Freedom Day! 11th Month Edition

Our continuing mission to seek out new opportunities, new wealth and prosperity has hit yet more snags. I’ve been off work for 11 months with no prospects for gainful employment in sight. The government is not helping yet or possibly at all. The bills are starting to creep up.

Captain’s Log. Stardate: 6.19.2022.

Our continuing mission to seek out new opportunities, new wealth and prosperity has hit yet more snags. I’ve been off work for 11 months with no prospects for gainful employment in sight. The government is not helping yet or possibly at all. The bills are starting to creep up.

A family of six surviving on one paycheck in this day and age looks pretty grim. Law of Attraction aficionados would say I chose this. Lord knows I have plenty of reasons to be down these days. Guess I’m choosing depression, too. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just bury my head in the sand and just pretend things were going to improve.

Site engagement has been up.


One silver lining this month has been engagement on this site. I saw a couple of beautiful spikes in views earlier this month. Wow! If you’re here, thank you! I appreciate you stopping by.

A lot of the feedback I’ve received from sources such as #ttrpg Twitter has been extremely positive. I’m still somewhat new to blogging and it makes my heart flutter a bit when I hear a compliment. Thank you! Of course, more site traffic isn’t a sign of positive or negative opinions, but I’ll take the up-tick in views. Thank you!

Then there’s a ton of stuff that doesn’t make much sense yet.

I regularly mull over what I’m doing right in terms of writing, parenting, husbanding, adulting, etc. There’s never a super clear answer to any of my questions. It’s not like life comes with a user’s manual. Kinda wish it did some days. (Like, the ones ending in “y.”)

I keep wondering about how to best monetize myself in the roleplaying game market. Kickstarter? Patreon? Maybe just put stuff on Ko-Fi? I’m not sure I’m ready for DriveThruRPG just yet. That would require a finished larger product.

Someone recently mentioned trying out Fiverr. (Coming Soon!) I have often considered doing piece work, short articles, and social media posts. The same wonderful person mentioned possibly doing some ghostwriting or editing. Terrifying, which is why I’m looking into it.

Then again, am I really supposed to be in the RPG market at all? What about writing a novel? (Not as easy as it sounds, btw.) What about life coaching? (LOL! Not sure if I should be coaching or finding one.) What about becoming some sort of spiritual teacher? (*Don’t worry. Andey Fellowes and others would talk me down off that ledge.) What about a self help book? (Uh… 😐)

Figured out what I’m not doing.

That list goes on forever. The most obvious ones include finding another dispatching job. No thanks PTSD. Not today.

Scrubbing floors is right out. Even if my back and pain levels could tolerate it, my wife would likely shoot me. The hours for that kind of work are not worth the pay and effort involved.

Iowa Workforce Development. There’s a reason I’m no longer looking for a job in this state. They were more than happy to help as long as I wasn’t neurodivergent, in pain, and happy to throw my college degree out the window. Iowa needs dental hygienists and welders. Just don’t come around here being one of those sinister teacher types. (*Love you, wife.)

I’m too old and out of shape for retail, restaurants, factories, and office jobs. I have too many values and principles to ever do sales, especially over the phone. Call center jobs tend to become very stressful and triggering about five minutes in. I don’t even think Wal Mart would take me as a door greeter at this point.

In fact, screw working for any kind of big company or corporation ever again. Even if all the corporate culture head trash didn’t make me want to vomit, I’m pretty sure any review I receive is going to trigger me all over the place. That’s assuming we get that far. “Let’s have a meeting” would be followed by me coming completely unglued on someone. No thanks.

Bring my Garden Weasel to work day?

A brilliant and beautiful soul put me onto some new avenues of abundance.

Laura is the best!

I can always count on my friend Laura DiBenedetto to set me straight. She recently clued me into a couple of new avenues to abundance. I’m working on it, but it’s taking a little time. More on that as it develops.

I also continue to practice the skills I learned from The Six Habits. Laura’s book legitimately can and will change your life if you work with it. I may still get down sometimes (depression sucks!) but it’s an ongoing process, much like spiritual awakening.

The human brain creates channels of memory like lava carving its way down the side of a volcano. Practice a habit for 21 days and you can change the channel. Brain cells that fire together wire together. Neuroplasticity can modify those channels to improve your life. Look up Hebb’s Law. A constant practice of Kindness, Acceptance, Gratitude, Presence, Goodness and Intention will yield positive results given enough practice.

I’ve been back into the book lately, myself. Sometimes we get out of practice on certain things. It’s good to go back to basics and remember why we came here.

Gratitude is key.

Okay. I’ll buy that one. I’m so happy and grateful I have a roof over my head and a food on my plate. I’m grateful for all of the wonderful things I have in life. I’m grateful for my family’s health. I’m super extra grateful for my wife’s job. I’m super happy and grateful when I find loose change on the street, too. I’m grateful I met Laura, too.

Gonna go off now…

I’d like to say I’m grateful I got canned from that last gig. Look at all the stuff that’s teaching me. I’m grateful to be walking around with not-two-shits to give about anyone working for a large corporation or what they have to say. I’m grateful Iowa Workforce Development was more than happy to help as long as I did exactly what they wanted me to do. I’m extra grateful the government keeps denying my disability because I love being f’kn broke all the time. I’m grateful every time I log into LinkedIn to find out some other scamtastic pile of refuse has viewed my profile, because it reminds me I’m glad I gave up that damn job search crap months ago.

I know I have some things working against me every day.

Silly “Old Grognard” photo

First up, my age. I turn the big 50 in ten days. Even if I wasn’t long in the beard and bald as a cue ball, my birth certificate does not lie. I could shave tomorrow, but I know in my heart of hearts it will do me no good.

But what does that mean? Why is that so bad? Well, first off, employers really don’t want to see me walk in the door because they know I’m old enough not to take any sh*t that they hand out to the younger new guys.

On every given day, especially now that I’m officially “old,” my health comes into question. Which, I know how much they cringe with FMLA comes up. I literally have no choice but to mention it nowadays. I’m happy to be functional three days out of five most of the time.

My back and my pain tolerance make it pretty hard to do a lot of those fun repetitive motion tasks like mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, running a cash register, stocking shelves, standing all day, and a lot of other things y’all youngins take for granted. In fact, writing is one of the few things I can enjoy doing while sitting down from the comfort of my couch. (Too bad it doesn’t pay better, but we’re working on it.)

As bitterly annoyed as I am becoming toward certain entities, one fact remains prevalent.

No clue wtf I’m doing any more.

I have a family to take care of. That hurts on so many levels I can’t even describe them all. I’m very grateful my wife is taking care of all of us. That’s super.

Sorry, kids. Dad’s kind of a deadbeat. Seriously, I know how it looks. I wish I could provide more. I so desperately want to give more financially. And I live here. Your mom and I are still married somehow.

So, yeah. 11 months into this sh*tshow and I still have more questions than answers. I’m still wrestling with finding myself, accepting my own inadequacies, and fumbling around with what to do. I’m still unable to rub two shince together and have not two sh*ts left to give some days. Improvements are hopefully on the way soon.

Thanks for being here, one and all. I would have liked to have glowing things to say, but it’s been another r month. Onward and upward, I suppose.

Massive Shout Out!

Please don’t just take my word for it! Please go check out her website. I know I sound biased. She’s a world class coach, professional, CEO, and TEDx speaker among other accolades. She’s done so much and helped many people find joy.

Thank you, Laura DiBenedetto!

Not just a friend, but a force of nature!

Almost out of the blue yesterday, I received a couple of LinkedIn notifications. One was a message from Laura and the other was a comment on one of my blog slugs on LinkedIn. I had commented in that article about wanting to make more money and how I’m a bit stymied at present.

Well, long story short, my very good friend Laura put me onto a couple of ideas that I will be developing further in the coming weeks. I want to expand at my own pace in a way that makes sense for me, but at the same time builds up some financial success for my family.

I’m so ridiculously grateful to know Laura and have had the privilege to work for her a little bit. She’s generous to a fault. She’s always been very helpful. There’s no encouragement like Laura’s. And let’s mention jaw-dropping, heart stopping motivation. Seriously, I get all teary-eyed and speechless.

She’s also honest when needed. I can always count on her to make me face reality and set me straight when I’m all over the place. A more true friend I’m not sure I could ask for in this world and I don’t have that many.

I can’t mention Laura without mentioning The Six Habits.

This book can change your life!
Please don’t just take my word for it! Please go check out her website. I know I sound biased. She’s a world class coach, professional, CEO, and TEDx speaker among other accolades. She’s done so much and helped many people find joy.

I first discovered Laura on Instagram. Her posts are always off the charts cool. I learned a LOT about life, success, joy and spirituality from her. She’s incredibly wise and still learning. As a side note, she’s the only person I know who retired at 37 years young and then got pulled back into a leadership role many times over.

No, it’s not a cult. Just want to put that out there. I know my recent encounters with Andey Fellowes made me really consider that notion and Laura doesn’t tick those boxes. No worries. She’s one of the good ones.

I have, however, discovered many other amazing folks on Instagram as a result. I’ll shout some of those fine folks out in a future article. Laura has a fantastic circle of friends and is so helpful when it comes to networking!

One thing will always blow my mind when it comes to Laura.

She’s very high class. Like, we’re talking she can hang with people who make six digits or more per year. She’s rock star/Hollywood celebrity caliber. (Ammunition pun intended. See one of her newest ventures.) I so totally admire this lady and would gladly follow in her footsteps were that an option.

Alas, I follow in my own footsteps. I can aspire to my own greatness. I owe her that much. Honestly, I’m not sure how the heck I made it from 2019-Present without The Six Habits and some encouragement of my friend. She would likely say that’s the best any of us can do is carve out our own path and find joy for ourselves.

What still blows my mind is the notion that she’s so classy and high powered but still somehow manages to find the time to chat with lil old me out of the blue. Like, wow. Just… wow.

I can’t thank you enough.


I still contend I owe you like, uh. Okay I lost count. A LOT, okay. I owe you big time! Thanks for being so awesome!

And thank all of you for stopping by. Lots of love and aloha as my friend would say. I appreciate you. More to come.

Duality and $eparation

If you own your own company, be kind and considerate to your people. Uplift and inspire.

Look at both sides. Change. Change. Change.

I’ve actually put this particular column off for a while now. It’s really stuck in my proverbial craw for quite a while now. (Translation for the youngins: It’s been a triggering subject, kay?) All my life there have been struggles with money. Call it an old paradigm. Call it what you will. Some in the Law of Attraction community will probably lose their marbles regardless.

This whole odyssey of money talk when a certain LoA guru was being a straight-up d*ck to one of his people. I don’t give a flying f*ck how rich you are, you don’t treat people like that. Further more, if LoA works as awesome as he says it does, why are you telling people to “hustle harder, work more?” Where’s all the love and light, universal consciousness, third eye meditation talk? What happened to teaching and guiding as opposed to shitting all over one of your employees? Not kidding, the dude went from being a spiritual warrior and an authority figure on LoA to being the biggest jackass on YouTube, instantly.

And I would have said he was having a bad yogi day if it was an isolated incident. The guy continued to flog it over the course of three or for more videos. Sorry, I lost count because I stopped watching. I think all the fame, fortune, Lamborghini, and Netflix documentary went to someone’s head. Either that, or he sold out to the other side and became Illuminated, if you know what I mean.

But that brings us back to the question, which is it? Work hard and hustle, hustle, hustle so you can sit in the boss’ office someday? Or is it raise your vibration, focus on your vision and act when the time is right with the appropriate amount of effort. Is it chase til you drop or let go and trust the Universe has your back?

I wish a certain “Master” had remembered this quote instead of being a jerk.

My apologies, this is a long article. Let’s look at Duality for a moment. Light or dark? Up or down? Left or right? Male or female? In or out? Welcome to the 3D Earth plane where we are not all one.

Likewise let’s look at Separation for a moment. Because the Almighty decided to experience all forms of itself in order to experience itself, to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, it separated into billions upon billions of forms. (Talk about perspective!) So, on top of Duality, we have the “Haves” and the “Have-Nots.” We have the stupidly rich 1% and the continuum of the other 99% of us. We have those who are sure they’re going to ascend and the rest of us who will get to the Fifth Dimension regardless of what they think, eventually. (Longer story there for another day.)

So, ‘Master Knucklehead with a Lamborghini’ as I now call him went from being a benevolent, philanthropic, caring, entrepreneurial millionaire to a really sleazy, slimy jackass of a boss who I wouldn’t want to work for, ever. And furthermore made me really wonder wtf if wrong with LoA if this is what people turn into when they hit the big time. Seriously, it’s like LoA became the biggest psy-op since UFO conspiracies.

If someone working for me came to me and asked, “How can I get promoted in your company?” My response is not going to be “Hustle harder. Work more hours. I should fire you because you’re not working hard enough. There’s nothing separating you from all the dime-a-dozen workers out there. I can replace you with anyone off the street today.” While this might not be a popularity contest, I think there are far, far better ways to answer that question. If my boss said that to me, I’m pretty sure I’d make him fill my position today because that’s bullshit. You don’t treat people like that.

I think a better, more benevolent response from a higher vibrational standpoint might have been something to the effect of, “Here’s what I’m looking for in a manager (or ‘X’ position.) Let’s see what we can do to get you there.” Your value to any company should not be determined by strictly how hard you hustle and how indispensable you make yourself. In the rather greasy corporate world especially, we’ve seen time and time again where all that hustle and grind still lands you in the same unemployment line as the person who did the minimum to get by. People get treated worse than cattle by the 1%. I love prosperity, but I don’t want to ever treat someone like they don’t matter.

That’s my next point. I’m about love and light. I’m about prosperity for all. If the universe wants us to experience and much beauty, love, fun, and joy all around as possible, let’s help one another get there. I cringe when I hear LoA gurus tell people they’re “not good enough.” Maybe pushing a lack mentality is not the best way to demonstrate the abundance mindset. Let’s elevate instead of telling people to stay stuck in that tired, destructive, competitive old hustle paradigm.

It’s not a competition. We’re forcing the idea of separation on ourselves every time we compete. If the person next to me gets the big promotion, great. I’m happy for them. Awesome. Am I going to ask what I need to do to get there next time it comes up? Definitely. Who wouldn’t?

If my employer can’t tell me how I need to improve, then obviously they don’t need me that badly because they’re not trying to build a business. I put forward to any business owner, that if you’re not working with your people to improve them, elevate them, educate them, inspire them, and build a strong team, then you’re not serious about your business. Sorry. (God, if only my bosses read my blog…)

Now, my friend Laura DiBenedetto made a very good point once when she said she didn’t just sit on her meditation pillow and poof, one day it all happened for her. She worked freakin hard to get where she is now. I love and respect that so much. Retired at 37? That is pretty impressive, but it didn’t come easy. I call her “Boss” and I don’t even work for her officially.

Laura DiBenedetto, Founder of Vision Advertising, Author of The Six Habits, TedX speaker, and someone I admire greatly.

Truthfully, Laura has made her share of mistakes. She’ll be the first one to tell you that. She is/was a fan of what I call the hustle-and-grind mentality. BUT, she will probably also be the first to remind us that there is more to life, more to abundance than your job, your paycheck or your position in some company somewhere. Truthfully, as LoA people go, (my words, not hers,) she’s about as practical and realistic as one can get. Actually, her outlook toward success and abundance leans mostly toward JOY, which is to say as high of a vibration as possible. That’s where the focus should really be, shouldn’t it? That’s really the end result we’re all striving for, isn’t it?

I don’t know how Laura is as a boss, truthfully. I can speculate all day, but I don’t work for her as an employee, although I do think it would be pretty cool. However, I can honestly say, she is a great motivator, someone who asks questions to make you think, be honest in her responses to your questions, and will inspire you get to where you want to be in life on your own power without running you down. (Much like any other time, she has no idea I’m doing this.) Yes. Go read The Six Habits. Please note, I’m not paid a dime for promoting it. This is strictly because it’s a good book and the author has been an inspiration to me.

I’ll probably revisit this subject at some point in the future. My struggles with Law of Attraction are uh, soon to be over. (Nervous giggle.) At least, that’s what I’m supposed to say. Because if I say, “far from over,” then that implies it’s a length of time out of this now moment as to make it nigh unreachable or that it hasn’t happened yet.

I want to make one point very clear. I love prosperity, whether that’s money, property, love or good health and good times. I do not begrudge others their prosperity. If you’re a millionaire, more power to you. If you’re a billionaire, more power to you. Do no harm. Good intention will always uplift.

I’m going to throw down my mission statement right now. I intend to work for myself and be as prosperous as the Universe will allow however it happens. I intend to be the best employer I could ever work for and be as considerate as I can dream. I will value Kindness, Presence, Gratitude, Intention, Acceptance and Goodness every day. I will strive to embrace love and joy as much as possible for the greatest and highest good of all.

If I ever do manage to employ other people, which might not happen, I promise to be the best freakin boss I can be. I promise to uplift and educate. I promise integrity and philanthropy will be a high priority. And lastly, I promise not to be a jerk to my employees, and if/when I do screw up, to accept criticism with kindness and grace as is due my station as a leader.

Much love and light. Stay safe. Be back soon.

Back to Work Part X

Imagine what the world would be like if we all did things we actually *want* to do?

No, not Part 10. I mean Part-I-have-no-bloody-idea-what-number-we’re-on. Lol! It’s true, though. This is my last night off for four nights. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure where the week has gone. It seems like time is speeding up, Like, wasn’t last week July? Oh well, moving on…

I’ve gotten more done tonight than I have all week, sadly enough. This is my third blog post and I still have some fiction writing and things on my agenda. Or I should say, my Intentions list. Yes, still using The Six Habits.

Still applying Laura’s teachings.

“Leaning into the suck,” is like doing a stage dive into 2020’s waiting arms. Every night off from work is a blessing. Every paycheck a fortune. Every disaster is another chance to learn and practice what we’ve learned. Pretty sure without the self development work from this book, I’d have gone straight-up bonkers by now.

Really, this post didn’t start out to promote The Six Habits, but it’s a great tangent to go on. And, much to my wife’s chagrin, I don’t get paid to promote the book, but I do it anyway. Or do I? Really, if you think about it, the things I’ve learned from Laura have paid for themselves about twenty times over.

Complaining doesn’t get the job done. I have to go to work tomorrow night with every intention of staying present with it and getting the job done. Now, I still hate the place. I hate the company I work for more every time I walk in. But I love my family more than I hate the company. Heck, I love myself more than all the above. (Not trying to sound narcissistic or arrogant, just honest.)

Self love/acceptance of oneself, is the bottom line when it comes to getting anything else done. Had I only known that about 30 years ago… But if I come of sounding self-centered or egoic, it’s because I’m learning to love myself and not get down on me the way that I used to. I would rather step in front of a falling meteor than go back to being that bitter, self-loathing, angry, victimized human being. That guy was full of excuses and doubts. I want to be the opposite! I’m looking at positivity, love, optimism, fun, passion and JOY! For cryin out loud, I’ve done the other thing enough. I was due for a change.

“I’m disgruntled.” 😜

One of the possibly best things coming out of 2020, if I have to guess, is unemployment. (Yeah, uh, flashback trigger warning for those who need it. Sorry.) But in all seriousness, I’m sorta looking forward to it if it does happen. Bet I’ll be writing at least one blog post per day if it does? That’s part of my plan. I intend to wear this poor keyboard out if that happens.

Recent studies, and I’m not going to dig up names and dates, suggest somewhere between 50 and 80% of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Think about that. It’s like millions of people saying, “I hate this job, but I love my family.” Imagine what the world would be like if we all did things we actually *want* to do?

I’m planning to sort some of this issue out in another post, because it’s a long rant. I’m not sure if every lightworker and starseed out there should run out and quit their jobs tomorrow and I would certainly not recommend it just yet. Personally, I’m in the middle, as previously stated. I love my family. I need to feed my family. But, this freakin matrix that we’re caught in, this 3D paradigm of work-and-be-miserable, has got to go! And soon. We deserve the best!

My main point is that there is more to life than the work-sleep-eat-recreation cycle suggests. I might sound a lot like David Icke when I say that, but it’s true. I want that for myself. I want that for everyone, truly. On the bright side, if you love what you do, great! Keep doing it! We should all be so blessed.

Well, maybe I get a chance to post sooner. Maybe I won’t. It depends on how mentally and energetically motivated I am tomorrow. Otherwise, see you in about four days.

Back to School Part 2

I AM grateful that my children are learning. There is so much to be grateful for. Truly.

When last we left our heroes, they were facing down a dire plague of the ages, an intragnizent governor, and the Des Moines School board. How to do this from a neutral space? How do we do what’s best for the kids and for ourselves?

Quick recap for those unfamiliar with the situation here in Iowa this year. According to Covid-1984 statistics, Iowa has one of the highest rates of new cases not just in the nation, but in the world. At one point, our little state was at the top of the charts, ahead of entire countries that have staggeringly low GNPs and not much for health care.

Almost smack dab in the middle of the U.S.A.
Graphic c/o

See, we have this governor here in Iowa, Kim Reynolds, (Who has no end of nicknames around here and is the subject of many, many memes on the Internet,) who in her absolute lack of wisdom or regard for the peoples’ lives she is affecting daily, is pushing super hard to open everything back up. This woman does not seem to be listening to the thousands of voices telling her to stop, wait, think, or do what is best for the state. But, she’s a Republican and bound and determined to be Trump’s number one gal. It’s like she has a position elsewhere pending his reelection in November. And that’s assuming we get that far.

No lie, family. I’m looking to vote for candidate None-Of-The-Bloody-Above this election. Without going too much farther on a tangent, 2020 has already seen enough disasters, and we’re planning this one called the US Election. Governor Reynolds isn’t even up for election this time around. We’re stuck with her for two more years at minimum. Not that anyone in this house voted for her originally. (She was Lt Governor under Terry Branstad.) So, we have a president that makes us a laughing stock of the international community and a governor that makes us a laughing stock of most of the country over Covid-1984.

My health is fine currently. Except for the minor fact that I’m “immune compromised” about three times over… This seems grim.

The Des Moines School Board released their epic Return To Learn plan clear back in July, iirc? Then Governor Reynolds stepped up and decided we needed to go back 100% in person. No hybrid plan. No online learning. 100% in-freakin-person!

If you’ve ever listened to a school board meeting, you know that they’re a bit bland to downright cringeworthy to begin with. My wife and I listened to the one where they decided it would be a good plan to send the kids back in October. Somewhat in defiance of the governor but mostly compliant with what the judge had asked for, depending on the assessment of more statistics and the establishment of these metrics… blah, blah, blah…

This battle has been raging three weeks into the school year already. As I mentioned in a prior post, I don’t think online learning is working so well around here. I have a kid who is literally flunking all of his classes because he’s more focused on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang than US History. Go figure, right? Personally, I’d rather deal with him than our kindergartener any and every day. <shudder>

To add to the absolute ridiculousness that is the Covid-1984 dilemma, my wife, the teacher, is also immune compromised from diabetes, Celiac, and some other things. She’s been watching this whole drama play out with the governor, the statistics and the school board with much more anger and zeal that I have. On top of doing her job from home and wrangling the kids while I sleep. Truthfully, she deserves a medal. But we’re a lot concerned about her going back to a public school setting and what it means for her and the kids to be getting exposed day in and day out.

If you have children, you know they tend to be the best germ spreaders out there. Day care, school, and extracurricular sporting events along with anywhere else one might encounter children are all excellent places for new germs to be introduced to the children. Then the lil tykes come home. Then mom and dad get exposed to literally all of it. We have four kids and a teacher here. I might be getting a little concerned right about now.

Whether you believe Covid-1984 is a real thing or not, people are getting sick from something. Compared to tuberculosis or the measles, maybe it’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records yet, but it’s still a contagious disease. My doctor, in a written letter to my employer said, I have a “significant risk of death” if I catch this thing. Diabetes, stomach issues, and fibromyalgia/arthritis all do a number on my immune system. I don’t get much exposure at work, so that just leaves us the other five options I live with. Up until now, it hasn’t been a huge concern.

What are the spiritual implications to all of this? Because there are spiritual connotations in quite literally everything. This has been a difficult and trying time for all of us. Maybe that’s one point among many. Maybe Source/God/the Universe is testing us.

It has been very tough to remain neutral. I used to be, and it has improved a great deal, such a very negative person. But I’ve learned I’m not a victim. I’m a strong, sovereign being of love and light having a temporary human experience. Okay, not all is rosy all the time, but can we move through it? Of course we can. I chose to be here at this time.

Sure, I have opinions. There are days my Higher Self is probably having some sort of conniption fit up there. It’s part of the 3D experience to form opinions and have feelings about things. But I really do work toward coming back to at least neutral ground.

I AM grateful for my continued good health. I AM grateful that my wife is okay. I AM grateful that we all remain safe here at home for another week or two. I AM grateful we’re all still safe under one roof. I AM grateful that my children are learning. There is so much to be grateful for. Truly.

I’ve done my utmost to stay away from mainstream news for many years. Whether it’s part of my spiritual calling or just the plain fact that I burned out on it after years of being in journalism. I’m very much happier for it. I know about the school board thing because the public schools are great at keeping us notified of such events, and my wife is a public school teacher.

Politics is another sore subject that I’ve been steadily detoxing from my life for years now. As my spiritual education has progressed, the less political I become. My UFO Disclosure and “conspiracy” community is pro Q-Anon and somewhat pro-Trump. Much of the spiritual community is pro-Democrat or very liberal. Any more, I endeavor to be as open-minded and neutral as possible to everyone’s point of view. Everyone has their good points.

So, in the end, I’m very in favor of remaining safe. I intend to stay safe. I intend for my family to stay safe and healthy. I pray for peace all over the world. (There’s another subject for later.) We will get through 2020. We will get through the school year. In the end, we will all be stronger for the experience. Stay strong. Stay safe. Have faith.

Two Days of Working from Home!

I just spent night number two of working from home. I love it! I’m not sure if it will last, but it would be pretty cool if it does.

Admittedly, one of the days at home was because someone at the office caught the Icky Cough-Coughs. My oldest decided to give the thing a Doc McStuffins name. I’ve adopted that term. I hope whomever got ill recovers quickly.

If there has been an upside to this plandemic, it has taught me that working from home is so much more preferable to working in the office. It has definitely approved my meager attendance. It’s a lot easier when I’m in pain to crawl across my basement and log in than drag myself to the car and shlep all my gear around the building into the office.

I AM so happy and grateful now that I am my own boss. And that is my affirmation today. Well, every day, really. It’s most assuredly manifesting.

Feelin boss today!

I AM my own best boss and favourite employee. Another affirmation that adorns my vision board and my affirmations list. This is part of the Acceptance piece of The Six Habits. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s also a pretty big component to LoA, or more specifically, the Law of Vibration.

Acceptance is a key Habit.

For those who might not be familiar yet, feeling, or even being in the moment as if you were is the Secret. I’m learning a lot of LoA hinges on mindset, fairly high vibration, and living in the moment. Not trying to brag, but my last couple of days have been pretty phenomenal. I hope yours have, too.

The best part is, feelings don’t cost anything. You can be in a great mood for absolutely free. And money can’t buy happiness, but it can sure as heck buy a lot of things that make me happy. Happy my family is taken care-of, happy to be reading, happy to be watching, happy to be traveling… the list goes on for about ever. So why not be happy now?

Have a beautiful now moment all day.

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