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How does school compete with PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, IPhone or YouTube? Short answer- it doesn’t. And now we’re going back in person. We may very well have Corona virus Among Us very soon here at my house on top of the other school failures this year.

My kids are getting ready to go back to school under what is called, “The Hybrid Model.” Up until now, they’ve been virtual exclusively, which, really has been a blessing in disguise. My wife is a teacher, so she’s been home as well. We live in a state where the Covid numbers are world renowned. Without getting into the drama that has been our school season thus far, it’s been way more safe having everyone at home. Better yet, I’ve gotten some insight into our school system.

It makes me cringe. I’m truly praying for whatever “Event” is due to reset the planet as prophesied elsewhere by numerous spiritual experts. Whether it be the economic reval, suddenly unexpected 5D Ascension, the straight-up apocalypse, grand solar flash, or whatever it takes. If our US Dept of Education had been on the ball, they could have completely re-written our education system to be amazing.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com
Totally not one of my kids…

This is political, yet not really. Education is a mixed bag of federal, state, local, and even school specific rules, funding, and issues here in Iowa. Everything, literally everything related to going back to in-person school is tied to the school admins specifically. I get trying to prevent the spread of the virus. I get that we took a pencil-and-paper curriculum and attempted to make it fit a virtual setting. But what they’re doing going back to school here in Des Moines is straight ridiculous! They fought not to go back repeatedly- and failed.

So, starting today, my youngest two children in the house, the two who are most likely to catch anything/everything are going back to school and after school child care. My wife is going back to teach her special ed kids (literally, not figuratively) and I’m here with the older two doing virtual school. That’s okay, the rotation changes mid-week, meaning I’ll be ready for the nut farm by Saturday easily.

Communicating by BitMoji for the rest of this article. I just can’t seem to find any good pics that sum up the sad sauce that is the school system these days.
I might joke around a little bit, but this is serious.

Of course, assuming no one brings the Corona critters home to make Dad sick. My wife and I are both immune compromised to the nines by Diabetes and other exciting things. I’m already avoiding some things like the literal plague. There’s fear and then there’s just plain intelligent. It’s like I’m unafraid of getting shot, but I’m not going to run out into the middle of a gunfight buck-naked yelling “Shoot me! Shoot me! Shoot me!, ” either. Let’s be reasonable. So, the Des Moines School Board has offered to “help” by inviting all kinds of new and old germs into our house. Thanks guys.

But virtual learning has taught me that our whole education system needs overhauling from the lowest level on up. I have sat with all but one of our children for an extended period of time listening to what they call their curriculum. I have one kid who can operate independently enough that I don’t have to threaten “Dad School.”

Really, I’m a big softie, but don’t tell their Mom. *Wink. Wink.*

How well does modern American schooling stack up in terms of the rest of the world? Really? Last I heard we were falling behind other civilized nations in terms of math, science and even literacy. It’s sad to say, but I understand why now that I’ve been home with these guys for seven plus months. Look what these teachers are competing with. No, I don’t mean Britain, Japan, China and Germany. I mean Iphone, Android, YouTube, Nintendo and Playstation. Our 11 and 14 year olds are at the top of the curve in terms of literacy from hours playing video games plus mom and dad making them read good old timey printed books.

At least the kids are learning to read. On the other hand, their writing skills are a big more cringey. I don’t mean handwriting, I mean the simple ability to compose full, meaningful sentences and paragraphs. That brings me to my two younger kids. My poor nine year old has spent the school year so far learning about poetry vs prose. I’m all about culture, but in the condensed, virtual, online, worldwide web world, does that sh*t even matter any more? How important is it when this kid goes to look for a job in ten years? Last I checked, McDonald’s doesn’t ask “Do you know what the difference between poetry and prose?” Reading comprehension is vital, sure. But job applications, rent applications, and tax forms do not look like poetry or prose and I never learned to read doing that stuff, anyway. (We can talk about comic and game book learning some other day. LOL!)

My kindergartener… God save us all. He will have little to no access to writing when they go back today. The online learning portion of the show on the days they aren’t in school is null from what we’re hearing and Covid restrictions are going to completely kill any pen-and-paper learning in the classroom, or writing on the dry erase board. I’ve had to sit through several hours of this arf-arf letter learning on YouTube and what passes for math. The child learned more in on afternoon of Dad School than he did all week in an online class with almost 30 kids in it.

Aside from socialization, I see almost no benefit in sending the kid back to what is basically over glorified day care. The kindergarten teacher my son has could really care less from what I’ve seen. Which, the sentiment is mutual. I could care less that the school pageant or their 1,001 “charity” fundraisers are going away. (Although I’m sure they’ll keep finding ways to beg for money.) School has completely gone to pieces for the year as it is. Why the heck do we have to go through the added stress and strain of “hybrid” learning and in-person classes? Oh, wait. Because our governor said so. Highest Covid numbers in America, rivalling entire countries globally…

We saw it with my wife’s special ed kids. They would literally be doing anything and everything but learning whatever science, reading or social skills lesson was presented. PS 4, texting (sadly,) and the wonderful world of Nintendo are way more captivating. I find it ironic that these kids know how to text, but try getting them to record a video, (not even write a sentence on paper or type one in somewhere) summarizing something they just had literally read to them. Yikes. But guaranteed that kid can whoop my butt on MK11 if presented the opportunity.

My wife keeps reminding me to behave myself with this article. Pfft. I ain’t even warmed up yet.

IF my loving wife wasn’t a public school teacher, no kidding around, I’d yank these kids into straight up home schooling so fast the school admins’ heads would spin 360 degrees. I’d quit my job tomorrow if I thought I could help my own children out. I would be pretty loud about it, too. We won’t even get into their bullsh*t Covid precautions that turn the schools into Orwell’s 1984 all over again. We won’t even mention that all but High School athletics are pretty much done for the year. Let’s not even mention that my child with a 504 plan has been given zero leeway by teachers in the online learning environment. (It’s easier just to flunk kids now, apparently.) The sad, sick part of this whole debacle, virus threat aside, is that it has been a major wake up call to parents on every level that our school system is falling the flying f*ck apart on us! Something truly needs to be done.

But what to do with these kids? I thought you’d never ask. It’s not as hippie-dippie, woo-woo fruity as one might imagine give my usual spiritually centered nature. I’ll cover that in another article. Pretty sure I’ve already cheesed off every teacher and school administrator who gets wind of this. No sense doing some more damage.

Yes. YOU Matter!!!

Peace, love and understanding are at the core of spirituality.

Warning! **This post contains language and subjects that will trigger sensitive readers. NOT suitable for anyone under the age of 18. NOT suitable for anyone sensitive to trauma. NOT joking!**

I mean this in the most innocent, loving, peaceful and sincere way.

I posted to Instagram back in June. Remember June? Back when the world was going T-Total-apeshit-bonkers? This was actually a re-post from my friend @methodicalrose_30. At the time, I didn’t think it needed a trigger warning, disclaimers or exceptions listed.

I understand Black Lives Matter. Regardless of which theories and facts surround the organization, the sentiment remains true. Black Lives Matter.

So, the other night I had my first real… we’ll say “detractor.” I didn’t even report the comment to Instagram. The person in question should thank me. I deleted, un-followed, blocked and removed said perpetrator.

The detractor’s logic goes as follows- by saying “All lives matter” I must mean every serial killer, rapist, child molester, human trafficker, mass murderer, Nazi and Satanic cannibal’s life matters, too. And that makes me no better than they are. This person even went so far to accuse me of “f*cking little kids” among other things. This individual even went on to insult my spirituality, call me stupid, say I knew nothing of science… I don’t remember what all else because I was too busy deleting his/her bullshit to read it all.

Here’s the original comment I added to my post.

Me, the guy with four kids of my own. It seems shocking that anyone could say that.

Part of being spiritually “awakened” is also becoming privy to some pretty sick information on the side of nice, pleasant, good, etc. I’ve seen things, heard things, and researched some pretty stomach-turning shit in the last three years. Things I can’t even bear to repeat in my own mind. Seriously, I’ve seen information that makes me want to give up on humanity altogether.

Does anyone really believe I would EVER hurt a child?!? I certainly hope not! I’m not blind. I know what kind of depravity is out there. I know what kinds of things can happen and that’s why I love my kids and hug them that much tighter every day.

Do I side with all these people who commit really perverse, misguided, and despicable acts? HELL NO! Were they people at one time? Yeah. They still are, technically.

Here’s a tough blue pill to swallow for some people- we’re ALL one with the Universe. At some point we ALL return to Source. Even the “bad” people are going to return to the fold some day. Remember, it is often said everyone is you pushed out. In other words, ALL lives do matter in a spiritual, esoteric sense.

However, there are Universal Laws. The Law of Balance and the Law of Vibration just to name two of them. I believe the Universe is a benevolent and forgiving place. Karma and general comeuppance will catch up with those who harm others. God IS watching!

This is my other comment. Remember, back in June.

I always think of Matthew 25:40. “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers,f you did it to me.’”

Peace, love and understanding are at the core of spirituality. Universal love and harmony are just that. Even toward the people we don’t necessarily like. Again, kind of a tough lesson. I struggle with it myself some days.

The other half of the post that my detractor must have skipped entirely. Because, this is rule #1.

None of us is perfect. If you noticed the pic above, my phone drops a ton of typos that I don’t always catch. But let’s talk about intention for a minute.

Do I go out of my way to hurt or offend people? No. Is it going to happen sometimes? Probably. Am I willing to discuss things in a calm and reasonable fashion? Sure. Let’s just not drag this down into name-calling and hating on each other, okay? Seriously.

I took the post down for a while after this happened. Luckily, some of my Insta-fam talked me into putting in back up right away. But I have to say I am a little concerned even now that I might have offended some folks and that was not my intention.

That’s where we get into my last major point. Ironically, I had just talked to someone about this on Instagram a couple of days before all of this. Simply- If someone is triggered to the point of screaming profanity and calling me a “Satanic pedophile cannibal” or whatever, they are simply reflecting their own issues using me as a mirror. Again, tough to swallow no matter how unkind or untrue.

Egoically, it’s extremely hard to understand. Why does God tolerate evil? Because He gave us free will, choices and consequences. I don’t always understand why. I don’t always agree with it, but that’s how it is.

Today is a new day. I’ve recovered from this whole Insta foul-up. I’ve let it go with love and light. Probably won’t be the last time it happens. When you write, you get detractors, critics, and naysayers. Add in the anonymity of the internet and sprinkle in the wackiness of social media and all kinds of crazy stuff happens.

In closing, I’ll say be Love and Light. Please, be good to one another. Stay positive. Stay safe. More to come.

Simpler Times?

…things predicted for 2020 in the game- Large corporations have basically taken over the world, government is crumbling and civil unrest is everywhere.

Back in the day I used to be really big on a game called Cyberpunk 2020. It is a tabletop roleplaying game centered around a dystopian future where Megacorporations run everything, Governments are destabilized and the US is fragmented into different territories. It’s not the bright and shiny future, but it’s not exactly the apocalypse yet, either. The “cyber” (cyborg) is because the replacement of body parts with various enhanced prosthesis had become commonplace. The “punk” came from the groups of people dissatisfied with the corps, the cops, the government or whomever and took up arms against them, or sometimes just for profit.

Cyberpunk 2020 RPG
R Talsorian Games

No, this isn’t my gamer blog. For many years, since high school all the way up through about 2000, that was pretty much my philosophy. Corporations are evil. Government is just a big corporation, and well, I don’t much care for cops, either. That was the old paradigm, anyway.

What changed? I started having children. Suddenly another good old paradigm came into play- If you have a family, you have to have a job, right? And that thought construct could be stretched even further to say- if you have to be a breadwinner, sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, like have a stable job that pays well. No more chasing dreams or rebelling against the system.

While I don’t have a metallic spine and artificial pancreas, the device in my hand is about a thousand times more powerful than the computers we had back in the 1980’s. Most of western culture is immersed in the internet. Paper is somewhat a thing of the past and Bio Diesel and Ethanol have become a large part of the fuel industry. My least favorite things predicted for 2020 in the game- Large corporations have basically taken over the world, government is crumbling and civil unrest is everywhere.

I spoke to Mike Pondsmith many years ago. I asked about the evolution of CP2020 from the original Cyberpunk 2013 edition. He said plainly, “The times just caught up to us.” And it’s happened with various incarnations of the game. We’re up to Cyberpunk 2077 now, I think? And while the transhumanist agenda hasn’t quite taken hold, many things predicted in the game have come to fruition in 2020.

Photo by ahmed adly on Pexels.com

Worse yet, to me, is that I effectively sold out to a large corporation. In my defense, I did start as a custodian there. I have lots of love for anyone doing that job, especially these days. And then, the best/worst thing possible happened- I got transferred to the fuel department as a dispatcher.

Yay promotion! Great for the family! Sour as all get-out for the soul. Still is. Yes, I’m a soul having a human experience, but I’m here to tell ya, this human experience has fallen on some pretty suckie times. I mean, I used to simply believe being a cubicle inmate was a bad way to go out. And, really that hasn’t changed.

Here’s where the kinda deeper conflict comes in. Cognitive dissonance, even. Existential dissonance, one might say. I have a family to take care of, and I love them, but I still refuse to believe man should be stuck in a cubicle, living to turn in spreadsheets and emails at the end of the day. It was such a simple ideal to carry when I was young and unattached.

Just about the time I am firmly convinced the upper-middle management overlords are going to finally drop the bomb on me, boot me out of the office, let me be free- I find out I’m working just hard enough to keep the job. More to come…

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