Available for work.

If you need/want help with your spiritual or UFO/UAP related business, I’m here for you.

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UFO/UAP Discussion Part 2.

“UNIDENTIFIED” First, a brief glossary:Unidentified Flying Object (UFO): Pretty much what it sounds like. There’s a thing in the air and we don’t know what it is, exactly. Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: There’s something going on in the air, and we have no idea what it is. Could also include certain types of weather effects. Really […]

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UFO/UAP Discussion

The above photo took me about 15 minutes to make in 3D Paint. It was done to look intentionally fake and should not be mistaken for the real thing- ever. But I wanted to get the ball rolling. If I really put some time and effort into it, could I have created something that looked […]

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