The Great Unicorn Hunt!

Think about it, if unicorns are real, what else exists? If there are unicorns, maybe there are dragons? What about “aliens?” What about God? Can Source coexist with unicorns?

Stick Around for the Big Announcement at the End!

Any semblance to unicorns real or imaginary is purely coincidental. No unicorns were harmed in the writing of this article.

Pretend for a moment that you’re really interested in unicorns. You know, looks like a horse with a horn in the middle of its forehead. You’ve always believed in unicorns, but you’ve never found any real proof that they exist. But in your heart of hearts, you know they’re real and they’re magical. (Still pretending.)

Now, our friend Charlie doesn’t believe in unicorns. In fact, he regularly makes fun of unicorns and us for liking unicorns. He thinks unicorns are stupid and anyone who likes unicorns is hopeful, desperate, or mentally ill.

We also have a friend named Alice. She refuses to believe anything that isn’t written in the Bible. She goes to church twice a week and personally greets everyone at the door. The knows the reverend’s schedule better than he does. Unicorns aren’t in the Bible so they can’t possibly exist as far as Alice is concerned.

One day I come to you and say, “Hey, a unicorn came to me in a dream and showed me the secret location of the Great Magical Unicorn Forest. It’s buried deep in the woods in Colorado and I’m putting together a group to go find it. Of course, being a fellow unicorn fanatic and true believer, you’re automatically coming with me. But what of our unicorn skeptics, Charlie and Alice?

Yes, Really! There is one here.

The unicorn skeptics are faced with a dilemma.

I’m a nice guy. I invite Charlie and Alice to come on the photo safari to the Great Magical Unicorn Forest. Both people are now in a major quandary over this. It’s all over social media. I promised my unicorn friends I wouldn’t reveal the location until my search party was ready to go. Unicorns are very shy and more easily spooked than horses, after all. I mean, they’ve been around for thousands of years and somehow remained the subject of myth and legend. Obviously we want to keep the actual location of the unicorns safe from poachers and other such interlopers.

Charlie absolutely believes I’m certifiable and tries to talk everyone out of coming with me on the unicorn safari. There is absolutely no way me and my rapidly forming unicorn fanatic following could possibly be going to find the real thing. Does Charlie come along for the ride just to prove there isn’t even a horse pasture out there, much less a unicorn? Does he go along for the ride just to poke fun at all of us, “hopeful, desperate and mentally ill” weirdos?

If Charlie is right, and I’m nuts, he gets to have bragging rights for life and I might even get locked up somewhere. At which point I probably deserve it for leading people astray on a wild unicorn safari. Then again, if there are unicorns…

Now Charlie has lost face in the worst possible way. If there are unicorns, what else is out there? Dragons, maybe? What about Pegasus? Years of hardened skepticism, snarky intellectual superiority, and all of that internet trolling goes right down the drain. If unicorns exist, what about aliens, or even God? Charlie isn’t along for the unicorn ride, but he’s watching for the video, audio, pictures, and eyewitness testimony from fifteen plus people afterward.

Unicorn conspiracy theory…

Poor Alice is also in a massive dilemma. She’s facing years of religious dogma and indoctrination being completely, horribly wrong. How could it be? How could the good reverend have ever gotten it wrong. Didn’t all the mythical critters die in the Great Flood in the Bible? There wasn’t room for the unicorns and the dragons on Noah’s Ark. How could there be a magical unicorn forest? This must be the work of the devil. Look, an evil cult even sprung up around the unicorn forest on social media.

Obviously an evil unicorn cult with all of those Instagram followers must be up to no good. We have to speak out against them in church on Sunday. “Unicorns and their long tails, beautiful manes, shiny horns and rainbow farts…they’re just, just… evil? Must be demons or something, right?”

So Alice isn’t coming. She trolls me and my unicorn friends online every chance she gets afterward. She’s on a crusade to get me banned from social media and quotes Bible verses at me every chance she gets. It won’t do any real harm, just not a lot of good, either.

Alice suffers from the same problem a lot of business and religious zealots share. If unicorns are real, what else is real? There’s no keeping the lid on the amount of publicity unicorns are going to receive once this goes public. There is no official government policy on unicorns, even though they have secretly known about the Unicorn Forest since 1947 when it was decided to keep it quiet. Obviously magic poses a massive problem for big business and religion alike. Now all of the stuff they’ve been telling us about “reality” and keeping us chained to their way of doing things, i.e. slowly, painfully and expensively, are going to fall apart.

So the skeptics stay home. The unbelievable photo safari to the Great Unicorn Forest commences. We all have an amazing time riding the unicorns. There’s lots of photo ops, a portable head x-ray to prove they’re legit, and video of famous journalists and fantasy authors riding the unicorns. Unicorn Disclosure happens. All of the skeptics on #unicorntwitter are forever stymied. Big business and organized religion struggle to recover and eventually fail. Hypothetically, my trip to the unicorn forest would turn the world on its ear, right?

Hope you enjoyed my hypothetical scenario, because it’s about to get REAL!
Only it’s not unicorns. It’s legit Higher consciousness Beings!!!

Añjali is now one step closer to her expedition to bring the Beings to the rest of the world. They’ve always been here! But now instead of hearing about them and all of the telepathic contact with a few true believers, we’re going to finally get to know real beings! I’m so excited for Añjali and whatever team we get to meet. This is so amazing!!!

Thank you if you made it this far. I appreciate you! Stay safe. See you again soon.

Let’s Talk About ETs

I’m a being, you’re a being. It defines existence without getting too specific.

Illustration by Jeff Craigmile.
Appears to be the stereotypical Grey “alien.”

This is a BIG issue right now, and getting bigger every day. Are we being visited by intelligences from somewhere from not-Earth? Let me put it this way: THEY NEVER LEFT!!! Earth is literally a cosmic melting pot of different races, species, and beings from all over the Universe.

The Earth is a 4D physical plane of existence, true. Bear in mind, she is also layered in dimensions, somewhat similar to an onion of unseen dimensional realities and planes of being. Then we travel into outer space, which spans an infinite number of light years in every direction. There are billions upon billions of stars with their own systems of planets, and each planet can have any number of moons and habitable satellites. Are we humans really so arrogant as to believe we are the only life in the Universe?

Now, this whole issue is one of my main foci in life and I have a LOT to say about it. Far more can be said than I can get into in one article. I’ll try to confine myself to some of the basics to define context that I work with.

Let’s discuss nomenclature first. I don’t say, “aliens.” It’s not accurate or nice, really. I prefer the term extraterrestrial or interdimensional being or just beings. I’m a being, you’re a being. It defines existence without getting too specific. Not every being necessarily has a name for itself that we would understand in English or any other Earth language. Some just identify as “I am” and that’s probably even a stretch to say for the higher dimensions that could contain an amalgam or collective in one form.

The second term I work with often, and it’s far more delicate is “abduction.” I prefer to say, “experience,” “interaction,” or “contact.” Likewise, I don’t see people as “abductees” so much as experiencers or contactees. There are a lot of differing opinions in both the Ufology and spirituality communities over the nature of extraterrestrial life and how to best address those who have had experiences with otherworldly beings.

That brings me to the next delicate subject. Are the beings we interact with demons? There are some who fervently insist that because religious doctrine and centuries old dogma say any sentient being that isn’t identifiable as a human must be some sort of angel, demon, or djinn. Possibly some other monster, but it usually boils down to, “demon.” I call utter b.s. on the whole demon theory. Are there demons? Possibly. Are all ETs “demons?” Absolutely NOT!

Are all otherworldly beings benevolent? Here’s how I see it- We are all ONE. Eventually we all return to the same Source. We all answer to the same God. We are ALL part of the same Universe. If there are negative entities, they eventually answer to the same Creator as all of us. I firmly believe at a higher level of existence, conflict simply ceases to be an issue. Fourth dimensional and lower consciousnesses do still argue, fight, feud and even go to war with one another. With the trillions of potential races of beings, duality and separation is common. Various ETs probably have varying attitudes and beliefs the same way humans do.

As to how these beings arrive on Earth is another story. I’ll talk more about that in another article very soon. UFOs or UAP as they are now referred-to officially are a hot topic currently. Good grief, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Take care. Stay safe. I’ll be back soon.

Took a Few Days Off

I’m going to start talking about some of the things we discussed on there. UFOs, Disclosure, Extraterrestrials, Extradimensional beings, deep esoteric stuff…

Hey. I’m back. Yes, my original goal was to post daily, and we may yet see that happen. But, I took a few days off.

Everything is all right. It wasn’t even a creative slump. It was more of a motivational slump? Hmm. Not sure that’s the term I want.

I took a few days off to question why I do what I do. Am I driving the blog or is it driving me? Do I have to post or do I enjoy posting? Am I saying things in terms of social media or just to get them off my chest?

Let me answer all of that very simply. My blog is about me. I appreciate views. I appreciate likes. Much like Instagram, if you follow me, I’ll follow back. But, this is quite literally my space. My little corner of the web. And I’d like to keep it that way. So, I may go a little bonkers at times.

No kidding, folks. There are going to be some wild days ahead. I try to keep it positive, something I promised myself back in my Blogger days. But I have not begun to turn out the types of articles I had on there.

Photo by Dids on

And I’m going to start talking about some of the things we discussed on there. UFOs, Disclosure, Extraterrestrials, Extradimensional beings, deep esoteric stuff, and even conspiracy theories. While I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m even going to start talking about the Illuminati again. But, let’s not get all dark and scary, okay?

Photo by Anthony on

II’m even, at my own peril, going to mention the reptilians. It might even be an article this week, yet. It’s a topic most don’t dig up. But I think I have some unique perspectives on the subject.

You can do a little pre-reading here. The Reptilians. I’m no David Icke, but I think there’s a lot of truth in what he’s saying. Others have tried, by the way. Not always successfully.

But, then again, I’m just a humble blogger with a relatively small readership. And that’s cool. Truthfully, I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with this article. Like many conversations with me out in the physical world, it’s taken a turn off the beaten path.

On that note, have a lovely now moment. I’ll be back soon with lots to discuss. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can message me on Instagram @jeffcraigmile or comment below.

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