A Man without a Country

Every time I see one of those cute concentric circles on Twitter with everyone’s massive friends groups and it brings back that tired old feeling left over from grade school. You know. The kid that’s always the last one picked? That’s me. Story of my life. No lie, I remember a couple of times in middle school and high school when they completely skipped me, leaving me without a team.

We humans are social animals. I guess.

It’s funny. Every time I see one of those cute concentric circles on Twitter with everyone’s massive friends groups and it brings back that tired old feeling left over from grade school. You know. The kid that’s always the last one picked? That’s me. Story of my life. No lie, I remember a couple of times in middle school and high school when they completely skipped me, leaving me without a team.

I’m here to tell you. That sh*t hurt! It’s one thing to get picked last. I get that. I mean, someone has to be last, right? Sure. But not to get chosen at all? Ouch. That was somewhat trauma-inducing. Science is now showing that stuff stays with us all the way into adulthood.

I’ve always had trouble making friends.

Maybe it’s astrological. I’m a Cancer. We don’t necessarily socialize well.

Maybe it’s divine. Maybe it’s just in my soul contract that I’m not designed to be super popular or even have a ton of friends. Why did I sign up for that? Who the heck knows? I’ll let you know when I see my Akashic Record. There’s bigger mysteries out there, I suppose.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in plenty of communities, at least on social media. Plenty of people know me on social media, or my persona, anyway. I just always have to wonder, if I closed my accounts today, would anyone notice? I’m still around, but it makes me wonder.

Ufology is kind of a split community. You’ve got the nuts-and-bolts crowd, the spiritual crowd, and the conspiracy crowd. There’s also the “abduction”/contactee/experiencer community, which is almost a group unto itself. There are some overlaps. We all want the government to cough up what they know. Everything else is pretty much up for grabs as to how and why. After the Añjali thing, I’m not sure if any of us will ever be right again.

The “New Age” spiritual community has its own special share of differing opinions. There are so many variations on how, what, and who to believe it’s hard to pin anything down beyond a mutual love of each other and Source. Again, there’s a lot of overlap, but then it gets wild.

Writers are a funny lot. Sure, we encourage each other. But at the same time, there’s always a subtle air of mistrust and competition. It’s like I hope you do well, but don’t steal my stuff! Overall, writers can be a pretty aloof bunch. Not really my jam, but I like NaNoWriMo.

Back to my own roots.

After a somewhat rocky couple of months in the Ufology community, I took an extended break. I went back and visited my friends in the worlds of tabletop roleplaying games. The Dungeons & Dragons crowd is relatively warm and welcoming. I guess 40+ years of being mocked, picked-on, and called names makes for solid bonding amongst fellows. I know D&D is currently riding the wave of popularity, but even after the wave subsides, we’ll still have a hobby.

Sure, conflicts arise in any group, but how they are handled within the community is what defines it. Gamers eventually forgive and forget most offenses. It’s just easier to move on and keep having fun than hold grudges over what is supposed to be a social exercise.

That having been said, do I have a group? Yeah. My family. I’m happy, grateful and proud my kids are picking up the hobby. I have plenty of folks I know on Twitter and Instagram in the hobby. But, again… besties? Well, not so much.

The lesson here is: Don’t put too much stock in what people on social media think.

I like social media, generally speaking. I spend some time on there. Sure, who doesn’t? I mean, there are probably plenty of people, but I think a lot of folks do have some contact with one of the big social media platforms.

It’s not the end-all and be-all of modern existence. A lot of spiritual folk will tell you to detox from social media by taking some time off or deleting it altogether. Ironically, they usually spread the word using one of those social media platforms. But do as they say, and not as they do, right? It’s good advice. I take week long breaks from time to time.

At the end of all this, I’m still a beautiful divine being having a (somewhat mediocre, shitty,) physical experience. I don’t 100% need or even want social acceptance or even contact of any kind some days. Sorta makes me wonder if I have a form of undiagnosed autism or something… I wonder if I’ll ever have any kind of meaningful impact on society or anyone, ever as far as that goes. If a light goes on in the forest and there are no squirrels around to see it, do any woodland creatures notice?

There is more to this acceptance story as it relates to work. We’ll examine that idea in another article this week. Wait until I get on a tear about being hired… Until then, take care.

See you in another article real soon!

About That Monetization

I don’t have a Patreon, VenMo, GoFundMe, or anything on Kickstarter.

A couple of articles back, I mentioned a quandary when it comes to monetization. Well, let’s go into that a little deeper. Because, I love money. I love what money can do. I want to put that energy to good use. BUT, like many spiritual beings on this Earth, I have a very hard time asking for it.

This is why I don’t have a Patreon, VenMo, GoFundMe, or anything on Kickstarter. One, I don’t offer any service that I could charge money for. I mean, I’m sure WordPress doesn’t mind the ads being here, but I’m not making any real money. And second, Spirituality is FREE! Believe me when I say, finding yourself and finding your place in the Universe costs nothing in terms of money. Do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise.

I recently went rounds with a popular guru/yogi with a Lamborghini/self-titled millionaire with a cult-like following on Facebook and elsewhere. I asked very pointedly if he ever actually worked a day at a real job in his life. I’m a bit frustrated with these Law of Attraction folks who really seem to be living in a whole different reality than the rest of us. Sometimes there’s a backstory that we just don’t get from some of them.

I know a couple of these LoA types that suddenly sprang up into millionaire-dom. Millionaire-ity? Millionaire status. There we go. Nothing wrong with that, but I really get the impression that maybe there’s a little more going on that we, the viewing public, are aware of. Or maybe they’re not really millionaires at all. Regardless, some of them seen to have absolutely no idea how real people live. And that’s not to disrespect the rich, that’s just the facts at hand.

Why does a spiritual millionaire need to charge $11,000 for a life coaching course? Or why does a different one charge $500 for a business success course easily worth ten times that? Why does a super-powerful LoA guru have a vast network of people begging strangers for money every chance they get. And does it look like I’m made of money?

Does it look like I’m made of money?
Not a “Lack mindset,” just realistic, folks. I’m a real person.

Seriously, if I had a heap of cash lying around that my kids hadn’t claimed and my wife didn’t already have plans/bills for, maybe I’d spend $500 and learn six easy steps to becoming a spiritual millionaire. But, because I have responsibilities and a job (that I loathe) out in the real world, that ain’t happening.

And of course, Mr LoA guru will just say I’m not serious enough, or I’m butt-hurt because I can’t afford him or I’m just free-loading or whatever the excuse is. Yes, I know the difference between an abundance mindset vs a lack mindset or lack mentality when I see it. Believe me, I’ve seen a God’s-plenty of lack over the years growing up and starting a family. Not just myself, either, but those around me. I’m so happy and grateful for what I have. Make no mistake.

But what I’m trying to get at is that “Love and Light” should not be all about the $Benjamins$. I have defied these LoA folks time and time again to show me ONE, just ONE shining example of a working-class stiff who became a millionaire without spending his life savings on a “wealth and success coach.” And it’s the same running gag over in the spirituality community. It’s the overlap between LoA and spirituality. Honestly, sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach.

This spirituality for profit is a get-rich-quick scheme. Organized religion has had this same scam going for thousands of years. Follow us. Donate to us. Believe all the dogma. Drink your Kool-aid. Continue to contribute to society the same way you have for centuries, but don’t forget to give til it hurts.

You don’t need a spiritual awakening to stay a part of the ho-hum status quo, family. If one wishes to go one day to the next doing the same old rinse-n-repeat every day, that’s cool. It’s not my shtick. But there’s better, and if you’re here, you probably realize that.

So, I don’t have a problem with you if you sell your course and any price. I don’t mind if you offer up you $11K mentoring program. You won’t catch me doing any of that. I won’t offer it. I probably shell out for it.

This is an energetic exchange between myself and the author, to whom I pretty much owe my well-being. I don’t know how else to explain it, but again- no monetary profit here for me and keeping it that way!

Do I often show off The Six Habits? Darn right! But that’s different from what I’m talking about. And again, I make not a single dime in profit from this. In fact, I probably owe Laura more than I could ever pay her in cash. And we’ll get into that more in another entry. But if you’re looking to invest a few buck in self development- it’s a great way to go.

Getting back to my original point. I don’t begrudge anyone what they are doing. I’m just telling you from first hand experience, that there is nothing I can teach you that you can’t learn for yourself; intellectually or spiritually. And that’s why I’m not asking for money on my website, Patreon, or anywhere else. I hereby promise to never offer up any “exclusive content” or anything else that I wouldn’t happily explain for FREE!

Much love. Til next time.

Back to School Part 2

I AM grateful that my children are learning. There is so much to be grateful for. Truly.

When last we left our heroes, they were facing down a dire plague of the ages, an intragnizent governor, and the Des Moines School board. How to do this from a neutral space? How do we do what’s best for the kids and for ourselves?

Quick recap for those unfamiliar with the situation here in Iowa this year. According to Covid-1984 statistics, Iowa has one of the highest rates of new cases not just in the nation, but in the world. At one point, our little state was at the top of the charts, ahead of entire countries that have staggeringly low GNPs and not much for health care.

Almost smack dab in the middle of the U.S.A.
Graphic c/o OnTheWorldMap.com

See, we have this governor here in Iowa, Kim Reynolds, (Who has no end of nicknames around here and is the subject of many, many memes on the Internet,) who in her absolute lack of wisdom or regard for the peoples’ lives she is affecting daily, is pushing super hard to open everything back up. This woman does not seem to be listening to the thousands of voices telling her to stop, wait, think, or do what is best for the state. But, she’s a Republican and bound and determined to be Trump’s number one gal. It’s like she has a position elsewhere pending his reelection in November. And that’s assuming we get that far.

No lie, family. I’m looking to vote for candidate None-Of-The-Bloody-Above this election. Without going too much farther on a tangent, 2020 has already seen enough disasters, and we’re planning this one called the US Election. Governor Reynolds isn’t even up for election this time around. We’re stuck with her for two more years at minimum. Not that anyone in this house voted for her originally. (She was Lt Governor under Terry Branstad.) So, we have a president that makes us a laughing stock of the international community and a governor that makes us a laughing stock of most of the country over Covid-1984.

My health is fine currently. Except for the minor fact that I’m “immune compromised” about three times over… This seems grim.

The Des Moines School Board released their epic Return To Learn plan clear back in July, iirc? Then Governor Reynolds stepped up and decided we needed to go back 100% in person. No hybrid plan. No online learning. 100% in-freakin-person!

If you’ve ever listened to a school board meeting, you know that they’re a bit bland to downright cringeworthy to begin with. My wife and I listened to the one where they decided it would be a good plan to send the kids back in October. Somewhat in defiance of the governor but mostly compliant with what the judge had asked for, depending on the assessment of more statistics and the establishment of these metrics… blah, blah, blah…

This battle has been raging three weeks into the school year already. As I mentioned in a prior post, I don’t think online learning is working so well around here. I have a kid who is literally flunking all of his classes because he’s more focused on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang than US History. Go figure, right? Personally, I’d rather deal with him than our kindergartener any and every day. <shudder>

To add to the absolute ridiculousness that is the Covid-1984 dilemma, my wife, the teacher, is also immune compromised from diabetes, Celiac, and some other things. She’s been watching this whole drama play out with the governor, the statistics and the school board with much more anger and zeal that I have. On top of doing her job from home and wrangling the kids while I sleep. Truthfully, she deserves a medal. But we’re a lot concerned about her going back to a public school setting and what it means for her and the kids to be getting exposed day in and day out.

If you have children, you know they tend to be the best germ spreaders out there. Day care, school, and extracurricular sporting events along with anywhere else one might encounter children are all excellent places for new germs to be introduced to the children. Then the lil tykes come home. Then mom and dad get exposed to literally all of it. We have four kids and a teacher here. I might be getting a little concerned right about now.

Whether you believe Covid-1984 is a real thing or not, people are getting sick from something. Compared to tuberculosis or the measles, maybe it’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records yet, but it’s still a contagious disease. My doctor, in a written letter to my employer said, I have a “significant risk of death” if I catch this thing. Diabetes, stomach issues, and fibromyalgia/arthritis all do a number on my immune system. I don’t get much exposure at work, so that just leaves us the other five options I live with. Up until now, it hasn’t been a huge concern.

What are the spiritual implications to all of this? Because there are spiritual connotations in quite literally everything. This has been a difficult and trying time for all of us. Maybe that’s one point among many. Maybe Source/God/the Universe is testing us.

It has been very tough to remain neutral. I used to be, and it has improved a great deal, such a very negative person. But I’ve learned I’m not a victim. I’m a strong, sovereign being of love and light having a temporary human experience. Okay, not all is rosy all the time, but can we move through it? Of course we can. I chose to be here at this time.

Sure, I have opinions. There are days my Higher Self is probably having some sort of conniption fit up there. It’s part of the 3D experience to form opinions and have feelings about things. But I really do work toward coming back to at least neutral ground.

I AM grateful for my continued good health. I AM grateful that my wife is okay. I AM grateful that we all remain safe here at home for another week or two. I AM grateful we’re all still safe under one roof. I AM grateful that my children are learning. There is so much to be grateful for. Truly.

I’ve done my utmost to stay away from mainstream news for many years. Whether it’s part of my spiritual calling or just the plain fact that I burned out on it after years of being in journalism. I’m very much happier for it. I know about the school board thing because the public schools are great at keeping us notified of such events, and my wife is a public school teacher.

Politics is another sore subject that I’ve been steadily detoxing from my life for years now. As my spiritual education has progressed, the less political I become. My UFO Disclosure and “conspiracy” community is pro Q-Anon and somewhat pro-Trump. Much of the spiritual community is pro-Democrat or very liberal. Any more, I endeavor to be as open-minded and neutral as possible to everyone’s point of view. Everyone has their good points.

So, in the end, I’m very in favor of remaining safe. I intend to stay safe. I intend for my family to stay safe and healthy. I pray for peace all over the world. (There’s another subject for later.) We will get through 2020. We will get through the school year. In the end, we will all be stronger for the experience. Stay strong. Stay safe. Have faith.

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