. Slow Growth. Character gains approximately one inch of height per minute for 1d12 minutes.
  3. Hair Growth: Character grows 1d12 feet of hair uncontrollably, even from places hair doesn’t normally grow! Can be cut/trimmed/shaved as normal.
  4. Hair Loss: All of the character’s hair falls out. Grows back as normal over the regular number of days/years.
  5. Skin Thickening: Character suddenly grows a full inch deep layer of thick, callused, numb skin over the entire body. Returns to normal when the potion wears off.
  6. Bright Glowing: Character begins to glow brightly after 1d12 minutes. Regardless of clothing/armor, the glow is as bright as an open bonfire until it wears off.
  7. Opacity Reduction: (This one is kinda euww.) Character’s skin becomes 90% transparent. Whatever muscles, bones, or blood vessels are under the skin become visible until the potion wears off.
  8. Toenail Growth: Fingernails/Toenails and even horns/claws permanently grow 1d12 inches until trimmed/cut.
  9. Bizarreness: Character’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth sprout 1d12 inch tentacle stalks, wiggling about on the ends. Character must concentrate to look in a specific location until the potion wears off.
  10. Sweaty Mucus: (This is pretty euww.) Character emits a thick, green, slippery, strange-smelling mucus through pores in the skin until the potion wears off. Bonuses/Penalties subject to GM approval.
  11. Bug Eyes: Character’s regular eyes are replaced by large, geospherical insectoid eyes until the potion wears off. If the character was already an insect, the effect is reversed giving human appearance until it wears off.
  12. Awkward Bloating: Character puffs up like a marshmallow. No physical effects, it just looks inflated.
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

1d12 Temporal Fantasy Forest Camping Hazards.

Roll 1d12 at least once per travel session.

  1. Swarming Mosquitoes of Unusual Size: They are huge. Camp was accidentally set too close to their breeding ground. They bite. The may possibly be carrying disease. They are large enough to carry off a fully loaded pack mule en masse. Fire and smoke repel them.
  2. Quick Mud: Character rapidly sinks 1d12 feet into a seemingly normal patch of ground. Drowning may result per quicksand rules. (1d12’x 5′) x (1d12′ x 5′) patch of ground.
  3. Contaminated Water Source: A magic user upstream has dumped a bunch of magical potion ingredients and it ended up pooling near camp. Drinking and cooking with this water may likely have some freaky effects. Bathe in it at your own risk.
  4. Whirling Dervishes: Strike the camp randomly at awkward momentsThese miniature tornadoes are attracted to the spot where the group has set up camp. They will blow tents around, possibly spook the group’s animals and extinguish campfires. Overall they are harmless, just very annoying gusts of wind.
  5. Ants! If you thought the mosquitoes were bad, these ants are more efficient and apparently hungry. The group must have accidentally set their campsite up near the ant hill. The ants will make off with as much food and other edible provisions as they can carry.
  6. Magical Magpies: nest nearby. They are harmless, but imitate the voices of any conversation within range making things very confusing.
  7. Dungeon Entraaaance! Somehow the group manages to set up camp near the entrance to an abandoned underground complex of the GM’s making. One character will accidentally fall into a hole leading to the complex. Lucky them?
  8. Raspy Berries: Raspberries plucked from a nearby bush seem perfectly normal. For some magical and unknown reason, these berries cause whoever eats them to be afflicted with a hoarse, raspy voice for 1d12 hours.
  9. Mice: These mice live in a nearby tree stump and will try to sneak into camp for food, warmth and polite conversation. They are harmless regular mice except they are moderately intelligent and can speak. Let the cartoonish antics begin!
  10. Fungus Among Us: Rapidly advancing magical moss from nearby trees blankets anything it touches in a matter of hours. It covers one 5′ square per hour advancing toward the group’s campsite. It is otherwise harmless, just slimy and annoying.
  11. Spiders! These extremely zealous web weavers cover the area while the group sleeps in sticky white webbing. There is a chance the group can see these mostly harmless pests coming by observing their surroundings. However, if the group stumbles too close, a hatching cloud of the baby arachnids might rain down upon them. At least they’re not venomous.
  12. Freaky Firewood: The group has managed to acquire firewood from a sleeping treant. Hopefully they only picked up discarded branches from the ground nearby, but it might wish to speak to them about that fire. (Intended as a non combat encounter.)

d12 Tables Terrain for Hex Crawl

The starting hexes for my DCC hexcrawl campaign. These tables have not been thoroughly tested yet. Constructive feedback welcome.

Working on building random Hexes and Events for my Dungeon Crawl Classics Hexcrawl game.

Roll 1d12 or choose as appropriate.
(If the Judge deems necessary, the terrain may match a connecting hex.)

  1. Chaos! Roll on the Elemental Chaos table.
  2. Arctic. Snow and ice everywhere. Sudden windstorms and freezing temperatures.
  3. Tundra/Taiga. Frozen plains with some forested area possible.
  4. Civilization! Roll for size and disposition on Urban Settlement table.
  5. Temperate Forest. Deciduous Trees and conifers. Fairly dense underbrush.
  6. Plains. Grasslands with an occasional tree or pond.
  7. Grassy Hills. Rolling hills covered in grass. Occasional tree or pond.
  8. Water. Could be the start of an ocean or just a lake or river. Roll 1d12 for adjoining hexes. 1-7 = Water (same type.) 8-12 = Land.
  9. Swamp. Thick vegetation. Lots of water. Lots of living creatures.
  10. Desert. Sand everywhere. Very little by way of water or vegetation.
  11. Mountains. Jagged rocks, valleys, canyons and of course, mountains.
  12. Jungle: Vegetation thick and overgrown everywhere. Very warm.

Elemental Chaos Subtable:

  1. Water
  2. Ice (Water/Air)
  3. Steam (Fire/Water)
  4. Mud (Water/Earth
  5. Earth
  6. Dust (Air/Earth)
  7. Magma (Earth/Fire)
  8. Fire
  9. Smoke (Air/Fire)
  10. Air
  11. Aether (Ghost/Spirit World) Keeper may wish to roll terrain above.
  12. Astral! Air is still breathable, but all other terrain effects are completely chaotic.

Civilization and Ruin Subtable

Roll 1d12 or choose if Keeper deems appropriate.

  1. Necropolis: There once was a thriving settlement here. Now abandoned and in ruin. Could easily be populated by any number of creatures, demons, or un-dead.
  2. Empty.
  3. Small settlement, no larger than 100 beings.
  4. Road. May be only traces of an old road or trail
  5. Village. 100-200 beings.
  6. Dungeon! An underground complex filled with treasures and monsters.
  7. Eerily Empty.
  8. Abandoned settlement or village. Why is it empty now?
  9. Hidden settlement. 1-120 beings living in the terrain out of sight.
  10. Town. 200-300 beings with most amenities, trade, and services.
  11. Hidden lair: A dragon, demon, powerful un-dead, elemental, giant, or other huge nasty dwells here out of sight.
  12. City or large civilized area. May include a castle, keep, or fortress.

1d12 Ways to Stumble into a Fantasy Dungeon.

1d12 Ways to Stumble into a Fantasy Dungeon and 1d12 Freakish but mundane nighttime occurrences.

The way into freakishly large, scary, underground complexes isn’t often marked by road signs and tourist maps.

Roll 1d12 and consult the table below:

  1. While wandering off the road to go to the bathroom, a random character tumbles down into a concealed pit. Take falling damage for a 40′ drop and look up to discover a very old necropolis.
  2. A couple of farm kids clearing a field piled up some funny looking rocks with symbols carved into them. Late one night a portal to some sort of maze opened in the new field.
  3. A Well Digger is reported missing while working on the town’s new well. He fell down onto a buried ziggurat with a large aquifer flowing around it. The Well Digger is okay aside from some bumps and bruises. Who knows what was down there in the dark with him.
  4. A local cleric discovers a secret passage leading to a previously unknown and unmentioned series of underground passages. He did not dare venture further into them alone.
  5. The group is gathering some firewood for the night and wanders right into the entrance of a bramble maze.
  6. The braying of wolves and flashing of will-o-wisps can be found on the moors late at night. One particularly playful wisp teases the group until they follow it to a mysterious cavern entrance.
  7. Insect plagues and stinging insect attacks are on the rise in a nearby farming village. This prompted the discovery of an enormous hive on the side of a cliff facing.
  8. A seemingly random monster attack in the middle of the night by some sort of burrowing beasties leads to a chase through their tunnels right into a complex underground lair.
  9. A hunter (perhaps someone in the group) following game down an old animal path discovers a long abandoned and forgotten fort lying in ruins.
  10. An orc comes running out of the bushes in fear for her life. The local kobolds have summoned something large in their warrens nearby and now the orcs are afraid their village might be destroyed.
  11. The construction of the new inn and stables went really well. Or at least until the first mule put into the stable overnight kicked open a hole leading into an underground passage.
  12. A pair of wyverns circles overhead before swooping down and capturing a stag. Clever characters can track them to their lair in a larger underground complex.
Photo by Kseniya Budko on Pexels.com

Freakish but mundane things that happen during the night in a fantasy woodland setting.

Roll 1d12 and consult the table below to freak out whoever is on guard duty.

  1. Footsteps can be heard in the distant underbrush. Whatever it is, it’s large. However there’s nothing there but large footprints and animal tracks if investigated.
  2. Rumbling of thunder can be heard in the distance as if a storm were rolling in. There isn’t a cloud in the sky.
  3. A distant owl hoots a bit more frequently than normal. It almost seems to be moving closer. Is it trying to communicate.
  4. A fox comes out of the underbrush and cautiously investigates the camp.
  5. A couple of bats continually swoop through the air near camp catching bugs. This isn’t so bad except they keep coming down right next to one of the sentries.
  6. A trio of raccoon kits attempt to raid the camp’s food or provisions. They’re loveable and cute as well as very harmless.
  7. A large colony of wasps is discovered next to camp in an old log right after the fire is built.
  8. The patter of deer footsteps are heard going past the camp in the dark after everyone has gone to sleep.
  9. One lone large coyote can be heard circling the camp. A while later it is joined by two more. Soon the whole pack is circling the camp looking for opportune prey. They may or may not actually attack.
  10. Something very large lands in the trees not far from camp. Later it can be heard flying away. The next morning the remains of a large animal are found somewhere near where whatever it was landed.
  11. The grass and shrubs near the camp constantly crackle and rustle as if growing rapidly during the night. In the morning it turns out the grass gained an extra inch or two while the group slept.
  12. A loud whooping noise can be heard in the distance. Soon the whoop is joined by another. Tree branches can be heard far away. The thud of rocks hitting outside of camp soon follow. They aren’t accurate enough to be considered an attack, more like a warning.
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