Personal Share: The Great Juggling Act

I’m venting in rant mode. If anyone needs me, I’ll be wrestling monkeys in bubblegum while trying desperately to stay positive..

It almost never fails.

The Universe loves us enough to challenge us. It responds to our emotions and we attract what we feel. Feel the flow and high vibrations, watch more joy and love to you. Get stuck in a lower vibration, and things go a bit more sideways. Such is the Law of Vibration, and consequently the Law of Attraction.

The thing I’ve always had to ponder is why people get physically ill. I don’t think it’s entirely a low vibrational thing. Maybe the Universe does it to teach us something? Or to mind the physical as well as the mental and spiritual aspects of our lives?

People all over the world wonder why terrible things happen to good people. The truth is, we still don’t remember. IFF what we call “reality” is actually a simulation, then why simulate the bad stuff? I get video game reality, but we’re not out casting fireballs and fighting dragons with glowing magical swords. We create our reality, but shit happens in a way we didn’t intend. That part still confuses me. I think the messed up world of Covid proves it.

The Personal Share Part.

I’m gonna vent rage.

My oldest has Strep Throat and a nasty cold or something. Yesterday my wife spiked a 103.9 degree fever. She’s doing a little better today, but we’re not sure if it’s Strep, a cold, or that other thing. Our ten year old got one of his trademark migraines last night. I’m going bonkers trying to take care of everyone, including myself. Our internet connection is haywire, unemployment is a mess this week, and the rest of my kids are acting like little maniacs.

It’s not helping that ALL the kids are home from school today. I mean, yay Martin Luther King Jr Day. That’s great. But this garbage where the Des Moines Public School District has to have two more days after this for “Professional Development?” On top of Friday being a snow day? This is getting out of hand. Get these kids back in the classroom.

I would also like to touch on the fact that our Governor of Iowa, the illustrious Kim “Reaper” Reynolds decided to monkey around in the unemployment benefits this week, making it like pulling teeth just to get a claim filed. I’m guessing if she and her flunkies had to do it, unemployment would get a lot simpler. Obviously she’ll never have to worry about money but I seriously hope she loses her position as governor this next election. Between Gov Kimmie’s meddling with the schools (long saga) and this latest unemployment debacle, the woman just needs to get out of office so we can have some sanity back in Iowa. We won’t even get into the fact that she’s a Republican and has to continue toting the Trump line in front of the Biden administration.

Not the scale of consciousness this time. I’m unemployed and annoyed.

Oh, and why do I need unemployment benefits? Well, a certain employer decided to rid themselves of me back in July for unknown reasons. New employers aren’t exactly beating down my door trying to hire me because I went to college and have the loans to prove it. That degree is doing me so much good these days, let me tell ya. The State of Iowa and their rabid stupidity at IWD are trying desperately trying to fill jobs that require little to no training, pay like dirt, and have employers known for treating people like crap.

No, Covid didn’t help the employment situation here in Iowa. But employers aren’t helping, either. Look at the number of people quitting their jobs right now. Overworked and underpaid for some big, nameless, faceless, emotionless corporation is not the road to prosperity. Why get a college degree if all employers in Iowa want are kids fresh out of high school trained to do one job? But IWD will “help” me get trained to be a welder or a nurse if that’s what I wanted to do. Again, why did I go to college? Oh yeah, because for almost 50 years there was a massive push to “make something of yourself” by going to college and getting that “high paying” job. Which, in my life has turned out to be a big, smelly pile of bullshit.

So, in conclusion, I have other things to do and the Universe has taken a dump on me and my family today. We need to get everyone healthy and back on course. Yes, this particular post was kind of negative. I’m trying to keep my stuff together. Needless to say, times are challenging.

Between Biden’s dinking around with loan forgiveness and IWD’s unemployment nonsense, I’d about like to get the crayons out and explain some shit to these people. (At least that’s the nice way of saying it.) I don’t like to talk about politics, but things are just bonkers from the top on down to the bottom today. If anyone needs me, I’ll be wrestling monkeys in bubblegum while trying desperately to stay positive..

Pretty much sums up my weekend.

Back to School Part 2

I AM grateful that my children are learning. There is so much to be grateful for. Truly.

When last we left our heroes, they were facing down a dire plague of the ages, an intragnizent governor, and the Des Moines School board. How to do this from a neutral space? How do we do what’s best for the kids and for ourselves?

Quick recap for those unfamiliar with the situation here in Iowa this year. According to Covid-1984 statistics, Iowa has one of the highest rates of new cases not just in the nation, but in the world. At one point, our little state was at the top of the charts, ahead of entire countries that have staggeringly low GNPs and not much for health care.

Almost smack dab in the middle of the U.S.A.
Graphic c/o

See, we have this governor here in Iowa, Kim Reynolds, (Who has no end of nicknames around here and is the subject of many, many memes on the Internet,) who in her absolute lack of wisdom or regard for the peoples’ lives she is affecting daily, is pushing super hard to open everything back up. This woman does not seem to be listening to the thousands of voices telling her to stop, wait, think, or do what is best for the state. But, she’s a Republican and bound and determined to be Trump’s number one gal. It’s like she has a position elsewhere pending his reelection in November. And that’s assuming we get that far.

No lie, family. I’m looking to vote for candidate None-Of-The-Bloody-Above this election. Without going too much farther on a tangent, 2020 has already seen enough disasters, and we’re planning this one called the US Election. Governor Reynolds isn’t even up for election this time around. We’re stuck with her for two more years at minimum. Not that anyone in this house voted for her originally. (She was Lt Governor under Terry Branstad.) So, we have a president that makes us a laughing stock of the international community and a governor that makes us a laughing stock of most of the country over Covid-1984.

My health is fine currently. Except for the minor fact that I’m “immune compromised” about three times over… This seems grim.

The Des Moines School Board released their epic Return To Learn plan clear back in July, iirc? Then Governor Reynolds stepped up and decided we needed to go back 100% in person. No hybrid plan. No online learning. 100% in-freakin-person!

If you’ve ever listened to a school board meeting, you know that they’re a bit bland to downright cringeworthy to begin with. My wife and I listened to the one where they decided it would be a good plan to send the kids back in October. Somewhat in defiance of the governor but mostly compliant with what the judge had asked for, depending on the assessment of more statistics and the establishment of these metrics… blah, blah, blah…

This battle has been raging three weeks into the school year already. As I mentioned in a prior post, I don’t think online learning is working so well around here. I have a kid who is literally flunking all of his classes because he’s more focused on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang than US History. Go figure, right? Personally, I’d rather deal with him than our kindergartener any and every day. <shudder>

To add to the absolute ridiculousness that is the Covid-1984 dilemma, my wife, the teacher, is also immune compromised from diabetes, Celiac, and some other things. She’s been watching this whole drama play out with the governor, the statistics and the school board with much more anger and zeal that I have. On top of doing her job from home and wrangling the kids while I sleep. Truthfully, she deserves a medal. But we’re a lot concerned about her going back to a public school setting and what it means for her and the kids to be getting exposed day in and day out.

If you have children, you know they tend to be the best germ spreaders out there. Day care, school, and extracurricular sporting events along with anywhere else one might encounter children are all excellent places for new germs to be introduced to the children. Then the lil tykes come home. Then mom and dad get exposed to literally all of it. We have four kids and a teacher here. I might be getting a little concerned right about now.

Whether you believe Covid-1984 is a real thing or not, people are getting sick from something. Compared to tuberculosis or the measles, maybe it’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records yet, but it’s still a contagious disease. My doctor, in a written letter to my employer said, I have a “significant risk of death” if I catch this thing. Diabetes, stomach issues, and fibromyalgia/arthritis all do a number on my immune system. I don’t get much exposure at work, so that just leaves us the other five options I live with. Up until now, it hasn’t been a huge concern.

What are the spiritual implications to all of this? Because there are spiritual connotations in quite literally everything. This has been a difficult and trying time for all of us. Maybe that’s one point among many. Maybe Source/God/the Universe is testing us.

It has been very tough to remain neutral. I used to be, and it has improved a great deal, such a very negative person. But I’ve learned I’m not a victim. I’m a strong, sovereign being of love and light having a temporary human experience. Okay, not all is rosy all the time, but can we move through it? Of course we can. I chose to be here at this time.

Sure, I have opinions. There are days my Higher Self is probably having some sort of conniption fit up there. It’s part of the 3D experience to form opinions and have feelings about things. But I really do work toward coming back to at least neutral ground.

I AM grateful for my continued good health. I AM grateful that my wife is okay. I AM grateful that we all remain safe here at home for another week or two. I AM grateful we’re all still safe under one roof. I AM grateful that my children are learning. There is so much to be grateful for. Truly.

I’ve done my utmost to stay away from mainstream news for many years. Whether it’s part of my spiritual calling or just the plain fact that I burned out on it after years of being in journalism. I’m very much happier for it. I know about the school board thing because the public schools are great at keeping us notified of such events, and my wife is a public school teacher.

Politics is another sore subject that I’ve been steadily detoxing from my life for years now. As my spiritual education has progressed, the less political I become. My UFO Disclosure and “conspiracy” community is pro Q-Anon and somewhat pro-Trump. Much of the spiritual community is pro-Democrat or very liberal. Any more, I endeavor to be as open-minded and neutral as possible to everyone’s point of view. Everyone has their good points.

So, in the end, I’m very in favor of remaining safe. I intend to stay safe. I intend for my family to stay safe and healthy. I pray for peace all over the world. (There’s another subject for later.) We will get through 2020. We will get through the school year. In the end, we will all be stronger for the experience. Stay strong. Stay safe. Have faith.

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