1d12 Random Potion of Appearance Effects for any Fantasy RPG.

Roll 1d12 and consult the following table. Potion effects wear off after 1d12 hours when applicable. AND

Roll 1d12 at least once per travel session.

Roll 1d12 and consult the following table. Potion effects wear off after 1d12 hours when applicable.

  1. Slow Shrinking: Character loses approximately one inch of height per minute for 1d12 minutes.
  2. Slow Growth. Character gains approximately one inch of height per minute for 1d12 minutes.
  3. Hair Growth: Character grows 1d12 feet of hair uncontrollably, even from places hair doesn’t normally grow! Can be cut/trimmed/shaved as normal.
  4. Hair Loss: All of the character’s hair falls out. Grows back as normal over the regular number of days/years.
  5. Skin Thickening: Character suddenly grows a full inch deep layer of thick, callused, numb skin over the entire body. Returns to normal when the potion wears off.
  6. Bright Glowing: Character begins to glow brightly after 1d12 minutes. Regardless of clothing/armor, the glow is as bright as an open bonfire until it wears off.
  7. Opacity Reduction: (This one is kinda euww.) Character’s skin becomes 90% transparent. Whatever muscles, bones, or blood vessels are under the skin become visible until the potion wears off.
  8. Toenail Growth: Fingernails/Toenails and even horns/claws permanently grow 1d12 inches until trimmed/cut.
  9. Bizarreness: Character’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth sprout 1d12 inch tentacle stalks, wiggling about on the ends. Character must concentrate to look in a specific location until the potion wears off.
  10. Sweaty Mucus: (This is pretty euww.) Character emits a thick, green, slippery, strange-smelling mucus through pores in the skin until the potion wears off. Bonuses/Penalties subject to GM approval.
  11. Bug Eyes: Character’s regular eyes are replaced by large, geospherical insectoid eyes until the potion wears off. If the character was already an insect, the effect is reversed giving human appearance until it wears off.
  12. Awkward Bloating: Character puffs up like a marshmallow. No physical effects, it just looks inflated.
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

1d12 Temporal Fantasy Forest Camping Hazards.

Roll 1d12 at least once per travel session.

  1. Swarming Mosquitoes of Unusual Size: They are huge. Camp was accidentally set too close to their breeding ground. They bite. The may possibly be carrying disease. They are large enough to carry off a fully loaded pack mule en masse. Fire and smoke repel them.
  2. Quick Mud: Character rapidly sinks 1d12 feet into a seemingly normal patch of ground. Drowning may result per quicksand rules. (1d12’x 5′) x (1d12′ x 5′) patch of ground.
  3. Contaminated Water Source: A magic user upstream has dumped a bunch of magical potion ingredients and it ended up pooling near camp. Drinking and cooking with this water may likely have some freaky effects. Bathe in it at your own risk.
  4. Whirling Dervishes: Strike the camp randomly at awkward momentsThese miniature tornadoes are attracted to the spot where the group has set up camp. They will blow tents around, possibly spook the group’s animals and extinguish campfires. Overall they are harmless, just very annoying gusts of wind.
  5. Ants! If you thought the mosquitoes were bad, these ants are more efficient and apparently hungry. The group must have accidentally set their campsite up near the ant hill. The ants will make off with as much food and other edible provisions as they can carry.
  6. Magical Magpies: nest nearby. They are harmless, but imitate the voices of any conversation within range making things very confusing.
  7. Dungeon Entraaaance! Somehow the group manages to set up camp near the entrance to an abandoned underground complex of the GM’s making. One character will accidentally fall into a hole leading to the complex. Lucky them?
  8. Raspy Berries: Raspberries plucked from a nearby bush seem perfectly normal. For some magical and unknown reason, these berries cause whoever eats them to be afflicted with a hoarse, raspy voice for 1d12 hours.
  9. Mice: These mice live in a nearby tree stump and will try to sneak into camp for food, warmth and polite conversation. They are harmless regular mice except they are moderately intelligent and can speak. Let the cartoonish antics begin!
  10. Fungus Among Us: Rapidly advancing magical moss from nearby trees blankets anything it touches in a matter of hours. It covers one 5′ square per hour advancing toward the group’s campsite. It is otherwise harmless, just slimy and annoying.
  11. Spiders! These extremely zealous web weavers cover the area while the group sleeps in sticky white webbing. There is a chance the group can see these mostly harmless pests coming by observing their surroundings. However, if the group stumbles too close, a hatching cloud of the baby arachnids might rain down upon them. At least they’re not venomous.
  12. Freaky Firewood: The group has managed to acquire firewood from a sleeping treant. Hopefully they only picked up discarded branches from the ground nearby, but it might wish to speak to them about that fire. (Intended as a non combat encounter.)

d12 Tables Terrain for Hex Crawl

The starting hexes for my DCC hexcrawl campaign. These tables have not been thoroughly tested yet. Constructive feedback welcome.

Working on building random Hexes and Events for my Dungeon Crawl Classics Hexcrawl game.

Roll 1d12 or choose as appropriate.
(If the Judge deems necessary, the terrain may match a connecting hex.)

  1. Chaos! Roll on the Elemental Chaos table.
  2. Arctic. Snow and ice everywhere. Sudden windstorms and freezing temperatures.
  3. Tundra/Taiga. Frozen plains with some forested area possible.
  4. Civilization! Roll for size and disposition on Urban Settlement table.
  5. Temperate Forest. Deciduous Trees and conifers. Fairly dense underbrush.
  6. Plains. Grasslands with an occasional tree or pond.
  7. Grassy Hills. Rolling hills covered in grass. Occasional tree or pond.
  8. Water. Could be the start of an ocean or just a lake or river. Roll 1d12 for adjoining hexes. 1-7 = Water (same type.) 8-12 = Land.
  9. Swamp. Thick vegetation. Lots of water. Lots of living creatures.
  10. Desert. Sand everywhere. Very little by way of water or vegetation.
  11. Mountains. Jagged rocks, valleys, canyons and of course, mountains.
  12. Jungle: Vegetation thick and overgrown everywhere. Very warm.

Elemental Chaos Subtable:

  1. Water
  2. Ice (Water/Air)
  3. Steam (Fire/Water)
  4. Mud (Water/Earth
  5. Earth
  6. Dust (Air/Earth)
  7. Magma (Earth/Fire)
  8. Fire
  9. Smoke (Air/Fire)
  10. Air
  11. Aether (Ghost/Spirit World) Keeper may wish to roll terrain above.
  12. Astral! Air is still breathable, but all other terrain effects are completely chaotic.

Civilization and Ruin Subtable

Roll 1d12 or choose if Keeper deems appropriate.

  1. Necropolis: There once was a thriving settlement here. Now abandoned and in ruin. Could easily be populated by any number of creatures, demons, or un-dead.
  2. Empty.
  3. Small settlement, no larger than 100 beings.
  4. Road. May be only traces of an old road or trail
  5. Village. 100-200 beings.
  6. Dungeon! An underground complex filled with treasures and monsters.
  7. Eerily Empty.
  8. Abandoned settlement or village. Why is it empty now?
  9. Hidden settlement. 1-120 beings living in the terrain out of sight.
  10. Town. 200-300 beings with most amenities, trade, and services.
  11. Hidden lair: A dragon, demon, powerful un-dead, elemental, giant, or other huge nasty dwells here out of sight.
  12. City or large civilized area. May include a castle, keep, or fortress.

Power Rangers RPG Threat: Balgor

General Krohn called upon Lt Balgor when Gnarl and Slayn’s minions failed. He is a Dragonoid from the Netherworld. He has a nearly endless supply of magic water to keep him going when the fear of the puny humans isn’t enough to keep him going.

General Krohn’s fierce lieutenant will be back to torment the Rangers time and again!

(Artwork to come.)

Lt. Balgor, Krohn’s most trusted lieutenant.
Resilient THREAT LEVEL: 16
TOUGHNESS: 20 (Heavy Armor) | EVASION: 16
GROUND MOVEMENT: 30 ft. | FLY: 40 ft.
General Krohn called upon Lt Balgor when Gnarl and Slayn’s minions failed. He is a Dragonoid from the Netherworld. He has a nearly endless supply of magic water to keep him going when the fear of the puny humans isn’t enough to keep him going.
Might- (*Axe and Chain Flail) +d10
Brawn +d6
Initiative: +d6
Targeting (*Fireballs/Flame Breath): +d6
Alertness: +d6
Hunting: +d6
Intimidation +d8
Languages: Putty, English

Winged Flight, 40′.
Resistance: Fire
Sanzu River Water supply.
Massive Obsidian Axe: (Might) +d10* 2 attacks/turn in addition to ONE of the other attacks listed below. (Toughness, 10′ Reach, 3 Armor Piercing Intimidating, Sharp,

Fire Chains: (Might) +d10* 1 attack/round in addition to ONE of the other attacks listed. (Evasion, 10′ Reach, Maneuver-Entangle or trip. 2 Fire.)

Breathe Fire: (Targeting, 3x/scene): +d6*, Range 30 ft. (Evasion, 2 Fire Damage in a 5′ x 30′ x 15′ Area cone of fire. All targets in the cone must roll Evasion.)

Throw Fireball: (Targeting, 3x/scene): +d6*, Range 40/100 ft. (Evasion, 2 Explosive, Area, 15′ radius, Fire Damage)

Summon 3d6 Dragon Putties (Stats as Z Putty Patrollers.)
Always has 4 Dragon Putty Bodyguards at all times.

Must feed on Human Fear OR Drink water from the Sanzu River.
Failure to maintain his fear level at least once per day results in a loss of 1 Health per day until defeated.
If Balgor is defeated, he will return to the Netherworld to recover at the rate of 1 Health per day.

Artifacts of the Wolf Lord DCC RPG.

These items will be available after the final boss fight in Room 2-2 in the Catacomb of the Wolf Lord to be released soon. It’s not as easy as one might imagine to obtain one of these items.

I make no aspersions about game balance. Use at your own risk.

These items haven’t been fully tested in DCC. The items are built around the two base classes of Warrior and Thief but could be used by Dwarf, Elf, or Halfling. Please also note the wielders of these items won’t know immediately what they are capable of. Some trial and error may be in order.

These items will be available after the final boss fight in Room 2-2 in the Catacomb of the Wolf Lord to be released soon. It’s not as easy as one might imagine to obtain one of these items.

Both items can easily be adapted to other RPGs, especially OSR games.

Fang of the Wolf Lord:

This sword is forged from the physical fang of the Wolf Lord. It is granted by him to a wielder who he deems worthy. If the owner of the sword dies, the sword magically returns to the Wolf Lord in 1d6 days.

The sword is a short sword, long sword or two handed sword depending on the owner’s preference. It can be stored in the sheath of a dagger when it is not in use. It grows to the full length chosen when drawn.

In any form, it is a +2 Lawful 10 INT, 3 Banes, 3 type 1 powers, 1 type 2 power. 1d12 Special Power. Empathy.

Bane 1: Lycanthropes. +1 Damage Bonus.
Bane 2: Un-dead: +1 to hit and damage
Bane 3: Demons: +1 to hit and damage. (This is not listed in the DCC book.)

Special Purpose: Protect the Weak
Power 1: Detect Evil 1d4x10’
Power 2: Detect Invisible 1/day.
Power 3: Gives the owner Infravision 120’.

Special Power (Not listed in DCC.) Summon Spirit Wolf 1/Day:
Init +5; Atk bite +6 melee (1d6+2); AC 14; HD 3d6 (18hp); MV 40’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +3; AL L. Always appears with Max HP. Will follow the instructions of the wielder as long as the Purpose and Banes of the sword are being followed. Disappears for 24 hours if destroyed.

May be summoned again IF the sword deems it necessary.

(Artwork to come)

Cloak of the Wolf Lord:

Granted to a roguish servant of the Wolf Lord. Upon declaring allegiance to the Celestial Pack of the Wolves, this items attunes to the person to whom it was granted. Wearing the Cloak bestows the following:

+3 AC or acts as +3 Hide Armor if none is worn (AC +6, 1d8 Fumble, No Movement penalty.)
+2 to any check involving smell or hearing while the armor is worn.
+2 Sneak Silently
+2 Hide in Shadows* Hide and Sneak bonuses also apply in woodland surroundings with sufficient cover.
Wearer will automatically be regarded as friendly by regular wolves.

More to come! Thanks for stopping by!

Items for use with Dungeon Crawl Classics and other OSR games.

Power Rangers Threat: Mother Ship.

Mother Ship is very upset about what happened to Saucerhead. She’s here to get revenge on the Rangers before scooping up little Saucerhead and taking him home. Her main objective is to level Bennet’s Cove and find the Ninja Steel Encased Zeo Crystal. Her secondary mission is to retrieve her Lil Saucer Head, who was hurt by those mean old Rangers!

When Saucer Head fell at the hands of the Lightning Force Rangers, the Triumvirate launched an even larger saucer, Mother Ship.

She seriously means business after her sonny boy, Saucerhead fell at the hands of those mean Power Rangers. It’s time to attack!

(Art to come.)

Mother Ship (Giant)
GROUND MOVEMENT: 0 FLY: 40/100 ft.
Mother Ship is very upset about what happened to Saucerhead. She’s here to get revenge on the Rangers before scooping up little Saucerhead and taking him home. Her main objective is to level Bennet’s Cove and find the Ninja Steel Encased Zeo Crystal. Her secondary mission is to retrieve her Lil Saucer Head, who was hurt by those mean old Rangers!
Brawn d8
Might d8
Targeting: d8*
Flying: d8
Initiative d4
Alertness d6
Diplomacy d6
Languages: Putty, English
Ground Penetrating Probe Ray: +2 CS Bonus when using Perception to detect Saucerhead or the Ninja Steel Encased Zeo Crystal. Also gives Mother Ship an Advantage on detection vs Stealth attempts.

Constantly Airborne: Mother Ship is constantly hovering a minimum of 40′ off the ground.

360 Degree Movement. Mother Ship can perform aerial maneuvers that would turn a normal pilot into pudding.

Self Repairing Sentient Saucer: Mother Ship is capable of regenerating Health at 1 per 10 days when grounded. No need for maintenance hangars or repair crews.

3x Primary Beam Cannon Projectors: +d8 Skill. 100’/240′ Evasion Range. 9 Energy Damage. Mother Ship may attack up to 3 separate targets per round or make up to 3 attacks on 1 target.

Secondary Defensive Array: Since Mother Ship is incapable of fighting in Melee, she has a secondary beam array that encompases 360 degrees all around her. Skill d8. 40’/120′ Evasion Range. 5 Energy damage. This attack may be used along with the Primary Beam Cannon Projectors.

Megabeam: 3x per Scene: Instead of 3 separate attacks and a secondary array attack, Mother Ship may opt to combine all of her attacks into one massive swath of destruction. +d8 Skill, 100’/240′ x 40′ square. Evasion. 15 Energy Damage.

Tractor Beam: Mother Ship may use her Brawn to drag or lift objects. 40’/120′ 20′ Square. This power can also be used to dig at the speed of 40’/round.

Repulsor Beam: Mother Ship may use her Might to attack or push objects once per turn. 40’/120′ 20′ Square. Damage 4 Physical

Warp Out: If defeated, Mother Ship can engage her Emergency Jump Drive and flee at the blink of an eye.

Shielding: Mother Ship is considered to have 2 Armor vs incoming attacks. Her Shielding breaks if she suffers more than 9 Health in damage.

Mother Ship is catastrophically irrationally attached to Saucerhead and will abandon everything to recover him/take him to safety.

Her secondary mission is to find the Zeo Crystal and report its location back to the Triumvirate, even if she has to raze Bennet’s Cove in order to do so.

She may be convinced to embrace compassion for the parents in the city below.

1d12 Ways to Stumble into a Fantasy Dungeon.

1d12 Ways to Stumble into a Fantasy Dungeon and 1d12 Freakish but mundane nighttime occurrences.

The way into freakishly large, scary, underground complexes isn’t often marked by road signs and tourist maps.

Roll 1d12 and consult the table below:

  1. While wandering off the road to go to the bathroom, a random character tumbles down into a concealed pit. Take falling damage for a 40′ drop and look up to discover a very old necropolis.
  2. A couple of farm kids clearing a field piled up some funny looking rocks with symbols carved into them. Late one night a portal to some sort of maze opened in the new field.
  3. A Well Digger is reported missing while working on the town’s new well. He fell down onto a buried ziggurat with a large aquifer flowing around it. The Well Digger is okay aside from some bumps and bruises. Who knows what was down there in the dark with him.
  4. A local cleric discovers a secret passage leading to a previously unknown and unmentioned series of underground passages. He did not dare venture further into them alone.
  5. The group is gathering some firewood for the night and wanders right into the entrance of a bramble maze.
  6. The braying of wolves and flashing of will-o-wisps can be found on the moors late at night. One particularly playful wisp teases the group until they follow it to a mysterious cavern entrance.
  7. Insect plagues and stinging insect attacks are on the rise in a nearby farming village. This prompted the discovery of an enormous hive on the side of a cliff facing.
  8. A seemingly random monster attack in the middle of the night by some sort of burrowing beasties leads to a chase through their tunnels right into a complex underground lair.
  9. A hunter (perhaps someone in the group) following game down an old animal path discovers a long abandoned and forgotten fort lying in ruins.
  10. An orc comes running out of the bushes in fear for her life. The local kobolds have summoned something large in their warrens nearby and now the orcs are afraid their village might be destroyed.
  11. The construction of the new inn and stables went really well. Or at least until the first mule put into the stable overnight kicked open a hole leading into an underground passage.
  12. A pair of wyverns circles overhead before swooping down and capturing a stag. Clever characters can track them to their lair in a larger underground complex.
Photo by Kseniya Budko on Pexels.com

Freakish but mundane things that happen during the night in a fantasy woodland setting.

Roll 1d12 and consult the table below to freak out whoever is on guard duty.

  1. Footsteps can be heard in the distant underbrush. Whatever it is, it’s large. However there’s nothing there but large footprints and animal tracks if investigated.
  2. Rumbling of thunder can be heard in the distance as if a storm were rolling in. There isn’t a cloud in the sky.
  3. A distant owl hoots a bit more frequently than normal. It almost seems to be moving closer. Is it trying to communicate.
  4. A fox comes out of the underbrush and cautiously investigates the camp.
  5. A couple of bats continually swoop through the air near camp catching bugs. This isn’t so bad except they keep coming down right next to one of the sentries.
  6. A trio of raccoon kits attempt to raid the camp’s food or provisions. They’re loveable and cute as well as very harmless.
  7. A large colony of wasps is discovered next to camp in an old log right after the fire is built.
  8. The patter of deer footsteps are heard going past the camp in the dark after everyone has gone to sleep.
  9. One lone large coyote can be heard circling the camp. A while later it is joined by two more. Soon the whole pack is circling the camp looking for opportune prey. They may or may not actually attack.
  10. Something very large lands in the trees not far from camp. Later it can be heard flying away. The next morning the remains of a large animal are found somewhere near where whatever it was landed.
  11. The grass and shrubs near the camp constantly crackle and rustle as if growing rapidly during the night. In the morning it turns out the grass gained an extra inch or two while the group slept.
  12. A loud whooping noise can be heard in the distance. Soon the whoop is joined by another. Tree branches can be heard far away. The thud of rocks hitting outside of camp soon follow. They aren’t accurate enough to be considered an attack, more like a warning.

Dead Wood in Des Moines for Monster of the Week RPG.

That night’s stakeout of the cemetery was manned by Dan and Brenda while Tom somewhat illegally wrangled his way back into the Fair with some surveillance gear and provisions. (The cemetery investigation is detailed elsewhere.) The next morning, the entire team reviewed Tom’s bizarre, inexplicable footage

The Des Moines Remote Viewing Society picked up their second “case” much sooner than expected.

It was a dark and stormy night at the Iowa State Fair on the Monday after the fair opened. The Des Moines Remote Viewing Society snagged their second unofficial case. They were walking around the fairgrounds together discussing the cemetery case, eating funnel cakes, and not taking anything too seriously. They stumbled upon an unusual flyer on their way by the Frontier Village.

The Strange Case of AJ Sutton, Wood Carver.

The Case of the Missing Chainsaw Carvings.

The crew wandered down to the Chainsaw Artist’s booth and took in the 1:30 show. The crowd peered on as a man turned a fairly ordinary hunk of log into a statue of an old farmer wearing a straw hat and holding a corn cob pipe. The artist’s only tools were five sizes of chainsaws and his imagination.

He buzzed and grinded away for over an hour and a half, taking a few breaks for water and to talk to the crowd. The artist, AJ Sutton, said the statues just appeared to him in the wood. It was almost as if the statues wanted to make an appearance on their own. Most statues were polished and stained after the show, then given to whomever commissioned them or sold at the Woodcutter’s Tent.

Birds, wolves, cats, as well as school mascots like Cy the Cyclone and Herky the Hawkeye were popular. The statues usually sold for around $65.00 or more.

After the show, Dan and Brenda talked to AJ backstage while Tom poked around the scene of the crime under the pretense of buying a statue. The empty bases of where the Cy and Herky statues were on display remained intact, almost as if the statues had walked off on their own.

“It happens almost every year.” AJ explained.

“Usually it’s just some college kids playing a prank,” he continued. “Watch. They’ll turn up trying to milk the Butter Cow in a photo later or magically show up at a concert on the last night of the Fair. Happens almost every year.”

Tom discovered one anomaly that didn’t make a lot of sense. Usually the statues were stolen with their bases. The statues weren’t balanced well enough by themselves to stand on their own. Yet there was no sawdust on the grassy ground near the scene. Tina, the girl in charge of selling the statues said there had never been an incident where the bases were left behind before. There was bare wood under where the mascots had been posed.

Further investigation revealed one of the Fair sanitation workers had seen two “young kids in what looked like mascot costumes” running away from the scene.

Dan’s “command center,” a 2012 Dodge Caravan loaded up with cameras and electronics for the cemetery stake out was pressed into service as soon as the group rounded out their day. A quick Internet search revealed several pranks from years past as AJ had described them. In every photo, the statues were still on bases and many appeared to be heavy enough to require two or more people to move them.

That night’s stakeout of the cemetery was manned by Dan and Brenda while Tom somewhat illegally wrangled his way back into the Fair with some surveillance gear and provisions. (The cemetery investigation is detailed elsewhere.) The next morning, the entire team reviewed Tom’s bizarre, inexplicable footage.

No obvious signs of tampering. The camera aimed into the statuary sales area turned itself off and on three times during the night.

It got freakier from there. A lawn gnome and the farmer in the straw hat appeared to move around the area random during the night. Each time they moved, they reappeared in different poses. Each time they moved, they were still on their bases in a different pose!

Tom said he didn’t see anything strange at the time. No EVPs. Thermal was normal. He also did not notice the camera shutting down for half an hour at a time. The next morning he observed the statues back in their original places as if nothing had happened.

Closer to morning two “kids in mascot costumes” were seen climbing the fence on the University Ave side. A state trooper followed up on the report, but did not find anyone matching that description. There was some damage to the fence where someone heavy had climbed over and apparently used a piece of wood to get around the razor wire at the top of the fence. No blood or serious damage, however.

Donut Hut across the street on University from the fairgrounds also reported a break-in and vandalization during the night. The only anomaly was the presence of wood splinters in the broken glass of their front window, but no bat or other piece of wood found at the scene.

To be continued…

Disclaimer: People and events depicted herein are fictitious and intended for entertainment use only. Any similarity to persons living or deceased is unintentional. There is no Des Moines Remote Viewing Society. This is a work of fiction. No one was harmed in the making of this blog.

Legal Stuff: For use with with Monster of the Week by Michael Sands. Monster of the Week is copyrighted by Evil Hat Productions, LLC and Generic Games.

Power Rangers RPG Threat: Voltrix.

Voltrix is Slayn’s last attempt to destroy the Rangers before having to answer to the rest of the Triumvirate for his failures.

Power Rangers Lighting Force faces a new, scary electrifying new lieutenant. First Appearance.

Voltrix 1.0. She’ll be back if destroyed. Bwah ha ha!
Art by Jeff Craigmile.

Voltrix 1.0 (Normal)
GROUND MOVEMENT: 30 ft. | FLY: 60 ft.
Voltrix is one of Slayn’s top lieutenants. She has been sent to defeat the Rangers at all costs. A clever and cunning opponent, she will refuse to stay down no matter how many times she is defeated.
Might- Martial Arts (Electro Trident) +d6
Initiative: +d6
Targeting* Lightning Blasts: +d8
Alertness: +d8
Physics (Electricity) +d6
Persuasion: +d6
Languages: Putty, English
Storm Flight: Voltrix constantly floats approximately one foot above the ground at all times. She will float even if knocked down. Her wings give her exceptional flight (60′)
Resistance: Sharp.
Lightning Bolt: Targeting +d10* Twice per round Voltrix can throw a Lightning Bolt 30’/200′ (Evasion, 3 Electrical.) If it hits successfully, all targets within 15′ of the primary target may also be hit for 1 Electrical based off the same hit roll as the original.

Lightning Blast: Targeting +d10* Instead of 2 lightning bolts or Trident attacks, Voltrix can channel her electrical charge into a cone of lightning 60′ long by 30′ wide at the base. (Evasion. 2 Electrical.)

Electro Trident: Might (Martial Arts) +d8 May attack twice per round OR 1 Trident strike + 1 Lightning Bolt. Trident does (Reach, 2 Electrical.)

Summon 3d6 Storm Putties (Stats as Z Putty Patrollers.)

Storm Rage: Once per scene Voltrix can unleash a devastating electrical tornado Large Base Evasion Electrical 3 under Voltrix’s direct control for 3 rounds. Movement 40’/round.

Drain Electrical Sources: Voltrix may heal 1 Health per turn from a high powered electrical source such as high tension power lines, breaker boxes, voltage transformers, etc.

Dissipate: At 1 Health Voltrix will dissipate into a cloud of electricity and become intangible. She can reform after 9 days at full health.

If Voltrix can be knocked to the ground, she loses 1 Health per turn until she is back in the air.

Likewise if she can be caged by metal or gets too close to a large conductive surface (Copper, Gold, etc) she will be stunned while in contact.

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