And Now a Reason to Scratch My Head

Watch “Being in right or wrong. Practicing higher states of consciousness ❤️” on YouTube.

It’s an energetic Universe, and as such I believe coincidence is a rare thing. So, was it any wonder that I stumbled upon this Lorie Ladd video on YouTube earlier tonight? She speaks directly about polarity, which I’ve been experiencing a LOT of lately.

Not the only video I watched. But the first one I saw tonight. It makes me think about work. Can I still love these people? <cringe>

I can still love myself. (Again, not trying to sound arrogant. Even though it might.) And as a being of love and light, I can’t let it slide if something bothers me either way. That means, I really have to drop back into a neutral space. No kidding- it’s tough.

Many moons ago, early in my spiritual awakening, I challenged Lorie in a comment somewhere to tell her guides something to tell my guides something. Oh, I’m still listening, but this video hit some chords that were darn close to the vibe I was on during my last article.

Every night that I go to work, I have to stand next to these people, that I totally disagree with, can barely tolerate being around, regularly bite my tongue, and yet, we coexist peacefully, Whenever I start to get upset, I attempt to bring myself back to that neutral place and focus on the task at hand or something positive.

Lorie once posited elsewhere “that if one of the Ascended Masters was in the room with you right now, what would he/she tell you? Can you tell you the same?”

Pretty cool statement, actually. I really took that to heart. I don’t always manage to do it, because I’m in this little old mortal body and sometimes I still get worked up.

Right now, there is so much polarity on this planet. If you ever want good examples of duality and separation and people getting charged up over old beliefs and ideas? This is it, family.

So, I’ll echo the best advice I’ve heard so far. Go within. However that resonates with you. Meditate, pray, exercise, discern, or however that looks for you. Can you see what’s going on and not react? Can you see what’s going on and instead of getting triggered? Yes, have feelings. But can you step back and see both sides or all sides?

It’s not as easy as it seems in print. But, practice. Lots of practice. Hang in there. We’re all in this together.

Human Resource

I just finished an email that took well over two hours to write. It wasn’t even business related. It wasn’t a love letter, either. It was just a friend trying to make a decision about something she was thinking about doing in her business. And yes, if you’re wondering, I thought it was a brilliant idea and I am very much for it.

When I say, “human resource,” I don’t mean the department of a business that does all the hiring and firing paperwork, lectures about “no touching,” etc. I mean, I prefer to be the guy to help answer questions, find solutions, give advice, and maybe even be an ear to vent on or rant into. As a friend of mine says, it’s about human resourcefulness.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use Go-ogle as David Icke calls it. If I need to look up a recipe or to see if someone is still alive in the current timeline, sure. (Mandela Effect. Look it up or ask someone about it.) BUT, if I have a question that a human being can best answer, I put the phone to use in the call-and-ask sense. Or drop an email to someone who knows about whatever it is. Sometimes I even check on Instagram or YouTube for specific people who I firmly believe have good answers.

Someone whom I look up to a great deal will tell you I’m very quick to pop out an email or Facebook message when I get stuck on certain self development issues. Heck, some days I’m not sure if I should hire a life coach or just become one. But I guarantee I’ll take my Ceifu’s word and advice on what I should do any day over a book at the public library or Wikipedia.

So, what happens if the machines shut down all together? What happens if there is no phone, no computer, or no Alexa to ask for advice? That day might come sooner or later. And then we are all going to have to go back to relying on (scary as it might seem) one another for information. I wouldn’t rule self reliance or divination out either, but in the end we’re all we have.

Maybe it’s the old reporter in me. I love to ask questions. But I’d rather ask someone I know directly. Even if it turns out he or she was wrong, I still have confidence I’ll get a better answer. Truthfully, knowledge has been passed person-to-person far longer than our current machine age. Like my grandfather, I prefer wisdom over knowledge.

I could get into the whole idea that we never truly “know” anything. Eckhart Tolle is a great resource on this point. So is Anna Brown and if you want to go really deep into it, look up Rupert Spira on YouTube. It’s dry for some people, but mind-melting deep for others. The point is, as beings, as energy, as the Source of all things in oneness, all that is we already know, we just have to remember. We just have to remind one another.

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