Oh Freedom Day!


I’ve been liberated from the grind of 12 hour work days for three months!

I want to preface this with the thought: Be responsible! Don’t do anything rash on account of what somebody on the Internet said. I wouldn’t be here right now were it not for the kindness and understanding of my family. For that I am extremely grateful.

If you’re working hard to keep food on the table, keep going. You got this!

Things I’m grateful for since freedom came to me:

  • I’m my own boss and my own employee of the month.
  • Freedom from McCorporate Team environment.
  • The slow 12 hour workday trudge to the grave is no more.
  • Time for my family.
  • Time for my own health and sanity.
  • Setting my own schedule.
  • Deciding my own fate over putting money in their pockets.

Hallelujah! I am so happy and grateful to be free on this day! This is proof that the Law of Attraction really does work. It’s not always easy or painless, but it does come together in its own special way. We live in a benevolent Universe. I believe in good things and they are there for me. I AM realistic. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!

I’ve worked toward manifesting this moment right here, right now. I’m my own boss, working my own hours, reporting to me. I’m my own employee of the month. This guy is truly moving onward and upward. I give me all kinds of praise and good reviews. Gotta keep that vibration up, though.

My Chairman of the Board. Taken from my mobile office/studio. I love this guy!

I’m so happy and grateful to be free from the corporate environment. If that’s your thing, great. You do that. Me? I’m my own boss. Technically still unemployed by the current socioeconomic cultural matrix standards, but that’s their label, not mine. I find things that are awesome about me.

It’s like finding inner peace on a whole new level. I set my own standards for success. I’m happy being me. It’s beautiful. There’s no one breathing down my neck. There are no performance “SMART” goals. No upper-middle-lower management clowns to bug me. No one setting standards they can’t meet themselves. My life is beautiful now that the greasy corporate mentality is all washed out of my system. I only get on my own case if I need to, and I’m learning to be more gentle with myself.

Teams? I’m it. It’s just me. The whole corporate team concept is broken. I’ve seen it fall apart or just plain fail for over 20 years now. You have a group of five to ten employees (sorry, “teammates” because we can’t just call people what they are) sitting around a table, forced to make small talk and participate in fakey fake team-building exercises that no one truly enjoys, and then one or two people end up doing any real work. It’s sad. I’m so happy and grateful to be a one man show.

I’m going to do a whole article on why the team thing doesn’t work. I’ve always had problems with it as a sociologist. It looks great on paper, but then you come out here in the real world and well, it looked great on paper.

Photo by Vinta Supply Co. | NYC on Pexels.com

I’m so happy and grateful to be free of “the trudge.” I report to me, on my time, and I love it! I know I say it a lot. Before I started working toward manifesting my dreams, it was a long, slow, painful, miserable, insufferable trudge toward the grave. Every day and night looked the same. Now every day- Every. Single. Day. is an adventure! Sometimes it’s just a nap with the cats or sitting on the couch while scarfing junk food and playing video games, but I’m allowed some free time. I’m excited to wake up in the morning. It’s genuine.

Time for my family is very important to me and I am grateful now that I have more of it. I missed out on over a decade with my three older boys while I was working nights. I’m happy to be free to take them to school, pick them up, and just spend some quiet time with them. I see more of my wife now. I’m happy to be supportive on the home front.

Time for my own health and sanity is so amazing now! I suffered so much at my last job, I mean truly suffered, that I put myself back in therapy. I’m still dealing with some psychological junk in the trunk, sure. I still have chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression issues. Sure. that’s the tired old labels talking. Here’s the kicker- I’m healing. I don’t have to rush out the door after barely having enough time to eat, sleep, shower, and maybe wave at my family on the way by. I’m here to tell you, being free is its own reward.

I get to decide when I eat, work, even nap now. My wife is about the only person who gets to object to anything, and she’s pretty cool about my schedule most days. Thanks, Honey!

It might not make sense to a lot of people. Many do work weird rotating 4 x 12 hour nights or some other freaky calendar nightmare. We can still exchange knowing looks. Working oddball, non-nine-to-five hours really can take a toll on one’s sanity. I’m glad to be free. I’m still and always will be a Nocturnal American, though.

I’m looking at NaNoWriMo next month as a serious possibility. Pretty sure I can hit word counts and page goals per day and then some. It’s just so nice to be able to sit down and work on things without all the pressure. My wife might roll her eyes, but I can make it work. It’s ideal this year, really. You’ll know if I go quiet for all of November.

No longer getting up every day to put money in the pockets of people who don’t care about anyone else.

If I do anything now, it puts money in MY pocket. I love helping people out, sure. That’s what we’re here for. But the thing I’m absolutely loving more than words can tell is that I’m no longer subjected to artificial concepts like sales goals, target savings goals, and other artificial standards that all translate to putting money in some executive’s pockets. Seriously, why bust my hump every night, just so the company I’m working for can outsource everything from custodians to human resources in the name of saving money.

You know who profits from the toils of corporate employees? Corporate executives. These people are no different than anyone else except for the fact that they got a slap on the back and a handshake that put them in a corner office. We no longer live in a world where you work your way to the top from the ground floor. (Not sure if that ever really existed.) These managers and executives don’t care if one of their cubicle inmates works hard or knows what they’re doing. It’s all about the bottom line.

Here’s the kicker- Entrepreneurs worry about their own bottom line. That’s were I am today. That’s the threshold I’m presently standing on. It’s exciting! I’m a writer first and foremost now. The whole profits-before-people thing is dead to me now.

I encourage writers, artists, musicians, dancers and anyone else with a dream to shed the corporate grind and go have a free life. Yes. Be responsible. Take care of yourself and your family first. But beyond that? Please go on out and live your dream life!

Create the life you want to life!

Thank you for being here. Stay safe. See you again soon.

The Work Ethic

I’m starting to sound like the LoA and spiritual folk that I used to rail so hard against just a few short years ago. The ones who regularly encouraged people to quit their jobs? Ya know, those people? I used to go off on them. Now I just want to give everyone a hug and thank them for their patience.

Coming up on a month off work. It’s been interesting. I’m not panicked like I would be normally.

To be brutally honest, I’m not in a hurry to get back to the regular 9-5 grind. Yes, it goes against the stereotypical midwestern Iowa work ethic. No, I’m really not too worried about it.

For the first time ever, I’m going against the grain of the old tried-and-true paradigm of “You gotta work hard every day if you want to succeed in life.”

That tired and blue, worn out, broken old paradigm just needs to be put out to pasture somewhere because it’s bullshit. Pretty sure a bunch of my extended family are rolling over in the grave fast enough to warm the ground above them now. But it’s true. Yes, I know how it sounds.

But here’s why: We were put on this 3D Earth to experience life, not grind away on the same tired old redundant stuff one day after the next until we finally die. Oh, and make sure to get married and have a family as to best pass on the redundant boredom.

Someone is probably saying, “But that’s just lazy. Stop and smell the flowers for a minute and get back to work, deadbeat.”

Please do what you need to do to stay in abundance. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Umm… No. I’m going to avoid going back to a 9-5 day job for as long as I freakin can. (My wife will likely have a conniption of some sort if she reads this. Sorry, Hon.) I just can’t see forcing myself into that old work-a-day grind at this point.

I’m starting to sound like the LoA and spiritual folk that I used to rail so hard against just a few short years ago. The ones who regularly encouraged people to quit their jobs? Ya know, those people? I used to go off on them. Now I just want to give everyone a hug and thank them for their patience.

I always have to add the caveat that if you’re working 9-5 at a job you’re happy in, that’s great for you. Please continue doing so. Yes, make responsible life decisions. Please take care of your family and loved ones the best you can. That’s awesome. Definitely keep that up.

Sounds like I’m becoming a deadbeat communist hippie or something. I still have a family to support. I’m not giving up on business and commerce completely. I just don’t want to go about it in the traditional way. And no, I don’t 100% beyond a doubt have a plan laid out just yet. I just know that the old ways are not for me.

I think a lot of creative people hit the point I’ve reached recently.

I’ve read a lot of work from various entrepreneurs, creatives and self starters with a common theme. In fact, it’s the one I’ve already shared. They got tired of the old paradigm. They got tired of the old 9-5 trap and were not satisfied with it. They started to groove to their own jams. They checked out of the old system. That’s where I strongly feel I am right now. That pinnacle moment where the old has to go and the new needs to be ushered in.

It’s not even that I don’t want to “work hard.”

I will sorta go back on something I said earlier. I want to work hard.

BUT… not just to put more money in someone else’s pockets. Especially not the pockets of some big, slimy, greedy, money-grubbing corporate McShmucks. Never again. Ever. They don’t deserve the time of day. Sorry if I offend.

I mean, I’ll bend over backwards for myself, my family, my clients (if I’m ever so blessed,) even strangers if they need some help. But I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to grind away day after dragging day ever again. If I’m not enthusiastic about what I’m doing, if I have to put on my “game face” just to go to work in the morning- I’m not doing it.

Do I hate money and those who have it?

Yeah. Hi.

Hello. Have we met? If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know what I’m going to say about that. If this is your first time here, welcome. If you’re just scanning my posts looking for something to hold against me, this is a good time to question your ethical compass and why you’re really reading this.

I love money! I love the things it can do for me. I want to feed and educate my kids, keep the lights on, keep my laptop and phone somewhat up to date. I love clothes, books, polyhedral dice and trips. At the beginning I did say we’re here to experience life. Money helps with that. Yay!

And I never begrudge anyone for making money. If you’re the CEO of Giant McMegacorp, good for you. Glad you got where you are. Hope that’s working out well. If you’re a multi-millionaire investor in real estate or some other high finance operation, good for you!

Now, I will say, somewhat contradictorily, that I will take issue if you treat people like dirt. If you’re filthy stinking rich of the blood and tears of others and continue to act like a dictatorial turd, then I will call you out. If you regularly treat your employees like crap and blame them for your perceived failings, we have issues. If your workplace is giving the appearance of thriving on toxic positivity and other ultimately destructive practices, I will shame you to the Nth degree possible.

But even on my worst day since learning about prosperity and the Law of Attraction, have I ever said, “Grr, rich people are bad.”

I mean, for crying out loud. I want to be rich. I’m just going to be super fussy about how I go about it. Believe me, I have an ethical code. Actually, it’s fairly strict. If I can’t go about something the way I think it should be done, I just won’t go about it.

Photo by David McBee on Pexels.com

You just don’t know how to handle money, so you could never be rich.

Bet me. Give me a million or even two million dollars and I’ll put it to work for both of us. Just because I’m not a millionaire now, doesn’t mean I can’t think like one. I’ve done the mindset work. I get what needs to be done. I’ll be grateful and overjoyed for every cent I have every day in every way.

Younger me did not understand a lot of the things I understand today. That’s my answer to why I haven’t done it already. If I had known then what I know how, this would be a different conversation entirely. Hearing abundance LoA talk from a millionaire is a lot different from hearing it coming from me today.

My plan is to take care of basic needs, build, grow, and be as loving and charitable in between as humanly possible. I truly want to give to people, communities, and family as much as possible. My ego is out to prove it can be done with a vengeance. The rest of me just desires peace and prosperity above all else.

Until next time, keep looking up. Be good to one another. Take care.

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