Back to Work Part X

Imagine what the world would be like if we all did things we actually *want* to do?

No, not Part 10. I mean Part-I-have-no-bloody-idea-what-number-we’re-on. Lol! It’s true, though. This is my last night off for four nights. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure where the week has gone. It seems like time is speeding up, Like, wasn’t last week July? Oh well, moving on…

I’ve gotten more done tonight than I have all week, sadly enough. This is my third blog post and I still have some fiction writing and things on my agenda. Or I should say, my Intentions list. Yes, still using The Six Habits.

Still applying Laura’s teachings.

“Leaning into the suck,” is like doing a stage dive into 2020’s waiting arms. Every night off from work is a blessing. Every paycheck a fortune. Every disaster is another chance to learn and practice what we’ve learned. Pretty sure without the self development work from this book, I’d have gone straight-up bonkers by now.

Really, this post didn’t start out to promote The Six Habits, but it’s a great tangent to go on. And, much to my wife’s chagrin, I don’t get paid to promote the book, but I do it anyway. Or do I? Really, if you think about it, the things I’ve learned from Laura have paid for themselves about twenty times over.

Complaining doesn’t get the job done. I have to go to work tomorrow night with every intention of staying present with it and getting the job done. Now, I still hate the place. I hate the company I work for more every time I walk in. But I love my family more than I hate the company. Heck, I love myself more than all the above. (Not trying to sound narcissistic or arrogant, just honest.)

Self love/acceptance of oneself, is the bottom line when it comes to getting anything else done. Had I only known that about 30 years ago… But if I come of sounding self-centered or egoic, it’s because I’m learning to love myself and not get down on me the way that I used to. I would rather step in front of a falling meteor than go back to being that bitter, self-loathing, angry, victimized human being. That guy was full of excuses and doubts. I want to be the opposite! I’m looking at positivity, love, optimism, fun, passion and JOY! For cryin out loud, I’ve done the other thing enough. I was due for a change.

“I’m disgruntled.” 😜

One of the possibly best things coming out of 2020, if I have to guess, is unemployment. (Yeah, uh, flashback trigger warning for those who need it. Sorry.) But in all seriousness, I’m sorta looking forward to it if it does happen. Bet I’ll be writing at least one blog post per day if it does? That’s part of my plan. I intend to wear this poor keyboard out if that happens.

Recent studies, and I’m not going to dig up names and dates, suggest somewhere between 50 and 80% of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Think about that. It’s like millions of people saying, “I hate this job, but I love my family.” Imagine what the world would be like if we all did things we actually *want* to do?

I’m planning to sort some of this issue out in another post, because it’s a long rant. I’m not sure if every lightworker and starseed out there should run out and quit their jobs tomorrow and I would certainly not recommend it just yet. Personally, I’m in the middle, as previously stated. I love my family. I need to feed my family. But, this freakin matrix that we’re caught in, this 3D paradigm of work-and-be-miserable, has got to go! And soon. We deserve the best!

My main point is that there is more to life than the work-sleep-eat-recreation cycle suggests. I might sound a lot like David Icke when I say that, but it’s true. I want that for myself. I want that for everyone, truly. On the bright side, if you love what you do, great! Keep doing it! We should all be so blessed.

Well, maybe I get a chance to post sooner. Maybe I won’t. It depends on how mentally and energetically motivated I am tomorrow. Otherwise, see you in about four days.

Two Days of Working from Home!

I just spent night number two of working from home. I love it! I’m not sure if it will last, but it would be pretty cool if it does.

Admittedly, one of the days at home was because someone at the office caught the Icky Cough-Coughs. My oldest decided to give the thing a Doc McStuffins name. I’ve adopted that term. I hope whomever got ill recovers quickly.

If there has been an upside to this plandemic, it has taught me that working from home is so much more preferable to working in the office. It has definitely approved my meager attendance. It’s a lot easier when I’m in pain to crawl across my basement and log in than drag myself to the car and shlep all my gear around the building into the office.

I AM so happy and grateful now that I am my own boss. And that is my affirmation today. Well, every day, really. It’s most assuredly manifesting.

Feelin boss today!

I AM my own best boss and favourite employee. Another affirmation that adorns my vision board and my affirmations list. This is part of the Acceptance piece of The Six Habits. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s also a pretty big component to LoA, or more specifically, the Law of Vibration.

Acceptance is a key Habit.

For those who might not be familiar yet, feeling, or even being in the moment as if you were is the Secret. I’m learning a lot of LoA hinges on mindset, fairly high vibration, and living in the moment. Not trying to brag, but my last couple of days have been pretty phenomenal. I hope yours have, too.

The best part is, feelings don’t cost anything. You can be in a great mood for absolutely free. And money can’t buy happiness, but it can sure as heck buy a lot of things that make me happy. Happy my family is taken care-of, happy to be reading, happy to be watching, happy to be traveling… the list goes on for about ever. So why not be happy now?

Have a beautiful now moment all day.

Presence Today

Pets are pros at Presence. Ever just sit and stare at your pet or pet your animal for a long time?

I choose to talk about Presence today. It is one of the Six Habits in Laura DiBenedetto’s book, The Six Habits. If you want to know more about it and would like to read the book, the link for it on Amazon is here: The Six Habits. The audio just came out too, by the way.

Presence is in short, all about mindful presence. Can you be in the room and be fully focused on what is going on in the room? It’s not as easy as one might imagine, especially in these modern times when we have numerous distractions- TV, radio, and the biggest attention-sucker ever- smart phones.

THE SIX HABITS by Laura DiBenedetto
Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life.

Then there are the internal distractions. How often do you catch yourself thinking, “I wish I was anywhere but here?” Or my favorite, “I wish I was home right now,” while I’m at work. Sometimes, my mind wanders about 200 miles northwest of my current location, in a nice forested area, with a lake and a view of the mountains, within driving distance of the Pacific Ocean…

But the catch is, can you bring yourself back? Can you be fully on top of your game at work? Can you listen to the kids telling you about some video game character or a YouTuber they’ve discovered? Sometimes it’s hard. My email, especially ads from dice companies, is way more interesting than either thing I just mentioned.

My favorite example was the other day at a restaurant. This woman was at the table across from us with her family of six. My kids know, and my wife is usually aware of the rule, phones get put away at the dinner table. My guess is, the nice lady across from us did not have that rule at her house, or that phone call must’ve been pretty important.

Meanwhile, her husband was trying to wrangle the kids, all of whom were probably 10 and under, squirrelly as most kids are, and wiggling, wriggling and monkeying around as most kids do. The guy looked absolutely miserable. That phone call lasted most of the meal. I’d probably have said something had she been my wife, but… Hopefully they sorted that out afterwards.

Husky pup. Much more adorable than an Excel spreadsheet. I mean, seriously. Please email me for photo credit..

My other example, and this one is purely on me, is work. You think Instagram is far more amusing than my job? Spreadsheets and boring emails vs cute pictures of husky pups, kittens, bunnies, spiritual stuff, conspiracy stuff, and so on… I can get distracted very easily. The trick is coming back to the present moment.

How much more productive am I when I’m fully present? It’s pretty shocking how much I can really get done when I have my eye on the metaphorical ball. Would I rather be blogging? Yeah. Or really doing anything besides pouring over line upon line of dispatches and crunching numbers. UFOs, ETs, and things coming and going from other dimensions are way more entertaining to talk about.

Here’s the best part. Coming back to joy. I mean, if I’m more productive at work, maybe I finally get promoted or a pay increase. That keeps the family happy, right? And failing that, I get all of my actual work done and can dip out for a few and look at the latest dice offers in my personal email. Or, I can get everything set for the night and keep an eye open for driver requests while I write a blog article. Tee heehee. (Not that I ever do that.)

The same is very true at home. If I’m fully centered on my family and listening to them, I hear about their day at school. I hear about how my wife’s work went. (Yeah… the Co-la-ro-lala-nala-vir-usla is a very ugly topic here with teachers in Iowa right now…) I get to actually enjoy dropping some advice or bringing the topic around to something more interesting. Although my family’s thoughts about the Ninth Dimensional Arcturian Council are for another post. But it’s nice being a husband and a dad when life throws me a chance to be both. And there’s plenty of time to hang with the cats and write blog articles afterward. (Grin.)

Have a beautiful now moment.

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