The Vicious Cycle

Some would say I’m looking for work in all the wrong places and I should just stick to what I know. Those people are called WRONG! I gotta be me.

This is an age old dilemma that I never imagined facing at 49.

When I was much younger, it went like this: You can’t get a job without experience, but no one will hire you to get experience. If you didn’t know someone/have family in a specific trade or company- sorry, not happening. Back then it was pretty much who you know or who you could, um… well ya know. If you didn’t have connections it was either fast food, groceries, cleaning toilets, or good old fashioned manual labor somewhere else. The old broken paradigm of you can’t get a job unless you have a job to get a job just needs to go away. I thought it was nonsense then, and I think it’s nonsense now.

I mean, for cryin out loud. I have a family to feed nowadays. I’m not getting any younger, my back is shot to pieces, and I’m in pain more days than not. Here’s the kicker- I still don’t know anyone (quite literally) and my job experiences over the last 30+ years still add up to diddly and squat in terms of the type of work I want to be doing. I’m too poor to take on an internship and too broken to work in any number of “industries” I used to work in. I’m not trying to complain, it’s just the honest truth.

Time to get busy.

So, what am I going to do?

Here’s my brilliant plan so far and we’ll see how it pans out: This week, I’m working on building a portfolio or at least creating some writing samples. For those who don’t know, it’s like a demo recording for writers. I have my blog here as well, but some of my better stuff had to be taken down for, um… uh… reasons and stuff. <cough> that I can’t go into here <cough> because my blog and my social media might be getting monitored by certain slimy characters.

The second step in my plan is to take a few online courses to brush up on a few things. I’m 20+ years out of college, and wouldn’t ya know? The internet has changed some. Go figure. I have free time and access to free classes. May as well, right?

The magical third step is to maybe do some free work as demo material to potential employers. I have a few friends I’m thinking about asking if I can go in and maybe do some work for them. I mean, what up-and-coming YouTuber, social media or maybe even game designer doesn’t want free publicity?

It used to be if you didn’t hand out ten business cards per day, you might as well hang it up. The world wide web kinda made business cards obsolete in some ways. I’m not sure what the modern equivalent is, but I’m working on figuring it out.

Writing is pretty much my dream job. It’s never too late to start anything. You’re never too old. I’m determined not to go back to the 9-5 grind. (If that’s your thing, cool. Just not mine.) Unless Dr Steven Greer, Añjali, or one of my friends in the paranormal field call me up and ask me to go help with a project somewhere, this is what I’m working with. (Btw, offer always stands…)

Coming up, more on UFOlogy, some spiritual lessons I learned recently, and a few personal things I maybe want to get off my chest. (Hey, it’s still my blog.) Til next time, stay safe and have a lovely week.

Publius. (Yeah, I know.) Nobody says that any more. BUT I DO! Bwahahaha ha!

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No, really. That was all I had. Have a great week.

Brief Update

Nothing too exciting here today. Just checking in. Still looking for writing work if anyone knows anyone.

I’m still here. Everything is fine for the most part. Not too sure why my clothes dryer just started beeping. I can only hope it’s paranormal, but probably something more mundane and prosaic.

I’m going over a full month of being my own boss, working from home. I’m sort of a house husband/ homemaker at the moment when I’m not writing or sleeping. If you don’t think taking care of four boys is full time work, please come hang out with me sometime. Heh heh heh heh…

The kids started school yesterday for which I am eternally grateful. I’m so happy to finally have some time during the day to myself. I also get a lot more done during the day and again at night after everyone goes to bed. What a relief!

I’m not allowed to say why for fear it might get back to certain people, but I took a PTSD survey today. The results actually make me think that just maybe I’ve had a couple of things that counted as trauma in the last year and a half. Kinda makes me shudder and snuggle up to my cats a little more. Therapy. Am I right?

We tried to move furniture the other day and these two had to get into the act.

Gonna keep this update somewhat brief. I have several things on the horizon for this blog and possibly a newsletter. I’m also still looking and available for writing jobs if anyone is looking for some help.

I’m planning to do another deep dive into the local Reptilian presence around Des Moines here if anyone has any tips on places to look. I just want to make contact, not start any drama. Honestly, as much as I’ve heard about the supposed agenda, I’d much rather find out for myself if they’re sinister or terribly misunderstood. Same goes for the Mantid beings, the Grays, and so on… For all we really know, the Men In Black (not the movie) are misrepresented.

I’m also rewriting a couple of old articles I wrote for the workplace in more generic terms as not to offend anyone specific. Gotta have everything sanitized for our protection in this day and age, I guess. How’s your hand sanitizer supply now that we’re out of lockdown? I still have some left.

I don’t usually say, “aliens,” but the sentiment remains true.

Until later, stay safe and I will see you again very soon.

If anyone needs a writer, I’m still here.

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