Available for work.

If you need/want help with your spiritual or UFO/UAP related business, I’m here for you.


I’m looking for work now. If anyone knows of anything in the Spiritual, UFO or Law of Attraction communities, please let me know. I’ll work on the cheap, especially for a good cause. I’m fairly proficient in Social Media, web design, general office work, newspaper reporting. I haven’t offered myself up as any kind of life coach yet because I want to make sure I’m certified first.

Laughably, I say it a lot. Someone probably should hire me before I really get going on my own too much. That, and if I’m around the house too much, it will drive my wife and kids nutz. (Kidding!)

This is my chance at freedom. This is a good time to become my own boss. Most importantly, this is a time for me to really show the world what all I can do. But, I can’t do it all alone.

If you need/want help with your spiritual, Law of Attraction- related, or UFO/UAP related business, I’m here for you. I’m also around if you need a research assistant, ghost writer, poet, alt text, social media, or any casual freelance writing. I’m open to quite a bit, actually.

A Chance to Grow.

I haven’t stopped saying or feeling this!

I have always liked the phrase, “When one door closes, another opens.” If I’m a true believer in Law of Attraction, like I am, then things will come into my vortex. Source never puts more in front of us than we can handle. However, it usually does match us vibrationally to a challenge.

I have plenty of time for some of my many back burner projects. It’s time to get more serious about writing. It’s time to look toward my YouTube channel again. It’s time to really jump in and start working more with ET Contact experiencers and possibly some paranormal investigations. I’ve also got my side, side hack of tabletop roleplaying games I’m going to get back to soon.

I’m also going back into The Six Habits for a while for some additional guidance and structure in my life. Yes, I remember. I never truly stopped, just eased up considerably.

Some Gratitude.

I know I say it a lot. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here on the Earth Plane at this time. I’m grateful for my family and their continued good health. I am grateful for the wealth and prosperity that comes into our lives endlessly, effortlessly, and copiously every day. AND… If you’ve read this far into the article, I’m grateful for you and your support. THANK YOU!!!

For Now, Meditation and Reflection.

I’m going to take a few days and chill, not sulk. I’m going to meditate, reflect, and pray for my family’s well being. My wife and I have some plans in place. Just going to keep my spirits up for now and move on.

THANK YOU!!! Namaste, my family.

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