Why I’m Still Blogging.

My point being, I get there’s no profits in simply giving people money. But building a community, planting trees, and creating jobs for people can be profitable. If people can throw $40+ BILLION at something, why not have it be locally owned farms? Why not have it be community centers and housing for the homeless? How about we encourage people to embrace joy and prosperity?

I spend a lot of time behind this computer screen.

Every day I come to this blog to pump out fresh content of some kind. Not gonna josh anyone, it keeps me sane. I’m super grateful for you if you’re reading this, whoever you are. Thank you!

I’ve been through a lot dealing with unemployment and health issues. It’s getting better, slowly but surely. I think the Universe likes to test us to see if we’re ready for more joy, love, freedom, prosperity, peace, and harmony every day. It’s not always easy.

We don’t learn as much from easy.

These billionaires, God love em, who have so much money to throw at buying major social media entities just blow my mind. I don’t envy their riches. Good for them for getting where they are today. (I would love to join them.) I mean, they literally have the power to do so much for so many and yet…

It’s true since the first epoch of mankind on this planet that life isn’t easy. We’re here in the physical to learn, remember, and grow. Overcoming challenges and trauma ultimately lead to joy and love. Where would we be without duality and contrast through it all?

I keep coming back to this notion that if I were a millionaire, things would look different.

What would I do with that kind of money? First, take care of my family. Get all the bills paid and make sure the kids are pretty much set for life. I’d teach them what I did to hit millionaire status so they could do the same.

Next, I’d make sure my wife could retire happily and maybe sell real estate or just hang out at home with the cats all day. As long as she’s happy, it’s okay. My wife, Heather, has truly earned a rest after everything she’s done for us.

After the personal stuff comes the investments. I’ve blogged about this before. I want to build my personal empire by helping people. I want to pay it forward as much as possible. Heck, I’d start my own commune if I thought it would help people. (*commune? Collective might be a better choice of words. Not trying to set myself up as any kind of cult leader.)

My point being, I get there’s no profits in simply giving people money. But building a community, planting trees, and creating jobs for people can be profitable. If people can throw $40+ BILLION at something, why not have it be locally owned farms? Why not have it be community centers and housing for the homeless? How about we encourage people to embrace joy and prosperity?

I’m not there yet. I dunno if I ever will be.

With the way things have been going this past year, I don’t know if it will ever happen. Right now I’m planting that seed. I’m doing the few things that bring me joy throughout this struggle, like my humble little blog here.

I’ll take the joy as it comes. I’ll look to expand my resources when the time and the opportunity come. The prosperity will come in many forms and I absolutely know it’s there. Right now, I’m just working on getting out of neutral in my life to get the prosperity flowing into it more. I believe love, prosperity and joy are out there waiting for us. ALL of us.

Thanks for stopping in today. I truly appreciate all of you. Happy Cinco de Mayo if that’s a holiday you celebrate. Take care.


Please let me assure you. You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are talented. You are highly skilled. You have experience. You can learn. You are 100% more than any job in terms of your value. You are love and light.

I’m playing nice and omitted the name. It got a like because it gave me food for thought.

The last line of this post set me off!

Let’s go piece by piece, though. First, yes- getting laid off, fired or having your position change does royally suck. I’ve been there recently myself. (Still am if you’re reading this and would like to chat about writing jobs…)

Yes, a LOT of us are still in much the same boat. The Icky Cough-Coughs Scamdemic has cost a lot of small businesses their livelihood and made it easy for greasy corporate America to pull even more greasy weasel stuff. If people weren’t legitimately getting sick, you’d think the whole thing was some sort of economic ploy to make the rich and powerful even more rich and powerful.

So far this post sounds like your average upper management goob trying to sympathize with us “little people.” Maybe it’s sincere, or not. Everyone can use their own discernment. Then this post turns into straight-up garbage in my opinion.

Fact is, your next employer might be just as slimy as the one before…

I truly disagree with the person who said, “one company’s loss is another company’s gain.” It’s an awful cliché. Admittedly it is true, but for other reasons than what were listed. There’s really no telling what circumstances you are being hired under or if the interviewer is even being honest during the interview, assuming you ask questions at all. You don’t know what their agenda truly is, or if the last person was laid off, and they’re getting a new employee cheaper, with fewer benefits, or some other optimal measure strictly for the company. Ever wonder who you replaced? Or if this “newly created position” maybe came at the cost of other people’s jobs?

Yeah, your next employer might value your skills and experience. Or they might regard you as a convenience to cover two other positions that they merged. Or it’s entirely possible, especially in this day and age, that they’re just trying to fill seats or get names on a list for the corporate Mcheadhunters. Your skills may actually mean diddly.

And experience? Oh, let’s dissect that notion for a moment. The older I get, the more I’m discovering that is actually the LAST thing a lot of companies are looking for. Oh sure, they might say “3-5 years experience required” in the job ad. Because conveniently that’s what the person they’re already hiring from within had. Some job ads are literally posted as a formality to cover nepotism. It’s also conveniently about the length of a college degree plus internship, meaning they want to shape and mold some kid straight out of college.

For real, most companies cringe when they see us older guys and gals walk in the door. They can’t legally discriminate based on age, but… They dread what we’re going to bring to the table. No one, especially in the fancy Mc-corporate boardroom likes getting called out on their bullsh*t. The more “experience” a person has, especially in real life, the better a crap detector they’re going to be. Been there, done that.

Not to mention, more experience means we’re probably going to ask for more salary, better benefits, probably more time off. You know, all that stuff that most companies don’t want to hand out. “Oh, but you haven’t earned it yet” they’ll say. Meanwhile their little favorites are getting promotions, raises, and bennies all over the place regardless of skill or experience. Yeah… my “experience” is super valuable (to me.) Sorry. is my cynicism showing?

So far, this LinkedIn post is not cutting the mustard in the slightest.

For those who don’t know me, I’m very prone to calling out people on their crap. So far, I think this LinkedIn post is dripping with hyperbole. My response is pretty negative because I don’t think it’s fair to this person’s audience to be led down the primrose path. And I promise if I ever say anything quite so offensive or ignorant one of my readers can call me out on it and I will come clean. Okay, and I realize that this whole article is strictly my opinion and should be taken as such. Truth is, I’ve had some really horrible experiences in the job market recently. Not only has my trust in any large company been completely eroded, but I have very little desire to be around people ever again, especially in an office environment. I have plenty of doubt about any of this post.

I’ve seen top-heavy companies go belly up. I’ve seen people who were so disconnected from their own employees that they didn’t realize the company was going under. I’ve seen multiple forms of reckless mismanagement of employees and funds. Sometimes the big money higher-ups just didn’t care. (I’m playing nice by not naming and shaming.) I’ve been in meetings where it was obvious to me what was going on around me, and who was going to get the ax and why (or at least the reason that would be given, true or not.) Again- experience does count, just not the misleading use of it above. Because people in charge tend to be full of toxic positivity and surrounded by ‘Yes’-people. They don’t want the voice of experience stepping in.

Stay Motivated

Okay, first part of this whole article that doesn’t make me want to scream. Yes, one should indeed stay motivated. Especially if one’s loss of livelihood was taken out of one’s own hands. But please, I implore you to take a look at where your motivation is directed!

What does the world need right now? Do you really want to be another highly skilled, experienced corporate drone? Are you living from one paycheck to the next working for people who in no way appreciate anything you do regardless of what drivel rolls out of their mouths?

The world needs more small businesses. The world needs more people creating their own businesses. The world needs YOU to be yourself! We need more grassroots, local, powerful efforts. We need artisans, writers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and people taking their act down their own path.

Last, but certainly not least.

This statement actually upsets me on multiple levels!

Now, normally this statement would be well-meaning? Maybe? I guess.

First objection: Who’s hopeless??? Am I hopeless because I’m unemployed? Middle finger goes up to that notion. Am I hopeless because corporate America rejected me? Other middle finger goes up especially to that notion. Never give into the lack mentality.


You ALWAYS have a choice. You can choose abundance. You can choose joy. You can choose to tell people who say you’re hopeless where to stuff it. Never let some clown, especially on LinkedIn, assume your value. You are a being of love and light having a human experience. Your value never diminishes. Trust me, no company will ever value you as much as you value yourself.

Second objection: “Hope.” You don’t need hope. There’s this neat thing called the Law of Attraction. All hope gets you is more hope. You can hope all day. You attract what you are. Live in the dream fulfilled. You don’t have to hope. It’s already there. Everything you need already exists. Be realistic. Believe in miracles. Great things can happen for you.

Second truth: Be grateful. You live in a benevolent and loving Universe. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. I’m so happy and grateful just for being here with you. Just for being alive on this planet right now. I’m so very grateful for my readers.

Third truth: If someone laid you off, fired you, or cut your position, it’s an opportunity to expand. The Universe/God/Source has handed you an opportunity to expand. Take it and run! Make the best of it. There are so many things a person can do in between jobs, it’s ridiculous. I find more and more things every day.

Take a walk. Breathe fresh air. Take a nap. Finish that book you’ve been reading. Write, paint, sing, play an instrument, or find some other creative endeavor you’ve always wanted to do. Learn new skills. Life is not all about pounding the pavement looking for a job that you can grind on every day until retirement and eventually death. There is more to life than just feeding the bill collectors.

Fourth truth: You have to take care of you. No employer I have ever encountered ever gave a rip about my health or sanity. Most managers or bosses are only concerned for their profit margin. Oftentimes, it’s their own personal profit margin. There are plenty of businesses that will happily work someone into the ground for as little as they can get away with. Value yourself by taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

Last objection: Look at the hashtags after all the diatribe. “Best Job Strategy” my ass. That strategy looks a lot like “Sell yourself to the corporate overlords.” There’s no strategy to being treated like dirt. I’m sorry, but there is so much more to life than just sleep, eat, work, repeat until dead.

Last truth for now: Please let me assure you. You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are talented. You are highly skilled. You have experience. You can learn. You are 100% more than any job in terms of your value. You are love and light.

Seek out joy, abundance, love, and prosperity. Find or become an entrepreneur. Help out a small company, independent retailer, or local business. Embrace humanity. Embrace what lights you up.

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate your support. Take care.

About That Monetization

I don’t have a Patreon, VenMo, GoFundMe, or anything on Kickstarter.

A couple of articles back, I mentioned a quandary when it comes to monetization. Well, let’s go into that a little deeper. Because, I love money. I love what money can do. I want to put that energy to good use. BUT, like many spiritual beings on this Earth, I have a very hard time asking for it.

This is why I don’t have a Patreon, VenMo, GoFundMe, or anything on Kickstarter. One, I don’t offer any service that I could charge money for. I mean, I’m sure WordPress doesn’t mind the ads being here, but I’m not making any real money. And second, Spirituality is FREE! Believe me when I say, finding yourself and finding your place in the Universe costs nothing in terms of money. Do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise.

I recently went rounds with a popular guru/yogi with a Lamborghini/self-titled millionaire with a cult-like following on Facebook and elsewhere. I asked very pointedly if he ever actually worked a day at a real job in his life. I’m a bit frustrated with these Law of Attraction folks who really seem to be living in a whole different reality than the rest of us. Sometimes there’s a backstory that we just don’t get from some of them.

I know a couple of these LoA types that suddenly sprang up into millionaire-dom. Millionaire-ity? Millionaire status. There we go. Nothing wrong with that, but I really get the impression that maybe there’s a little more going on that we, the viewing public, are aware of. Or maybe they’re not really millionaires at all. Regardless, some of them seen to have absolutely no idea how real people live. And that’s not to disrespect the rich, that’s just the facts at hand.

Why does a spiritual millionaire need to charge $11,000 for a life coaching course? Or why does a different one charge $500 for a business success course easily worth ten times that? Why does a super-powerful LoA guru have a vast network of people begging strangers for money every chance they get. And does it look like I’m made of money?

Does it look like I’m made of money?
Not a “Lack mindset,” just realistic, folks. I’m a real person.

Seriously, if I had a heap of cash lying around that my kids hadn’t claimed and my wife didn’t already have plans/bills for, maybe I’d spend $500 and learn six easy steps to becoming a spiritual millionaire. But, because I have responsibilities and a job (that I loathe) out in the real world, that ain’t happening.

And of course, Mr LoA guru will just say I’m not serious enough, or I’m butt-hurt because I can’t afford him or I’m just free-loading or whatever the excuse is. Yes, I know the difference between an abundance mindset vs a lack mindset or lack mentality when I see it. Believe me, I’ve seen a God’s-plenty of lack over the years growing up and starting a family. Not just myself, either, but those around me. I’m so happy and grateful for what I have. Make no mistake.

But what I’m trying to get at is that “Love and Light” should not be all about the $Benjamins$. I have defied these LoA folks time and time again to show me ONE, just ONE shining example of a working-class stiff who became a millionaire without spending his life savings on a “wealth and success coach.” And it’s the same running gag over in the spirituality community. It’s the overlap between LoA and spirituality. Honestly, sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach.

This spirituality for profit is a get-rich-quick scheme. Organized religion has had this same scam going for thousands of years. Follow us. Donate to us. Believe all the dogma. Drink your Kool-aid. Continue to contribute to society the same way you have for centuries, but don’t forget to give til it hurts.

You don’t need a spiritual awakening to stay a part of the ho-hum status quo, family. If one wishes to go one day to the next doing the same old rinse-n-repeat every day, that’s cool. It’s not my shtick. But there’s better, and if you’re here, you probably realize that.

So, I don’t have a problem with you if you sell your course and any price. I don’t mind if you offer up you $11K mentoring program. You won’t catch me doing any of that. I won’t offer it. I probably shell out for it.

This is an energetic exchange between myself and the author, to whom I pretty much owe my well-being. I don’t know how else to explain it, but again- no monetary profit here for me and keeping it that way!

Do I often show off The Six Habits? Darn right! But that’s different from what I’m talking about. And again, I make not a single dime in profit from this. In fact, I probably owe Laura more than I could ever pay her in cash. And we’ll get into that more in another entry. But if you’re looking to invest a few buck in self development- it’s a great way to go.

Getting back to my original point. I don’t begrudge anyone what they are doing. I’m just telling you from first hand experience, that there is nothing I can teach you that you can’t learn for yourself; intellectually or spiritually. And that’s why I’m not asking for money on my website, Patreon, or anywhere else. I hereby promise to never offer up any “exclusive content” or anything else that I wouldn’t happily explain for FREE!

Much love. Til next time.

Monetization Quandary

I feel very strongly that lifting the collective consciousness is a not-for-profit industry.

Hello Family!

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine over the topic of crowdfunding. It’s really got me thinking about how and what to do with it. Okay, a little Law of Attraction talk for a minute- I love prosperity! I love money! I am overflowing with the infinite abundance of God’s wealth! I AM a money magnet! Ah, there. Got that all off my chest. If Jake Ducey ever reads this, I hope I made him proud by stealing some of his quotes.

But that is kind of true. I love money. I would love to have more. Do you know all the cool happy fun things money can do? Feed the homeless. Plant trees. Buy gifts for orphans. Help my children to pursue their dreams. But here’s the kicker- Do you really need ME for that? I mean, if you’ve got money to give away, you can easily do that and more.

I’m into LoA to get rich, yes. Among so many other things that would make me smile. And this is not an article where I plan to do any debunking of LoA, although that day may well come. Raise your vibration super high. Super cool things come to you. Pleasant, positive things find their way into my field when I’m in the flow state. No doubt.

You’re probably wondering where all this is going by now. Truthfully, I hope I never make any money from you unless I’m doing something to earn it. I’m not on my spiritual path to make a quick buck. Truthfully, I cringe every time I really enjoy listening to someone’s content on Instagram or YouTube, but then they have to drop the sales pitch for their course, meditation, cult-like Patreon community, or whatever. I mean, yay for them.

Here’s the thing- I’m not here to say “Money is bad.” Quite the opposite. I love money. If you make money selling a book, course, meditations, reiki, or whatever you’re doing, that’s great. If you’re an award winning success coach, life mentor or spiritual guru, that’s great. Good for you. It’s not a competition. I’m not in it to win it from you. I’ll celebrate your success. Cool.

Not me. I’m not on the spiritual path toward more money. When I “awoke” and saw what’s really going on out there in the world, I started asking, “What the actual f*ck is wrong with some of these people?” And I truthfully have two or three WTAF moments every day. And I don’t just mean people sponging money off of the New Age spiritual crowd. I mean, in general. Sometimes it seems like the closer one is to the top of the elite 1% that control so much and have so much wealth, the more likely something is seriously wrong with them. Things I don’t even want to think about, ever. Yeesh.

So, I’m not here to get rich off of spiritual folk. I’m not here to try to get rich off of the UFO crowd, or ET experiencers. I don’t want to make a dime talking about mental health, spiritual beliefs, or anything of the sort. (If my wife reads this, she’s probably cringing right now…)

I could be homeless and living under a bridge for that. The Universe will always provide. Believe and you will receive. Right? Let’s hope so. But I feel very strongly that lifting the collective consciousness is a not-for-profit industry.

More to come on this. It’s a topic I feel very strongly about. I’ve seen so many people doing it the way I have sworn not to do it. But, seriously, why? Are you about love and light or credit and debit?

Yes. YOU Matter!!!

Peace, love and understanding are at the core of spirituality.

Warning! **This post contains language and subjects that will trigger sensitive readers. NOT suitable for anyone under the age of 18. NOT suitable for anyone sensitive to trauma. NOT joking!**

I mean this in the most innocent, loving, peaceful and sincere way.

I posted to Instagram back in June. Remember June? Back when the world was going T-Total-apeshit-bonkers? This was actually a re-post from my friend @methodicalrose_30. At the time, I didn’t think it needed a trigger warning, disclaimers or exceptions listed.

I understand Black Lives Matter. Regardless of which theories and facts surround the organization, the sentiment remains true. Black Lives Matter.

So, the other night I had my first real… we’ll say “detractor.” I didn’t even report the comment to Instagram. The person in question should thank me. I deleted, un-followed, blocked and removed said perpetrator.

The detractor’s logic goes as follows- by saying “All lives matter” I must mean every serial killer, rapist, child molester, human trafficker, mass murderer, Nazi and Satanic cannibal’s life matters, too. And that makes me no better than they are. This person even went so far to accuse me of “f*cking little kids” among other things. This individual even went on to insult my spirituality, call me stupid, say I knew nothing of science… I don’t remember what all else because I was too busy deleting his/her bullshit to read it all.

Here’s the original comment I added to my post.

Me, the guy with four kids of my own. It seems shocking that anyone could say that.

Part of being spiritually “awakened” is also becoming privy to some pretty sick information on the side of nice, pleasant, good, etc. I’ve seen things, heard things, and researched some pretty stomach-turning shit in the last three years. Things I can’t even bear to repeat in my own mind. Seriously, I’ve seen information that makes me want to give up on humanity altogether.

Does anyone really believe I would EVER hurt a child?!? I certainly hope not! I’m not blind. I know what kind of depravity is out there. I know what kinds of things can happen and that’s why I love my kids and hug them that much tighter every day.

Do I side with all these people who commit really perverse, misguided, and despicable acts? HELL NO! Were they people at one time? Yeah. They still are, technically.

Here’s a tough blue pill to swallow for some people- we’re ALL one with the Universe. At some point we ALL return to Source. Even the “bad” people are going to return to the fold some day. Remember, it is often said everyone is you pushed out. In other words, ALL lives do matter in a spiritual, esoteric sense.

However, there are Universal Laws. The Law of Balance and the Law of Vibration just to name two of them. I believe the Universe is a benevolent and forgiving place. Karma and general comeuppance will catch up with those who harm others. God IS watching!

This is my other comment. Remember, back in June.

I always think of Matthew 25:40. “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers,f you did it to me.’”

Peace, love and understanding are at the core of spirituality. Universal love and harmony are just that. Even toward the people we don’t necessarily like. Again, kind of a tough lesson. I struggle with it myself some days.

The other half of the post that my detractor must have skipped entirely. Because, this is rule #1.

None of us is perfect. If you noticed the pic above, my phone drops a ton of typos that I don’t always catch. But let’s talk about intention for a minute.

Do I go out of my way to hurt or offend people? No. Is it going to happen sometimes? Probably. Am I willing to discuss things in a calm and reasonable fashion? Sure. Let’s just not drag this down into name-calling and hating on each other, okay? Seriously.

I took the post down for a while after this happened. Luckily, some of my Insta-fam talked me into putting in back up right away. But I have to say I am a little concerned even now that I might have offended some folks and that was not my intention.

That’s where we get into my last major point. Ironically, I had just talked to someone about this on Instagram a couple of days before all of this. Simply- If someone is triggered to the point of screaming profanity and calling me a “Satanic pedophile cannibal” or whatever, they are simply reflecting their own issues using me as a mirror. Again, tough to swallow no matter how unkind or untrue.

Egoically, it’s extremely hard to understand. Why does God tolerate evil? Because He gave us free will, choices and consequences. I don’t always understand why. I don’t always agree with it, but that’s how it is.

Today is a new day. I’ve recovered from this whole Insta foul-up. I’ve let it go with love and light. Probably won’t be the last time it happens. When you write, you get detractors, critics, and naysayers. Add in the anonymity of the internet and sprinkle in the wackiness of social media and all kinds of crazy stuff happens.

In closing, I’ll say be Love and Light. Please, be good to one another. Stay positive. Stay safe. More to come.

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