Life Updates

This might become a regular thing. Sorry, family. I’ve been busy with just… life. Darn. Took a night off. Turns out broken sleep and three days of work set off a pain flare. I held down the couch. Made a D&D character. Watched a movie. Nothing overly spiritual here. Or is it? Really, you can […]

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Expanding Friends Group

One of the components of Goodness in The Six Habits includes things such as expanding your group of friends to include more positive, like-minded people. Other sources have said, “Your tribe is your vibe (and vice versa.)” Following that example, I’ve been reaching out more. For example, I’ve been following Shane Hawk, aka The Spirit […]

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Am I Just Posing?

I got hit with a short of awkward epiphany today. I’m not the only person out there writing about spiritual topics or self development. WTAF am I doing here? I’m not super competitive like I was back in the day. In fact if someone does something better, I honestly congratulate him/her and are if I […]

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