Fibro “my” algia

It’s a pain in my neck and everywhere else. Literally.

I don’t wish this thing on anyone.

Ever have a bout of the flu where it hurts to get out of bed because you feel like you’ve been beaten with a sack of hammers? Not to identify too closely with the diagnosis, but that’s what I feel like every day. Some days, it’s one hammer at a time and those hammers are huge.

Some days are better than others. The last couple of days qualify under “others.” Yup, I’ve been down and out. I’m just grateful to be alive.

For those who know, there are a host of other fun issues that come with chronic pain like depression, neuropathy, and brain fog. It will never be mistaken for a fun time. Oh, and what’s even more fun is when people attempt to tell me that only women have this problem. Surprise. No, guys have it too. Maybe guys don’t talk about it as much.

Anyway, that’s my short personal share for the day. More to come. I really want to finish a couple of D&D adventures in the next day or two. I’ve got #FlashFicFeb day 3 coming up soon, and I’m working on some Power Rangers stuff although it would be amazing if Renegade would answer my requests for customer service, post my review, contact me… I’m also itching to get some other games rolling if I have the time and energy. So many projects, so little time. See ya soon.

I’m Here Today

Because I’m home from my regular job. I stayed home because when I woke up for work, I could barely move. I was feeling exhaustion on a whole new level. It was a long, painful, tiresome day leading up to that moment when I called my boss and said I was staying home.

My brain fog seems to have cleared out, mostly, and that is most definitely a good thing. My spirit guides and higher self sort of nudged me toward my laptop tonight. I just felt the need to put some words down on, well, not-paper. Uh. Pixels? The page, regardless.

I have heard, from one of my Earthly teachers that you should always “sell” stories that reflect who you really are. You should always tell your story. Well, I’m not trying to sell anything here, family. If someone wanted to kindly pick me up as a copywriter, I would probably welcome the opportunity, sure.

So, here I am. Let’s take this a bit deeper down the philosophical and energetic rabbit hole for a moment. The energetic expression that refers to itself as “I” or “me” in this now moment of time and space is visible to others in this medium. In other words, from the perspective of higher, light-bodied beings, the ball of light that I am is flashing/glowing/being in it’s pattern that identifies its unique expression of self.

As Eckhart Tolle probably doesn’t read my blog yet, I’ll try to explain. Once you leave the Earth Plane, so we’ll say Fifth Dimensional existence and up, words as we use them don’t exist. Thought patterns appear as wave forms and energetic structures, as far as we know. So, the individual expression of oneself must appear within whatever energetic rules exist in that dimensional level of being. Time is another sticky subject all around that I am only barely becoming aware-of, so I’m not going to even try to go there right now.

Photo by Zsu00f3fia Fehu00e9r on

Using the picture above to illustrate my point, if each ghosty above had a glow like a ball of Christmas tree lights was jammed up inside of it, and we all “spoke” in light flashes to understand one another, communication becomes faster, easier, and deeper very quickly.

The spiritual experts, gurus, etc all say that we only remember a fraction of who/what we really are while incarnated on this 3D Earthly plane of existence. We have to play be the rules of this plane, so solid matter, audio/visual communication, gravity, separate identity of self, and so forth. Separation and duality are the two we have stumbled over the most in 2020.

This is a little bit of who I am, I suppose. Maybe my grammar and syntax are a little messed up at times. Sometimes I literally put words down on the computer faster than if I’m stopping to think about what I’m saying. It’s like the words were already there and I’m just remembering what I was going to type. Sometimes it’s more like a gentle etheric prodding to say certain things.

Guess I’m going back to my night off now. Sleep calls again. Sending you all love and light.

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